how to transplant a money tree The plant is often called a money-licktree. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, this flower is capable of bringing wealth and luck to the house. That is why it is increasingly possible to meet on the windowsills of city apartments. In order for the talisman to work, it is necessary to grow it yourself with a single twig or even a leaf. This will not be difficult, since this plant is quite unpretentious: quickly gives roots, successfully takes root and does not need special care. Today, we will talk about how to properly plant the process and how to subsequently transplant it. After all, as the money tree grows, like any houseplant, it needs to move to a new, more spacious place of residence. how to transplant a properly cash tree

Rules of landing

It is best to borrow a stalk or a leaf fromrich, successful people, then their financial well-being will necessarily pass to you. To do it it is necessary secretly - it is impossible to give a money tree. Or pay the owner of the plant, even a purely symbolic amount. Cut the cut with a sharp knife, it is advisable that the process you selected has 2-3 pairs of leaves. Let it dry for a couple of days. Now you have two options: to plant the stalk immediately into the ground, covering it with a glass container (to create a hothouse effect), or leave it in a glass of water until it releases the roots. It is better to choose the second way of planting. So the plant money tree will quickly take root in the ground. For more rapid appearance of rootlets, dilute in water a special powder - corn root. It can be purchased at any flower shop. If you can not get the process - do not despair. The money tree can be grown from one single leaf. He also needs to dry, as well as cuttings, and time for the appearance of rootlets. By the way, the leaf is best not put in water, and immediately planted in a small pot, preliminarily plunged into the rootstock. Do not forget to cover the seedling with a glass cup or a small jar. For watering, it is not necessary to remove the tank, just as necessary, top up the water in the pan. As soon as the seedling releases a new leaf, the "greenhouse" can be removed. To transplant a money tree, you can use a ready-made universal primer or a mixture intended for cacti and succulents. The first pot for the plant should be small and shallow. Be sure to add drainage to the bottom to adjust the humidity during irrigation. Watering the tree is necessary as the land dries up. In the summer - 2-3 times a week. In winter, it is enough once. Try to determine the exact watering and do not fill the plant. Otherwise, the roots will begin to rot, and the flower will die, and not having enough time to bring financial prosperity to your home. cash tree transplant

Transplant rules

Transplantation of a monetary tree should be carried outonly in the spring. When exactly? The end of April and the beginning of May is the optimal time for resettlement. Since the fattened grows slowly, it is not necessary to move it to a new pot more than once every two years. But then everything depends on the conditions of the flower: if it has enough light, water and fertilizers, then in a year the old pot may be small. In general, look at the situation. As soon as you notice that the tree has become crowded, boldly engage in a transplant. As already mentioned above, you can use a prepared soil mixture to plant a money plant. And you can cook it yourself. To do this, you need to mix part of the turf ground, three parts of the leaf and one part of the sand. Here we add a couple of handfuls of ashes, clay and humus. Also do not forget about the drainage, which can be used as claydite. The pot should be bigger and deeper than the previous one by one size. It should be said that the root system of a fat girl does not grow too much, so the capacity for planting should not be very deep. But it should be sufficiently wide and stable, as the plant acquires a large number of dense leaves as the plant grows, and its trunk becomes stumpy. An ordinary plastic pot may not hold the entire weight of the money tree, so it is best to give preference to a ceramic or clay pot. So, the pot is picked up, the earth is cooked. You can engage in a transplant. In the selected pot we pour the drainage (a layer of 1-2 centimeters), from above add the earth - so that it fills a quarter of the container. By the way, you can put a few small coins on the bottom, so you activate the positive energy of the plant. One hand holds the container, the other, grabbing the barrel, gently pull out the flower. Shake the roots from the roots. Too zealous not worth it - nothing terrible will happen if the old earth remains between the roots. We place the money tree exactly in the middle of the pot and fill the earth. Strongly do not compact it, it is better to top out as necessary. Immediately after the transplant, pour the plant well, and then do not forget to loosen the soil in order to let the air pass to the roots. If the weather permits, you can leave the tree on the balcony or veranda. Just do not let direct sunlight hit it, otherwise the leaves may get burned. Well, now you know how to properly transplant a money tree and when it's better to do it. Now it's time to direct its energy in the right direction. To do this, hang on the tree a few Chinese coins, pre-tied with a red thread or ribbon. And put the pot with a plant strictly in the south-eastern part of the apartment. It is this direction that affects financial well-being. So, at least, it is said in Feng Shui. We hope that our article will help you grow a healthy money tree, and the number of its leaves will be commensurate with the amount of money in your family!