how to learn to communicate with people People communicate always and everywhere. But in order for communication to be effective and to talk with people you could easily and confidently, you need to have some knowledge. For example, if you want to achieve success in business or you are attracted to the idea of ​​making a brilliant career, then the ability to communicate only at a household level will clearly not be enough for you. It is necessary to develop appropriate skills, and you must understand how to learn how to communicate with people at the business level. Of course, there are people who are not at all difficult to find a topic to talk with anyone and who can communicate without any difficulty in any situation. Some of them have a natural talent for communication and unique charisma, and this simply bribes the surrounding. For such people, absolutely no effort is required to start a dialogue and immediately arouse sympathy from the interlocutor. But what about the rest, someone who also wants to succeed in life, but does not have an innate talent for effective communication? Is it difficult for an ordinary person to understand how to communicate with people correctly in order to place them to themselves? From our point of view, there is nothing heavy in this, and we are ready to reveal to you some secrets how to learn how to effectively and confidently interact with others. how to communicate with people

Seven steps to effective communication

Since you usually get pretty heavyto communicate with people, do not despair and try at any opportunity to avoid such painful contacts for you. If by the whim of nature you are not born from birth, the ability to keep easily and confidently, dealing with unfamiliar or unfamiliar people, if you want, you can develop this skill yourself. We do not pretend that it is very easy to follow our advice; but if you show perseverance and do step by step on the way to acquiring new personal qualities, in the end you will learn to hold confidently and eventually feel how to properly talk with people. After all, scientists have long proven that if desired, any person can develop the necessary qualities. So, where do we start? What should be considered in conversation with the interlocutor in order to arouse his interest in your person and that the conversation goes in the direction you need?

  • Confidence

Good communication skills begin withwith the ability to show that you are a reliable partner. For this, first of all, it is necessary to be self-confident - the ability to hold confidently attracts others like a magnet, because the kind of resolute person convinces others that this interlocutor is worth the time and effort. A confident interlocutor will not waste your time on "walking around so close", but immediately go to the point of the conversation.

  • Confidence

To establish trust during a conversationone should observe one of the most important rules of effective communication - one must look into the eyes of one's interlocutor. People who usually turn their eyes away during a conversation, as a rule, no one trusts. Attempts to avoid eye contact say at least about a person's disinterest, and as a maximum - about his dishonesty. But when a person looks into the eyes of his interlocutor, it causes confidence in him, and everything that he says. Such a seemingly insignificant nuance in fact remarkably helps to establish a reliable contact with your counterpart! Therefore, in a conversation, do not forget to hold on confidently and in no way look away.

  • Name of interlocutor

It is very important! When starting a conversation with a stranger, first of all find out what his name is. Repeat the name aloud - this helps to fix it in memory. Always use the name of the person you are talking to and do not forget to smile.

  • Interest in the interlocutor

Many make the mistake of talking too much about yourself. But nothing so tires the person with whom you talk, as a forced "tour" through the labyrinths of your life! One of the best ways to learn how to communicate with people is to let them talk about themselves, rather than make them listen to your stories. This will help another person to feel more at ease and increases now his self-confidence. No wonder the Eastern wise men teach: once say and listen two times!

  • Correct questions

When the contact is just getting better, it's important not toallow awkward pauses in the conversation. One of the fastest ways to awkward silence is questions that can be answered simply by "yes" or "no." A very important skill for successful communication is the ability to ask questions that require a detailed answer. This will allow the conversation to start. Just do not lose sense of proportion - you can not arrange "bombardment" with questions, this is a sure way to make a person feel uncomfortable. The conversation should not turn into an interrogation!

  • The power of knowledge

Effective communication begins where peoplehave a wide outlook. A fully developed person with diverse interests will be attractive to different people. Communicate with such a person is easy and interesting. His head is full of many topics for discussion, and he can quickly and confidently adapt to any conversation. To find a common language with an interlocutor for him is easy.

  • Risk

A very interesting point, which is closely connected withself-confidence and self-esteem. Too often people are afraid to ask and ask, because they are afraid of refusal. Failure makes a person feel defective, inferior. In fact, refusal does not have to influence one's self-esteem. You are still the same, you are as valuable and important as a person, as at the moment when you just entered into a conversation. It is not necessary during an important conversation to be afraid to ask about something. Always use the chance and try to achieve what you want. It's only a matter of time if you get what you want. And the question of your self-confidence. The only way to learn how to learn how to talk with people correctly and confidently is practice, during which you sharpen your skills. Here, too, it would seem, there is an element of risk - you never know beforehand how the conversation will go. But if you are afraid to step out of the shadows and hold on to your "safety", you will never gain the ability to easily and confidently come into contact and will stand in the way that leads to nowhere. ability to communicate with people

A few more tips

Of course, this is not all the secrets of successful communication, rather, the most basic. There are other aspects that need to be taken into account:

  • You have to be honest. When people are reliable and honest, communication becomes much easier. We do not have to think about what we are going to say, we do not have to worry about the fact that untruth will once open. Such characteristics as "open and honest" and "trustworthy" are really valuable; and especially they are important when it comes to business communication.
  • You need to be able to adapt your ideas toperception of others. When we have an interesting idea, we have a perfectly clear image of the idea in our mind; But this image is not always as clear to other people as well. If you really want to be heard, then you need to find a way to open your mind so that it becomes clear to everyone. This means that you need to know your audience well if you really want to communicate effectively with it.
  • Hold pause before answering. Usually we try to answer right away, but sometimes just a tiny pause can do wonders. It gives you time to think; and this is important in order to more accurately understand what the interlocutor is talking about, or to clearly articulate your idea, which you want to convey.
  • Try to understand what yourthe interlocutor. You need to listen carefully to really understand what is at issue, and not just to wait for your turn to say something in response. Too often, we really only listen to the "edge of the ear," thinking about our answer at this time. For effective communication it is necessary to work on understanding what others say.
  • Be patient and open. Sometimes even the shortest communication can be in something not too comfortable for you. Recognize for yourself that this contact does not need to be the way you would like it to be, and continue to behave correctly, showing patience. Always be patient and keep your mind open to understanding new ways of communicating and understanding.
  • Try to maintain feedback. When everything is already said and done, the best way to find out how effective it was was to ask your interlocutors about this. Take time to talk with those with whom you communicate most often to find out how you could improve your communication with them. Sometimes it is quite easy to maintain such feedback, and you will get a clear idea of ​​what you still need to work on; and sometimes it's not quite easy to do, but your efforts will still be worth it!

Start Small To Learn Effectivelycommunicate with people, you need time; Everyone who has set a goal to improve his communication skills will advance at his own pace. Do not try to learn everything at once, start small, getting used to each of the steps indicated, one for each time. At the heart of its effective communication begins with self-confidence - this is the thread that connects all the other your qualities and skills. Each new meeting helps to increase your self-confidence and adds new facets to your experience. If you want to practice, we can tell you a few places: try to expand the circle of communication in your office, for example, and try to start communicating with sellers in the store or in the market - a bit more than you just need to make a purchase. After you become easier to communicate in your usual circle, start contacting representatives of a higher rank. So gradually you will learn to talk with completely different people, and your skills will be strengthened ever more firmly. If necessary, you can even talk with the CEO of a large company (who knows what situation in life can turn up?) And make a favorable impression on him. Nobody will undertake to assert that learning to communicate with people can be very easy. But the road will be mastered by the one walking! And it's worth going, because effective communication will become for you the key to future success and advancement in almost every aspect of life. We advise you to read: