how to whiten your teeth at home for 1 day Whiten your teeth in one day at home,without losing the jaw, it is very difficult. Even special chemist's gels and pastes can not cope with the task in such a short time. It will take at least three to four sessions to make the smile at least a little lighter. But this does not mean that you have to immediately go to the dentist. Folk beauty recipes will help you get rid of yellow plaque, which remains as a result of improper cleaning or because of eating food with a lot of dye. And in some cases, when, for example, you need to quickly get together for a date or go to a friendly meeting, this is quite enough.

Five folk methods of teeth whitening

  • Soda and hydrogen peroxide

Perhaps this is the most popular and dangerous onToday is a method of teeth whitening at home. On the one hand, all the ingredients can be bought at the nearest pharmacy, and they are quite cheap. On the other hand, soda and peroxide strongly injure the enamel, as a result of which it begins to crack and break. But if you do not resort to such cleaning more than twice a year, while acting according to the instructions, the sad consequences can be avoided. To make pasta, you need to mix a tablespoon of baking soda with peroxide (half a teaspoon). The resulting gruel should be diluted with water until a uniform, gelatinous and slightly thick mass is obtained. Apply the product to the toothbrush and clean the problem areas for two minutes, then spit everything into the sink. Please note that in no case should you swallow this mixture, otherwise you can get poisoned. At the end of the procedure, rinse the mouth with a copious amount of water. And remember, the next two or three hours you can not eat anything.

  • Wood Ash

Potassium hydroxide, which is contained in woodyash, have wonderful whitening properties. Of course, in one day you will not become the owner of a snow-white smile, but the effect you will also like. This tool will help you get rid of plaque, even in places where the toothbrush does not get. As in the previous case, this method should be used as rarely as possible, so as not to injure the already weak enamel. By the way, despite the fact that from one time nothing bad will not happen, dentists still do not recommend carrying out such manipulations. To reduce the negative impact, they advise adding a small amount of wood ash into the paste (can be bleached). After cleaning, rinse your mouth with a special solution.

  • Egg paste

There is no safer means of how to whiten your teethfor 1 day, than the tooth-paste prepared from one egg white, a teaspoon of soda, mint and a tablespoon of milk. Use this tool should be twice - in the morning and in the evening, while the procedure of cleaning should take at least three to four minutes. Rinse your mouth with slightly warm water, so that due to increased sensitivity, the gum does not start to hurt. Within an hour after that, it is recommended that the fair sex should avoid cold and bitter food, as well as beverages that can re-paint the enamel.

  • Lemon

Despite the fact that the lemon also possessesbleaching properties, girls try to use it as rarely as possible. And really, only with one memory of this product teeth begins to reduce oskoma. In addition, some beauties can not stand this bitter-sour taste. But, as the people say, beauty requires sacrifice. To get rid of yellowness at home, squeeze the lemon juice onto a cotton swab and gently rub their teeth. After one or two minutes, rinse the leftovers and apply the usual whitening paste. This will help achieve better results.

  • Essential oils

Whiten teeth at home withessential oils can not be more than twice a week. Dissolve a couple of drops in a teaspoon of alcohol, then immediately wipe with a cotton swab enamel. Care must be taken in this regard, as some women may cause allergies. Be sure to test each time a small amount of the mixture on the skin to avoid irritation and inflammation. Not bad copes with yellowness and the usual olive oil, which is also completely harmless to human health. It is enough to apply a small amount on your teeth every morning for five to seven. After that, you can start cleaning with regular paste. how to whiten your teeth for 1 day at home

Bleaching with specialized products

  • Kappa with gel

One day, of course, is not enough for a fullwhitening at home, but after two or three hours after the mouthguard your teeth will lighten a little. But do not run to the nearest pharmacy in search of this wonderful device, as it must be done in the dental clinic on order. After all, if the shape and size you do not fit, you will have a serious gum burn. Before you put on the kappa, be sure to read the instructions. If you wear it a little longer, you risk acquiring a dull, greyish smile and cracks. In order to bring your teeth in order after such unsuccessful bleaching, you will need to spend not one thousand rubles for spraying.

  • Whitening strips

Their main advantage is thata pretty good positive result can be obtained even in the first days of use. But do not forget that the higher the efficiency, the more dangerous the remedy. So, for example, you have to first work with the upper jaw, and only then with the bottom. At the same time, all teeth can not be whitened, otherwise the acid will dissolve the enamel and in the future your smile will be even darker than before. Therefore, representatives of the fair sex are advised to consult with a specialist who would talk about the rules for using such wonderful strips.

  • Whitening toothpastes

Unfortunately, very few people know that bleachingtoothpaste is best not to use every day. They are recommended to be applied twice a week, so as not to injure the enamel and do not harm the gums. It only helps to maintain a good state, and is not a panacea for all ills. In addition, if a girl does not know how to properly brush her teeth, no matter how good and expensive the remedy is, it can not cope even with a slight yellow coating. how to whiten your teeth in 1 day

Secrets of a snow-white smile

  • After each meal, rinse your mouth with a special solution;
  • To remove the remains of food stuck between the teeth, you should use a special dental thread. Toothpicks, no matter how convenient they are, can harm enamel and gums;
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, while the procedure should take at least three minutes;
  • Try to smoke as little as possible (ideallyit is better to give up cigarettes), since tobacco leads to yellowness of the enamel. Also it is necessary to drink less coffee, black tea and wine, there are dishes containing dyes. It is better to give preference to natural products. And try to chew as many solid apples and carrots as possible;
  • If you notice that within two to three daysafter cleansing, any changes (darkening of the filling, dark spots appeared), immediately contact the dentist. For prevention, look to the doctor every six months.

Observing all precautions and followingthe above rules, you can become the owner of a smart smile in just one day. However, it is advisable to visit a specialist beforehand in order to avoid the negative consequences that may occur due to hidden diseases. We advise you to read: