how to paint a scratch on the machine How would you not care about your car, early orlate you will still find on the back of your pet their scratches. Even if they are very small, and everyone you tell about your "grief", they assure you that they are not noticeable at all - you know that they are there. And now the mood is finally spoiled and only one thought turns in my head: "How to paint the scratch on the car." Is it really necessary to go urgently to the car wash and repaint the car body. And this is not a cheap pleasure! Of course, all this is very unpleasant, but do not get upset at once - if the scratches are not too deep, you can fully cope with them yourself. In order to assess the "destruction" it is necessary to carefully consider the scratch.

Unusual polishing

If the scratch is very tiny and touched onlythe upper, lacquer layer of the body, then you can cope with it yourself. How to determine the depth of a scratch? Very simple. A shallow, not scratched scratch, looks like a white line. If you wash the damaged area, then, while the machine is wet, the crack "disappears". After drying, it becomes visible again. Coping with this "scourge" will help ordinary non-abrasive polish. It does not remove paint from the body, so you can use it very often. Polishing will clean scratches that appear on the paint from dirt and fill them with a polishing compound. And the body of your "favorite" will again become absolutely smooth. Apply the polish on a napkin and spread the surface of the body. Give a little dry, then carefully grind the machine. In order for the effect to be maximum, it is necessary to make at least 10-15 "circles" in one place.


No, the risk - well, one that is "noble cause"there is absolutely nothing to do with it. Are meant "risks" - minor scratches. That's with them, and this means is fighting. Carefully slide your palm over the car's body. If the scratch is so small that you do not feel it, then "Antirisk" will help to make it absolutely not visible. By the way, this tool helps to get rid not only of scratches. It successfully removes spots that appear on the body of the car after acid rain, or after a trip along the winter road, which is abundantly "fertilized" with anti-icing material. But all this is suitable only for tiny scratches. And than to paint over a scratch on the machine if it is deep enough? to paint a scratch on the machine

Pencil or colored wax

By these means, you can "save" the car fromlong and deep, touching a layer of paint, scratches. Carefully cover the damaged area, and then carefully polish with a non-abrasive polish. The "plus" of this method is that you do not have to bother with the choice of tone. It is enough just to choose a color. And, for light cars it is better to choose a lighter tone of a pencil, and for dark ones it is more dark. For example, to paint a scratch on a dark blue car, you need to buy a black, not a blue pencil. The "minus" of this method is its fragility. After 2-3 visits to the car wash, the entire procedure will have to be repeated.

Special paint for chips and scratches

This method is suitable for wider "scars" andchips. For sale in such small bottles with a brush, very similar to nail polish. In one bottle is the paint itself. In the other - varnish. The only problem is that you need to know the exact color of your car. The paint code on the bottle must match the car paint code. First, degrease the damaged area with a special liquid and two lint-free napkins. To do this, moisten one of the napkins with a mortar and wipe the machine. Wipe the second napkin dry. All - you can paint! Well, there should not be any problems with this - you know how to paint your nails, right? So it is here. Shake the bottle several times. Unscrew the lid and carefully apply the compound to scratch. Wait until the paint dries, and then apply the varnish from another bottle. And, of course, let the compound dry again.

Deep scratches

If you find that the scratch is verydeep and reaches the metal - it's better not to take risks and still go to the car service. They are professionals, so let them understand. After all, cars are exactly the same as people - if you do not process a small wound in time, then the inflammatory process can begin. At the car it's body corrosion. You do not allow your car to "get sick" so seriously, right? We advise you to read: