how to save Not enough money? Yesterday you received a salary, immediately paid the bills, but today you have to buy a travel card for the tram? With this problem, unfortunately, many of the fair sex are familiar firsthand. But do not worry! If you make a little effort, calculate the budget correctly, then in the future you do not have to borrow from your girlfriends before the advance. Plus, you can even save a certain amount of money for later!

How to learn to save on small things

Financial advisers agreed thatyou can save almost everything. It is simply necessary to take more responsible and deliberate approach to family expenses. Unfortunately, we are used to spend first, and then count, where did the money go. As it turns out, we do not go where we need them. So, let's look at a few examples of how and on which you can save a lot of your home budget. And also we learn how to spend finances earned afterwards and with the mind. To begin with, let's walk through such items: coffee in a cafe with a friend, a taxi from work to home, buying food. And, of course, consider other such trifles, which many modern women living in large cities, used to not notice. You will be surprised, but they take the lion's share of your family budget.

  • A cafe

The first option, how to save finances - is lesswalking in cafes, restaurants, clubs, etc. institutions. You can drink coffee with a friend at home, and at the bar. However, in this case the difference in the material plan is quite decent. On the money that you give in such an institution for a couple of cups of coffee, you can buy a whole can of a good and fragrant drink. Of course, it is worth noting that this is not an excuse to completely give up walks with friends, but they can be reduced. And Friday evenings with bosom friends can be arranged in the apartment. Spend, for example, pajama parties, gatherings on the balcony. Let your friends bring a sweet, and you take care of the venue - remove all unnecessary from the field of vision. Fun will be guaranteed. Doubt that you will not be bored? Think, is there really any difference in where to chat heart to heart - in a cafe or in your kitchen?

  • Transport

Accustomed to move only by taxi? The reasons can be different. For example, you need to urgently come to a friend, but do not have time to get by yourself, because you need to make up and get dressed. Or just too lazy to go in a stuffy transport. And so every time. And spend, spend .... Try not to take a taxi without really special cases. Learning to save, but do not forget about safety. For example, you can call a car late at night or when you are really late for an important meeting. In other cases we go legs or go by bus, by metro. In most cases, a taxi order leads to significant expenses, and also unplanned.

  • Cook at home

Many modern representatives of the beautifulsex, and especially working, often buy ready-made food in supermarkets. They prefer so-called semi-finished products, without thinking about the fact that you can save a lot on products. Ladies condition this by the lack of their precious time. The difference is - two hours at the plate or ten minutes. Yes, they save their own time, of course. But they do not save the already meager budget. Plus, beauties and still bring harm to their health and family health. In most fast food products, there are dyes, flavors, stabilizers and other additives that have not benefited anyone yet. How to start saving on food and can it be done? Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary! Start cooking yourself. In order not to harm yourself, choose products with the mind, and do not focus on time costs. If there is a market in your area, it's better to visit it, not another store. The prices there are much lower, and the meat is fresh, the vegetables are more delicious. And try to acquire from the same person. Thus, you will become a regular customer, so you will definitely make discounts. Dishes cooked with their own hands, a hundred times more delicious than those offered to you in stores. Can the factory patties be compared to those made by your own hands? In the latter there is more meat, and the taste is more intense, and you know exactly what they are made of. And in order to have enough time for household chores, write out the schedule of your day, make a list of cases that are urgent. Do not forget to mention those that can wait. Often such a move is very helpful in saving time. If you still had to buy food in the supermarket, then you also need to adhere to some rules. So, what do you need to save in the grocery store and how to do it? First of all we are thinking about buying. Often the food campaign turns into an impulse: I saw-wanted-bought. We do not think about how to do without this, we somehow do not think about it. And in vain, because learn to go to the store for a specific purpose - the first step towards saving. In order not to buy excess, make an exact list of necessary products, having studied before the contents of the refrigerator - suddenly any ingredient is already available? Do you need ten packets of milk, sour cream, etc? Before the trip to the supermarket we eat densely. With a must, we take a bottle of filtered water, even if you go for a little while. It has long been proven that by visiting a grocery store, a hungry person spends more money than a well-fed man. On this also rushed to play the sellers. In some commercial establishments, specially sprayed "delicious" smells, so you definitely want to look into the department and buy something. In order not to worry about how to save in the next few days, get food for a week ahead. First, large packages (for example, cookies, tea or coffee) are cheaper. This plays into the hands of large families, where everyone likes to eat well. Secondly, with constant purchases for a large amount of money, many supermarkets issue discount cards. As a result, you either get a discount, or you save balls for which you can then purchase the goods. Here's to you and one more way how to save money on small things. learn to save

How to dress stylish and inexpensive: save on clothes

As they say in one famous anecdote,there is a myth that there are girls who always know what to wear. Unfortunately, many of the fair sex are real shopaholics. Some of them do not even know what lies in their closet. And if you start sorting things out, it can turn out that there are two similar blouses, skirts, etc. Therefore, we learn to save on things, naturally, within reasonable limits. So, as with the products, you do not have to go shopping spontaneously. Undecided what you need, you will type a bunch of items that will collect dust on the shelves. After all, the assortment of modern stores has absolutely no savings. And you can buy a "chic blouse" with sparkles, ruffles and rivets, and as a result, you will not have anything to wear with your wardrobe. There is a natural question, how to save, buying stylish and fashionable clothes in stores? The first thing that comes to mind is sales. Agree that even in the most expensive boutiques there are absolutely ridiculous prices. The main thing is not to miss the moment. Choose things from the old collection. They will certainly be discounts, and allow you to save a good amount of money. But do not forget to compare prices before and after. Maybe, as they say, "the game is not worth the candle." Often sellers go on tricks, first overestimate the value of things, and then reduce to normal. In this case, you do not save. Remember that it is not very profitable to buy trendy and extravagant outfits, even if the price attracts. They will not be relevant for long. How would you not like, next season the thing will fall on the far shelf. So, for example, it was with spotted elk, ugg boots, long skirts on the floor. For everyday clothes practical classic things fit that are not subject to fashion trends. Thinking about where and how to start saving, some representatives of the fair sex get fakes or low-quality products. But think about cheap shoes throw aside. It is better to spend once and buy two pairs of expensive shoes or boots, which can carry two or more seasons than each month to repair unstucked shoes or buy a new one. This is no longer saving, but quite the contrary - a waste of money. By the way, when going shopping, call your girlfriends - do not they have the discount cards you need. Sharing discounts with friends is very useful for a family budget. In some cases, it is possible to save up to 30 percent. That, as you know, pretty good, especially if you decide to update the wardrobe completely.

Exchange of things: I will give in good hands

To date, there are sites on whichit is proposed to exchange good, but second-hand things. This is quite a good way, how to save your budget. For example, you have a blouse that is small. The other girl has an assembly of good magazines, which she had already memorized. You can send all this to each other. In this case, everyone will remain in their own interests: you will have paper for recycling, which you read at your leisure, and she has new clothes. However, giving things, be sure to think about it, would you like to get one? If there is a big hole on the jeans, the shoes have already peeled off, and the locks do not work in the bag, indicate it. Perhaps someone is engaged in needlework, so he will use such materials. In other cases, spoiled things are not useful. But do not be engaged in fanaticism, taking everything in a row, like you are - Plyushkin. Before you ask to give a book or dishes, think about whether you really need all this. Otherwise your house will turn into a dump of unnecessary things, from which it is a pity to get rid of. And they could be useful to someone else.

