how to learn to think positively Our daily life is full of events thathave a positive or negative response in our minds and to varying degrees change our inner world. Over time, the accumulated life experience allows many people to learn how to react to events (especially in a stressful situation) in such a way as to benefit from them and suffer the least losses. This is how people react who are called optimists. What distinguishes the optimist? First of all, he knows how to think positively. It is positive thinking that helps such people to find a way out of the hopeless, seemingly, situation.

Why it is necessary to learn positive thinking?

Our life proceeds according to the program thatcreates our brain. That is, we consciously change the reality in which we live. Every day we build our own lives, setting a mental program. The more positive messages, the more often in life there are good events. But the feeling of insecurity and anxiety arises in us because we allow negative thoughts about ourselves and about our lives. Sometimes the negative is so strong that it can completely block the ability of people to see a way out of a difficult situation. Maybe not everything goes as we would like. But if you just worry and expect the worst, it will only confuse you and will not give you the best solution. Is it worth worrying if the problem is solved? And what will change from your concern if it is really impossible to solve the problem? It is better to take care of your nerves and change the mechanisms of thinking, breaking out of the trap of negative reactions. how to learn to think positively

What does positive thinking mean?

What is the point of investing in the concept ofpositive thinking? This way of thinking does not at all mean that you, like an ostrich, will bury your head in the sand and ignore troubles. The ability to think positively simply will help you to consider these troubles from the standpoint of their productive decision. Positive thinking can be developed, if only to want. When you learn to think positively, you will receive the key to changing your life for the better. Positively thinking people achieve success in difficult life situations, have greater physical and intellectual potential to confront stressful situations. In general, they have more opportunities to achieve good results than other people in similar conditions. In addition, cheerful people recover faster than others if they have suffered from a serious illness or from an accident. Interestingly, even accidents with positive people happen much less often! It seems that the ability to think positively produces their immunity to trouble.

How to find the source of positive thinking?

A person is arranged in such a way that he constantly pursuesan uncontrollable flow of time. Therefore, we want everything to happen quickly. Similarly, we are trying to build short paths to success and happiness. Unfortunately, few are willing to spend the time and effort to develop the necessary skills and gain all the benefits of positive thinking. Our desire for instant success is so great that we are not in a position to give an objective positive assessment of what is happening, but we snatch only fragments of an integral picture. We are guided by the principle of visualization of pleasant things for ourselves, we dream, we represent. And then we see that nothing of this does not change in our life, and sometimes we fall into even greater pessimism. Visualization is an important part of positive thinking, but one is not enough. In order to start thinking positively, you have to change a lot in yourself and in your views on life. You got up in the morning from bed, went out into the street - and start looking for an opportunity to achieve success. Do not wait for luck to fall on your head, but look for it yourself in the everyday routine of everyday life. Try:

  • be open to good luck;
  • have the courage to act to succeed;
  • make a lot of efforts to change and become a successful and positive person;
  • To act to realize your desires in real life in spite of all the failures.

Sir Winston Churchill said: "Success comes when we are defeated after defeat, without losing enthusiasm." Here is the formula of positivity: enthusiasm plus action is equal to success! In other words, if you really want to learn how to use positive thinking, adjust to a constant work on yourself. To strive for happiness and success is, of course, important. But fast does not always mean good. Let your steps towards the goal be unhurried, but firm and confident. And believe me, the result will justify the means that were spent to achieve it! how to think positively

How to learn positive thinking

Of course, it is easy to maintain a positivemindset when things are going well. It is much more difficult to positively think in the midst of problems, difficulties and obstacles, when the failures are a black streak. At such moments of life requires more effort, attention and patience, more faith in your future success. If you learn to always think positively, if you can resist the pressure of stress and tension, then it will be much easier for you to find the best plan of action when things are going hard. To learn how to give up negative thoughts, you must motivate yourself to a positive psychological attitude. Here are a few rules that will help you learn to think positively. Conscious Motivation for Positive Thinking Consciously encourage yourself to a more positive emotional and psychological perception of yourself, other people and different situations. Always praise and encourage yourself when you succeed. Refuse negative internal dialogues. It's just a waste of time and energy, which in the end does not change anything. The taboo on disappointment Do not allow yourself to fall into disappointment if some difficulties and obstacles prevent you from reaching the goal, but rather think about how to get around the obstacle or go the other way. Reject all attempts at negative thoughts to master you: try to replace them with positive ones or engage in something that will distract you from depressing meditations; From positive communication - to positive thoughts Do not allow that what the people around you will tell you has badly affected the course of your thoughts and mood. Communicate more often with people who bring something of value to your life experience. Try to avoid contact with those who kill your energy and enthusiasm. More often say something good about yourself and about other people. Make compliments to others whenever you feel that they deserve it. Belief in yourself Always keep faith in your abilities and abilities. Begin to do something new, or do something new in a new way: try to start with a small one - go to a new cafe, change your dress style, watch films of a new genre, or find a new hobby. Read about people who have overcome difficulties and have made great strides in their lives. An example of such people will give you an incentive to think positively. Purposefulness Set specific goals, even if it seems that at the moment it is impossible to achieve them. Develop a plan for achieving the goal and work on its implementation: if every day doing something that brings you a little closer to the cherished goal, you will soon notice the result of your efforts. Try to achieve the full implementation of each goal, no matter how small it may be, you will become confident in yourself with a person with good self-esteem and positive thinking. Faith in the materiality of thought Every day, think about what else you need to do in your work on yourself. Look for or independently come up with new ways, how to learn to think positively in different, sometimes even the most unexpected situations. Be careful not to let negative mental images into your consciousness: you must understand that not everything in our environment has to joyful emotions, but this should not negatively affect your thinking. Positive in the negative Act on the principle: if I can not change the situation, then I will change my attitude to it. Analyze your behavior and attitude to various events: if you find that you still follow the habits and views that you would like to get rid of, try to start working on yourself in this direction. You need to get rid of a model of behavior that does not do you any good and does not allow you to develop in the right direction. By following these rules constantly and steadily, you can change your attitude to the world around by changing your inner world. You will learn to maintain and develop a positive psychological attitude. Replacing the negative with positive, you will be surprised to find that life, as the wise Skelef argued, consists not of events, but of our attitude to these events. We advise you to read: