how to receive guests Every woman, inviting friends to her house andrelatives, wants to look like the best hostess in the world. And worrying the excitement associated with the expectation and reception of guests, we scroll through the head a lot of nuances about the upcoming holiday: what dishes to serve, what drinks, how to serve the table, or maybe decorate the apartment with decorations in the topic of the upcoming meeting? And so on ad infinitum. For sure, every mistress knew her thoughts and feelings here. And so that these questions do not torment you, let's try to understand what is still the key point for a hospitable hostess and how to receive guests in your home, so that everyone is happy?

Create a holiday atmosphere

The most difficult and troublesome part of the holiday isStart. Therefore, you need to try to finish all preparations at least forty minutes before the arrival of guests. So you will have time to relax a bit and get distracted, for example, to listen to good music. The one that will cheer up, because the success of the holiday depends directly on the hostess. Your mood will instantly be passed to the guests, and if you are sluggish and irritated, even the most delicious dishes will not save the evening from boredom and depression. By the way, after the arrival of guests, music should not be turned off, even if it sounds soft, like a pleasant and easy "background". In anticipation of guests necessarily ventilate the room to get rid of all the smells and cool the air a little. You can light briefly scented candles, because fresh air, filled with a pleasant and unobtrusive smell is much more pleasant than the flavors of the kitchen, which hang after the preparation of festive dishes. If the outdoors is wet weather, the landlady may become confused - but should the guests be changed into slippers? The answer can be only one - no. This simply contradicts etiquette. In this case, it is best to remove the carpet from the floor. After all, guests will come to your house elegant, and slippers only spoil all the charm of the holiday and the mood of the guests, and especially the female half. as usual receive guests

Serving the table

Most often, the reception of guests is associated with a significantyou or your family. Therefore, the surrounding environment must necessarily match the holiday and make the eyes of all those present. And then the main role is played by table setting and decorating. On this occasion, there are several relevant rules, the application of which will help you to be on top in organizing any holiday:

  • Set the table in the most convenient place of the room, so that nothing prevents guests coming to him.
  • The choice of chairs should also be taken seriously. They should be as convenient as possible. The most optimal option are chairs that give each person at the table about sixty centimeters of personal space.
  • For important events, a white tablecloth that is well-ironed and starched is best suited.
  • Choose dishes in the same style and never use a stubbed plate. The main thing to remember is that the whole situation should look harmonious and fit the room.
  • To give a holiday of refinement, you canuse to decorate the room and the table with fresh flowers and candles. Flowers are placed in low vases with a wide neck, and after the guests settle in their places - candles are lit.
  • Do not forget about the napkins, they should be in harmony with the tablecloth. Very well will look napkins, folded in the form of a flower. They can be placed directly on the plate or slightly higher.

Despite the fact that the invitation wascertain time, some of the guests stay for at least fifteen minutes. Therefore, you must remember how to usually receive guests who arrived on time in time and do not let them get bored. A light aperitif and snacks can help. For example, a three-tiered vase with different cheese varieties, all kinds of nuts and fruits will look great. You do not need to serve as an aperitif strong alcohol. A couple of kinds of good wine will be enough. Thus, creating an easy and relaxed atmosphere, you will be sure that those who arrived earlier than all the guests will wait for those who are late for having a relaxed conversation, preserving a positive attitude. how to take a child away

At the table

If everything is done according to the rules of etiquette, then you needtake into account that the most honorable are places in the middle of the table, and not at the end, as many believe. And if the table is located opposite the door, the place that looks at it will be the main one. Of course, in the home environment, it is not necessary to follow the rules of landing, which is adopted at serious diplomatic events. However, it is worth remembering that birthday always takes the most honorable place. Next to him sit people close to him. And if among the guests invited there are elderly people, they should be seated as far as possible from the edge of the table. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that a woman does not sit next to a woman, but a man with a man. Husband and wife also need to be seated from each other. Any hostess for sure asks how to receive guests in such a way that they are not bored? How to behave at the table, what to talk about, to whom to pay attention? If you are well acquainted with the invited people, try to arrange them according to the characteristics of temperament. Those who like to listen, put next to those who like to talk and is interested in conversation. The mistress herself should never show her bad mood. Whatever you are concerned about - move the problems to the background. Now for you the main thing is the mood of the people gathered in your house. It depends on you how the conversation will unfold, if there is a need, direct the conversation in the right direction. Do not let the guests talk on sad topics, connect to the conversation all those who, in your opinion, are bored and do not know what to do with themselves. Never stop your attention on one of the guests. You are the hostess, which means that you must pay equal attention to everyone present. And if you notice that one of the guests is carried away and bored with the rest of the inappropriate conversations, tactfully and politely try to change the subject of the conversation.

If you came with children ...

How to host children? The question is not easy. And in this case you need to be cautious, tact and, of course, affable. After all, many children are embarrassed at seeing a big company of adults and do not know how to behave in this situation. In this case, it will be easier for you if there are at least three children. Just give them a "torn" separate room, set there a small table with food and drinks. Take care of the entertainments for the children, and if you know in advance that you are expecting children at your party, you can decorate the room for them with balloons, stock up with interesting colorful books, cartoons and fairy tales. However, do not forget that you need to visit the kids - to check whether they have met, how the relationship has developed, whether they are bored. If your family has a child of your own, he, as the owner, can take responsibility for his guests. About a day or two before the holiday, gather a family council, in which give a word to your child. Let him come up with how he will entertain his friends, tell him some funny contests, and in advance, stock up with simple prizes. Taking advantage of all the tips given above and showing a little imagination, you will always look in the eyes of the guests the most hospitable hosts. And the question of how to receive guests in your house, you can safely answer - joyfully, sincerely and with enthusiasm!