The epidemic of stress began as early as the beginning of the 20thcentury, but for a long time the 21st century has come, and the victims of stress do not become less. Loads, including psychological ones, are always higher, and therefore, people of young age are mainly affected by stress. Studies conducted by different specialists confirm that in developed countries, the main cause of 70% of all diseases is chronic stress. Chronic stress is dangerous because in itself it is not a consequence of any problems, but it arises in cases when a person is not able to cope with them on their own and is fixated on them. It is naive to believe that the chronic stress of managers and directors, even among ordinary employees who regularly stay at work or even take work at home, the risk of chronic stress is great because of the inability to switch and plan your day. What are the symptoms of chronic stress? The person becomes irritable and nervous, he has a feeling of anxiety and fear of doing something wrong, he constantly lacks time, while the productivity of labor falls. In the morning, it's hard for such people to wake up, and at night they are suffering from insomnia; chronic stress is more often manifested in the fall, after vacation, because such people can not quickly enter the mode of work, and still hang in the dream of a vacation. How to help yourself? The first advice to those who have learned themselves in this description is to learn to relax, then to break the vicious circle once and for all. It is important to be able to use any free period of time with health benefits. If every 20 minutes to do minor 2-3 minute breaks for gymnastics, the metabolism is activated, due to the burning of calories, you will begin to feel a surge of strength and vigor. Pausing is also useful, but watching a movie on TV is not among the useful trifles. To adjust yourself to the desired mode, use your favorite music, scents and candles. A disagreeable thoughts drive away, if you return to them again and again, they may well become a reality. Learn to think only good about all those who surround you at home, at work and in public places; In time this will become a habit and the world around will become more positive. In the evening, it will not hurt to remember all the good that happened during the day. Massage of feet before going to sleep can be done on their own, just squeezing them with their hands, and with a fist massaging the arch of the foot. The relatives can also be asked to do a light massage of the back and neck. Important is not so much the level of professionalism as the touch of familiar hands to your skin. A bath with natural herbal decoctions, coniferous extracts or with phyto-salt for half an hour will cheer up, and a soft robe and a little time for yourself will help to return to the family. Your family should understand that this hour is needed for a complete transition from a worker to a home state. Sign in the pool or gym, visiting these places even once a week, after a few months you will feel the difference. Remove long-forgotten spokes or watercolors, more often visit those places that you like. An hour's walk for a few days will charge you with vigor and strength. And if you want to calm down the alarm immediately - breathe your belly for a couple of minutes or hold your hands under the hot water jet. Meditation, as a way of relaxing the mind and body, is one of the best means, as 20 minutes of classes can replace 9 hours of sleep. You can learn how to attend special classes, and yourself on books or video courses. And even if you do not intend to meditate every day, a couple of times a week for 15 minutes will give a powerful energy charge. At the same time, meditation can be done right at the lunch break, it is important to free your brain from unnecessary thoughts, relax and breathe deeply and freely. Those who are stressed in stress need to change their view not only on life, but also on nutrition. Fat products, butter, alcohol are not the best solution; eat more cereals, bananas, sour-milk products and muesli, and season with vegetable oil, then your body will always be full of energy. Drink more liquid - these can be fruit drinks, juices, herbal teas or mineral water, but not soda or instant coffee. Caffeine in general is better to eliminate, as it gives only an imaginary feeling of vivacity, and too much coffee can cause fatigue after a brief excitement. Stress increases the body's need for vitamins, especially for B vitamins; there is a growing need for antioxidants and trace elements. It is important that the vitamin complexes that you take contain magnesium in the right amount - at least 400 mg. in a daily dose. And for those who refused coffee, you can recommend vitamin C, which not only tones, but also has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels. The first aid to your nervous system can be provided by taking Triovit, this is a drug that can be taken without a doctor's prescription for mental and physical overloads. Sweet, although it increases mood, but in large quantities will do more harm than good. Therefore, replace part of the cakes with natural sweets - nuts, dried fruits. Carefully read what is written on the packages with cookies, since the sugar is sometimes indicated as sucrose, fructose, honey. And quickly replenish the energy supply can be with the help of plant foods, in which the high content of starch. Intoxication is one more cause of increased fatigue. Toxins are in water, air, in food to remove them from the body, it is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. But even if you comply with these simple rules, fatigue remains with you, you need to consult a doctor - behind the mask of stress may be anemia, autoimmune and immune diseases, or prolonged depression. But often the opposite happens, when a disease, even acute and rapid, can trigger the onset of chronic stress in the body. In this case it will be sufficient to eliminate the main reason for good health to return again. We advise you to read: