how to save a family budget Not money earn us, but we earnmoney. Is not it true that these words calmed down a little at the beginning of the month, when you begin to look for the answer to a couple of "burning" questions with the next calculation of the family budget? Where can I get money? And how to save the family budget? And if the answer to the first question is more or less clear, then the second makes you think seriously. But in fact, it is not enough just to earn good money. You still need to be able to spend money wisely. Are you surprised? But this is exactly so. Of course, it's hard to learn how to monitor and plan your spending. And everything will not be done according to the "pike command". But if you try to follow a few simple tips, then in a couple of months you will learn how to plan your family budget and control your own expenses.

The financial analysis

Do not be afraid of the name of this procedure, as if written off from the textbook of the economy. In fact, the financial analysis of your spending is easy enough.

  • At the beginning of the month, calculate the total income of your family. It is made up of the income received by all family members. This is your family budget.
  • Daily within a week write down in a notebook or a notebook all your expenses, even the most insignificant. Even such as paying for the fare in the minibus or buying ice cream from the hawker.
  • Watch how often when you visit the store you make rash and unnecessary at this time of purchase.

In about a month you will be able to fullyto assess the extent of your financial "disaster". The income you have stable and earned money should be enough, but because of excessive spending and frequent unscheduled purchases of money "disappear", leaving no opportunity to put aside a little money for major acquisitions? If this is so, then you should start keeping house accounting.

Home Accounting

One of the best ways to save money isboldly call accounting. You know exactly the approximate list of monthly incomes and expenses. So, having made a kind of list, in which you contribute all the items of your family's expenses, you can understand what kind of sum you have left to put it off. It is not necessary to conduct house accounting in a notebook, for today there is a huge amount of computer programs for its management. They are quite simple and designed specifically for those who have a very remote understanding of accounting, but who need control over the family budget. how to learn how to save money

Taking costs under control

How to save the family budget by controlling expenses? Let's look at exactly where you can save money without compromising your comfortable and familiar life. So…

  • We put the counters

A significant part of the family budget is "eaten up"utilities. It seems that there is nothing to be done. But if you have not put counters on gas and water, then do it. The costs of their installation will quickly pay off and soon help you to save by paying for gas and water amounts two or even three times lower than those calculated by the standards (such are our standards).

  • Exclude spontaneous purchases

It is not necessary, going to the store for something reallynecessary, to buy something just like that. Of course, it's incredibly nice to take and buy a favorite thing or delicious gourmet. However, the attacks of "shopaholism" are capable of breaking a noticeable gap in your family budget.

  • Compare the prices of goods

If you are used to buying expensive goods, moreone way to save is to compare prices. How to save a family budget by simply comparing prices? In order to save, sacrifice time. Walk through several shops, comparing the cost of goods customary for you brand. Choose the lowest price, and you'll see how, without losing as a product, you still managed to save.

  • Save on clothes

No one forces you to deprive yourself of legalnew clothes or to refuse clothes of a favorite brand. Just before you buy any new thing, revisit your wardrobe again. Decide what you need to buy. Do not ignore all kinds of discounts and sales: this will allow you to save some of the funds. In some clothing stores, a joint purchase program operates. So, you can safely take along a girlfriend who, like you, prefers to save. And remember the advice about comparing prices.

  • We plan and discuss major purchases

Any large and expensive purchase requiresdiscussions with all family members. Big purchases are best done not on the same day, when you want it. Better yet - to raise money for such a purchase, gradually postponing them. This will not cause significant damage to the monthly budget and will save you from having to take something on credit.

Save on food?

The largest expense of the family budgetthere have always been and still are spending on food. But this does not mean that you should put your family on semi-finished products or buy less quality and cheap products. You just need to follow a few simple rules that help you save on products without sacrificing quality.

  • Products of long-term storage (cereals, pastaproducts, canned food and beverages) is best bought a month in advance And not in the usual supermarket, but on a wholesale basis. In this case, you better cooperate with someone from friends or friends. At wholesale bases, the higher the discount, the larger the wholesale.
  • Do not go shopping in the grocery store athungry stomach Never noticed that if you go shopping on an empty stomach, then the various sharply smelling delicacies in the trolley is twice as much as you need? It's simple: hunger is not your aunt, you can not argue with him. The suffering stomach gave the command to your brain, and you enthusiastically filled the cart with everything that you at the moment wanted to eat. And this is detrimental to your strictly budgeted budget.
  • Make a menu for the week. Buy at the nextvisit the store only those products (we are talking about products that are stored in the refrigerator) that are included in your planned weekly diet. In this case, you will no longer need to go to the store for a week and buy something (perhaps, in addition to bread and milk). By the way, making the menu for the next week, be sure to include in it the dishes, for the preparation of which you can use the products left over from the last trip to the store.
  • Do not overpay for packaging Bright packaging attracts the eye, but its value you pay along with the value of the product itself. And why pay for what will still go to the trash?

Problem "How to learn to save the family budget"is solved quite simply. You just need to follow the rules set for yourself and clearly plan your purchases. And then at the beginning of each month you will stop worrying with the question "Where to get the money?". Successful beginnings! We advise you to read: