how to gain weight to a girl At a time when everyone is desperately tryinglose weight, many women face the problem of underweight. The question of how to gain weight to a girl, excites many today. Lack of weight is bad, it is reflected on almost all aspects of a young person's life, makes her feel different. The most terrible consequence, which can cause a lack of weight, is the loss of reproductive function in women, which is a key for all women. As soon as the girl with insufficient weight disappears menstruation, it is necessary for her to be urgently examined by doctors, to start fighting with her problem, otherwise the girl risks simply to remain barren. It is better not to wait for such acute situations to arise and solve the problem when it is just beginning. It is necessary to monitor your weight, regularly monitored by specialists. Then the question of how quickly to gain weight to a girl, to form a figure, will no longer be so acute for you. You do not sit on a diet, do sports, spend a lot and productive rest, and the weight continues to go away? Do not hesitate to contact your doctor! In your body there was a serious failure, to cope with which you will be helped only by a specialist. You do not need to look for the cause of this state yourself, because you still can not determine it. Weight loss can be caused both by usual allergy, and by serious tumorous diseases, by disturbances in the endocrine system of a person.

You are what you eat

Try to write down for a few daysall that you eat and how much you consume food. Be sure to consider all meals, even the smallest snacks. At the end of each day, count how many grams of food you ate during the day. Please note that during one meal you should consume at least 700 grams of food, and this is with the fluid: soups, tea, drinks. Now you can conclude that this is the reason for such a sharp loss of weight. If for breakfast or lunch, for dinner you eat less than 700 grams, it is likely that the main reason for your thinness is the usual malnutrition. If you eat more than 700 grams, with the help of a specialist try to analyze the amount of protein in your daily diet, as well as their quality. Do you know why little babies grow so fast and gain weight well? Because the baby eats as much as a day's milk, which by weight is 1/5 of its mass. how quickly to gain weight to a girl to form a figure

Proper nutrition is very important

If you are concerned about the issue. how to gain weight for a week girl, pay special attention to what you eat when. In order to quickly gain weight, try to eat more often than three times a day. It is important to consume food not on the run, but sitting in a cozy room, in a relaxed atmosphere. Very often the state of nervous excitement provokes depletion of the body, as well as poor digestion of food. So, if every day you are tense, full of constant cares and bustle, try at least to have supper in a good atmosphere. In the first place, include in your daily diet foods that are very high in protein, do not abuse foods that are high in fat. So, if you eat only lard, you will not only severely undermine your health, but also seriously disrupt the digestive process in your body, you will become very fat. You should not cause harm to your body, but simply gain the missing kilograms of weight. Every day try to eat:

  • Sour cream is 25 percent fat. If you have the opportunity somewhere to get a real village sour cream made from natural cream, eat it. Such sour cream is very easily absorbed by the body, does not harm the health of a person, but it saturates it with proteins and fats, useful for life;
  • Flour products - fried and baked. Eat cakes and cakes, gingerbread, cookies. Do not forget about soft buns, croissants. From drinks, give preference to tea and fruit compote, fruit juice;
  • Fig. It is believed that rice contains an increased amount of calories, especially if it is cooked on meat broth or milk. Try to pamper yourself more often. This dish contains all the most necessary components for human health, contributing to a very fast set of weight.
  • Butter, which is very well absorbed by the human body, contains in its composition a lot of nutritional and vitamin substances;
  • Milk. It is advisable to drink three glasses of milk a day. Thus, you will saturate your body with calcium. Prefer not to skim milk. Fat milk is very conducive to weight gain;
  • Kashi. All porridges boiled on milk are a real storehouse of nutrients and minerals. A great dish, contributing to weight gain - milk porridge, dressed with a slice of butter. Fortunately, today on the shelves of stores is presented a truly rich assortment of different groats;
  • Fruit. Give preference only to "heavy" fruit. Try to eat as much as possible melons and bananas, mangoes and apricots, persimmons. The vitamins and minerals contained in these fruits will contribute to good digestion, because of their high calorie content, you will gain weight;
  • Fruit juices with pulp. If you drink juice at every meal, you will saturate your body with a significant amount of calories;
  • Meat. Make sure that your daily diet is beef, pork or lamb. Meat is an excellent source of protein, much needed for you;
  • Sweets: sweets and chocolate. Eat them with cocoa or tea, and then very soon you will finally notice the new centimeters in the waist area;
  • Bread. From now on, try to eat everything with bread, and let it become your rule;
  • Vegetables: potatoes and zucchini, beetroot, pumpkin, squash. Add them to every dish that you cook.

Try to cook more often in the pot, then the foodwill not be evaporated and will be very well absorbed. Another good tip: Buy a baby formula and drink it during the day instead of milk. Products for babies are great for weight gain.

Correctly choose a diet

Of course, you can name a lot of products,which should be included in your daily diet, if you want to gain weight. Here only the most basic products are listed. Making up your diet for each day, choose only those foods that you love. Let the food intake be a pleasant process for you! If you eat a lot, but do not see any result, contact a specialist. Perhaps they will be able to identify any hidden disease that you are suffering. One of these diseases can be opisthorchiasis, which burns a person from within. With this disease you need to fight, no increased nutrition will help you get rid of it.

Do not forget to exercise

Try to perform exercises that promoteincrease in muscle mass of a person. For the most part, these exercises should be aimed at increasing the muscles on the hands and hips, legs and chest. If desired, you can even use steroids. With their help, you will be able to gain weight, while retaining an excellent physical shape. If you have the opportunity, hire a professional trainer. He will create an individual program for you and will ensure that all the exercises you do correctly. We advise you to read: