fast weight gain How to gain weight in a week? It's unusual to hear this at a time when all the fashion magazines and the internet are full of headlines about weight loss. However, such a problem exists since when standards of catastrophically lean figures entered the fashion. Is it really so good for thinness or should everything be in moderation? And how did you gain weight when it reached a critical value?

Deficiency of weight - a signal of an organism about infringement of health

Healthy normal weight is very important not only withpoint of view of aesthetic considerations, but also health in general. Now there are special tables of the ratio of height and weight, according to which everyone can easily determine their problem. Excess weight - this is bad, but no less damage delivers the body and excessive leanness. It is unlikely that a tall girl with a pale face and figure of a skeleton will look attractive. The reasons for weight loss can be different:

  • Hormonal failure during puberty;
  • Preparations for fat burning;
  • Stress and excessive physical activity;
  • Endocrine disorders and digestive problems;
  • Worms.

Boys and girls often suffer from a lack of weightin adolescence. This is a temporary phenomenon, since with the end of puberty, the body weight usually normalizes. However, at this age it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition, to observe the regime of the day, to consume enough vitamins and to be more outdoors. Great harm to the body is delivered by drugs of dubious origin for burning calories. In no case should you not use this product, as this can lead not only to irreversible effects in the body, but also cause the development of cancer. Do not look for a "magic pill", this is the way to nowhere. It is much safer and more effective to adjust weight by a healthy diet and exercise under the supervision of qualified professionals. Overwork and stress are the scourge of our time. It is necessary to allocate your time correctly so that it is enough for a good rest. And in getting rid of stress, yoga and the use of positive psychology will help. Very often, the causes of excessive thinness are various diseases, in particular, disorders of the thyroid gland. With hyperthyroidism, a rapid weight loss occurs against the background of a poor state of the whole organism. The presence of parasites in the body causes a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, weight loss, which can lead to serious consequences. If you identify these symptoms, you should first consult with the doctor and take the necessary tests. In the absence of external causes of weight loss, you must change your daily diet and lifestyle in general. for weight gain requires a full sleep for at least 9 hours

General recommendations for weight gain

Weight gain should also be correct - without harmhealth. The optimal dynamics of increase in body weight is 1 kg for 1 week. The daily ration is the main component in this process. Food should be predominantly protein-carbohydrate, and nutrition should be carried out in 4-5 receptions. Nutritional regimen is a key factor in mass building. Meals should be delivered after 3 hours: a hearty breakfast, a balanced lunch and a light supper. Between the main methods should be two snacks. The percentage of the daily diet should be distributed as follows: proteins 25%, fats 30%, carbohydrates 40%. Before meals, it is good to drink a glass of fruit or vegetable juice. This drink contributes to a good appetite and better absorption of food. However, there are still many important factors contributing to the increase in mass:

  • It is necessary to reduce both physical andmental activity. A well-known fact that calories are consumed almost equally in different areas of activity. This means that you need to rest more, reduce the number of duties and take care of your health;
  • Reduce the number of workouts. Basic physical exercises should be aimed at increasing the muscular mass of the hands and feet. General aerobic exercise, jogging must be reduced.
  • A full sleep is not less than 8-9 hours a day. Before going to bed, you should ventilate the room or sleep with the open window. Sleep in the fresh air also affects the beautiful complexion. It is important to reduce stress and learn to perceive life in a positive way. Stress not only kills nerve cells, but burns calories. It is not for nothing that there is an opinion that full people are good, and thin people are evil.
  • Complete rejection of bad habits. Alcohol and smoking cause loss of health and thinness, as metabolic processes are disrupted.
  • Fresh air and an active lifestyle.

for rapid weight gain, it is necessary to reduce mental and physical activity

"Diet" for slender: useful tips

The diet should include enoughmeat, milk, cottage cheese and high fat foods. Caloric content of dishes can be increased by adding milk, avocado, grated cheese. Salads should be filled with fatty sour cream or vegetable oil. Breakfast should begin with milk porridge with the addition of butter. In the porridge you can put nuts, honey and pieces of dried fruits. Such a breakfast will be not only satisfying, but also useful. Porridge can be replaced with cottage cheese with sour cream and honey. This food is no less caloric and nutritious. The morning meal should finish with a sandwich with butter and cheese and a cup of cocoa or coffee with milk. The second breakfast is 3 hours later. It should consist of a sandwich with sausage, a glass of yogurt and fruit juice. Lunch is 3 dishes: first, second and third. As an aperitif, you need to eat a salad or drink a glass of fresh juice. The first dish is a rich, thick soup with a meat broth. The second is a large portion of meat or fish, the side dish to which are pasta with butter or mashed potatoes. Complete this meal of confectionery dessert and a glass of coffee with cream. Snack - vegetable salad and fatty yogurt. For dinner, a salad with a piece of boiled or baked fish is perfect. You can also prepare an omelette with ham and vegetables. To drink a glass of warm milk. Dinner should be 2 hours before bedtime. Before that, you can eat an apple or a pear. To this diet is good to add a generous drink, for example, in the form of milk and dairy products of high fat content. The fluid content in the body contributes to the metabolism and good flow of all vital functions. In pursuit of weight gain, do not forget about the uniform distribution of calories throughout the body. Few people want to gain weight due to a sagging belly. That's why it is important to engage in power loads aimed at building muscle mass of the arms and legs. Such a balanced diet, combined with strength exercises and the right way of life, will turn you into a healthy and beautiful person. Good push-ups, exercises with a barbell, swimming, biking, classes in the gym. for quick weight gain they drink calorie cocktails

Express method of weight gain for the week

Diet for thin people should be correct andhealthy, but what if you need to gain weight in a week? For example, this applies to actors preparing for a role in the new film. For this, there are express methods for increasing the mass. There is a recipe for a magic cocktail, in which the weight will grow by leaps and bounds. To make it, you need 3 liters of milk, 2 cups of milk powder, 40 grams of protein. Mix all the ingredients in a blender. You can add ice cream or "Nesquic" to taste. Prepared mixture to keep in the refrigerator and drink during the day. The result will be amazing! The set of calories will be mainly from milk powder, since there is a high content of carbohydrates, and protein promotes the buildup of muscle mass. Therefore, this cocktail will be especially effective in physical strength training. A good recipe for weight restoration is beer with sour cream. By the way, this drink also contributes to skin cleansing during the adolescent period and is useful as a strengthening agent for the general tone of the body. To do this, take a tablespoon of fatty sour cream for a glass of beer. This composition is recommended to drink every day. The surest way to gain weight in a short time is the use of fast carbohydrates: sweets, baked goods, bakery products, fried potatoes, pasta. Such a "diet" will envy bbw, but it is not worth it to abuse. Since excessive consumption of sweets and rolls for a long time threatens the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Often, such a "diet" can provoke a metabolic disorder. Therefore, the most reasonable way to recover is still a return to systematic weight building with the help of healthy products. Make your body beautiful and healthy is possible. To do this, be patient, because only systematic and persistent efforts will lead to excellent results. True beauty is health.