Household appliances: save on appliances

Technique - the next thing we learn from yousave. Let's start, perhaps, with household appliances. How can you significantly reduce spending by buying, say, a refrigerator or TV? After all, such products are worth a lot. And this significantly affects the family budget. But there is a way out. If you decide to spend a large purchase on a family council, think about what you need. To begin with, you should determine the choice of the company that suits you, as well as with the model you need. But even after that, do not rush to make a purchase in the first store. Look, compare the prices. Visit 3 trading establishments. But be careful. If the difference in one of them is more than 10 percent, think about why such a cost? Discounts on expensive goods can have a catch. So, for example, it is cheaper to sell either broken equipment, or one that is no longer popular among buyers. Therefore, if you are attracted by the price of a discount, first carefully read the details of the action. And also examine the goods with special attention. However, this does not apply to those moments when a discount is granted to regular customers. In the case of technology, discount cards also have weight, and quite significant. With an expensive purchase, a discount of 5 percent turns into a decent amount. Do not forget about online stores. In most cases, the prices are lower in order. Of course, this does not apply to all products. But there is still a chance to save everything early. It's also worth remembering that you do not need to buy the latest models of household appliances or digital technology. At first they are simply shamelessly expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to wait a little. In less than a few months, the price will decently decrease.

How to save on utilities

Unfortunately, in our time not allthe fair sex knows how to save on utilities. Some still pay at the set tariffs, based on the number of registered people. In this case, more is spent than consumed. The installation of household counters over time leads to significant savings. Plus, this makes us reconsider our approach to the consumption of electricity, gas, and water. Watch the home, let them turn off the light where no one is. At first it's hard, but eventually everyone will get used to it, and the economy will become tangible. Try not to leave the TV to work "idle", do not waste water, and when washing, load the washing machine completely. Buy special lamps. They spend less energy, but at the same time they illuminate the room no worse than usual. After a while, the question of how to save utility costs, will disappear by itself. If you have counters and you still pay a lot of money, do not forget to repair the cranes, replace the pipes, and buy a new waste tank. Believe me, it will be much cheaper. Perhaps a thin trickle does not irritate you anymore, but the device considers water even drop by drop. how to start saving

How to save tenants

Owners of the apartment you rent regularlyraise the price? This unpleasant situation is familiar to many families who do not have their own homes. In such cases, the problem of saving the family budget seems insoluble. However, there are also loopholes here. Try to get together with the spirit and look for other housing. Yes, you are used to it. In addition, the best friend lives next door, "moving is akin to a fire", the market is near. And a lot of excuses. But look at this situation from the other side. You are lucky, and you will find an apartment closer to work, the school child, parents. Agree, this is much more important than living next to a good neighbor who constantly runs for coffee. You meet with her once a week, and go to work every day. Again, thanks to the change of place of residence, you will save time on the road and money for travel. By the way, it is quite possible that the current owners, after hearing about your intention, will still lower the price, not wanting to lose paying tenants.

Properly manage the budget

You already know where money goes and how to save money. But, unfortunately, you still spend everything to the last penny? Then you just do not keep the money correctly. Buy three envelopes. Sign them: family expenses (food, things), paying bills (communal, renting, loans), entertainment. In each, put the amount, beforehand by carefully calculating everything. In this way, you will learn how to allocate the budget. Ideally, if you exchange bills for larger ones. Such is the psychology of man. If the purse is a lot of small rubles, he will think that he has enough money. If two or three large ones lay there, it will be more difficult for them to part with them. And try to pay less with a credit card. In that case, you simply can not control yourself. After all, you can pay off later, not now. This illusion never led to a good one. Save, saving money immediately, and not at the end of the month. Open an account in the bank so that you can not withdraw money for several years. Every time you get paid, put a tenth of your income there. So, for five years you can save up for a car, a trip abroad, study, new furniture, etc. And the last advice that you need: if you are determined to save the family budget, then go to the end. And thinking about what you can save on, process any options. Suitable are even those that at first glance seem unresolvable. After all, you can save on everything. The main thing is to set a clear goal and persevere it. We advise you to read: