how to survive parting with a guy In the life of almost any of us there areparting with a loved one. Someone experiences this easily, but someone regards it as a tragedy. A woman is important to understand: parting is a fait accompli, nothing can be fixed. Why waste your inner energy on the agonizing contemplation of what you will not return. Is not it better to direct this energy to self-improvement, the search for a new love, finally? In theory, of course, everything is simple, but in life it is much more difficult. Nevertheless, there are several valuable recommendations on how to survive the separation. take yourself up a lot of work

To paint the next week in the diary and plunge into the work

Make it necessary so that no minutes of freetime the brain could not devote to sad memories. A swimming pool, a dance school, a gym, sewing and sewing courses are some of this, or better all at once, will switch attention and will not get bored. The main rule is to exhaust your body in a day so that the nonsense of tears of frustration is not enough strength. No weekend at home! On the nature, to friends, parents - anywhere, only not stay in the dwelling in style "lonely and nobody necessary". Do not forget about the spring cleaning. The goals are two: to distract and throw away all things reminiscent of a former lover. Clean space will make you feel at the threshold of new events. Is there a favorite work? Great! Now she, so beautiful, can be given a little more time than before. And the authorities will note, and professional self-improvement, slightly rusty, will again develop. The main thing is not to overdo it with careerism. If the work does not suit, it's worth thinking about changing it and choosing a lesson for yourself. Such a cardinal change will expand the circle of new acquaintances, raise self-esteem and distract from personal troubles. more communicate with friends and girlfriends

Find the pros in your bachelorhood

Previously, I could not go to a nightclub with friends,did not allow myself to flirt with other men? And now - please, as much as you like! Such advantages can be found mass! Do not get hung up and on finding a new love. She will find herself in due time. Well, the most cardinal option to recover from parting is to get a job, at least once a week, in the hospice or oncology department of the hospital, no matter how cynical it may sound. May be enough for even one working day. In places where there are many doomed people, reassessment of values ​​takes place instantly. To look into the eyes of death, to experience painful physical pains is grief. A parting with your loved one - so, a nuisance! You just have to go through it. Even the most dejected pessimist can become an optimist and in everything, including parting, see the pros. It's a matter of working on yourself. After all, to live and build relationships, being an optimist, is much easier. Why not take this yourself into service? Work on yourself and time will help to come to your senses even after the most difficult parting.