how to get rid of warts on your finger Warts - a very unpleasant phenomenon, whichcan darken life. After all, most often - alas, they prefer to be located in the open parts of the body. For example, on the hands - fingers become the habitat of warts most often. First, it is ugly, and secondly, it often brings discomfort, especially if the neoplasm is large enough. And there is nothing surprising in that a person facing this misfortune is looking for an answer to the question "How to get rid of a wart on the finger?" Of course, it is more reasonable to go to a dermatologist, who can remove even the largest wart in just one procedure. However, the doctor does not want to go all by desire - very often a person resorts to folk methods of treatment. In principle, folk remedies are often successful - of course, if you choose the right recipe.

Traditional methods of wart removal

If you do not like to put on a differentexperiments, go to a dermatologist. Pay attention - today a lot of cosmetology salons offer warts removal service. However, we strongly do not recommend you to go to the salons - any tumor must be removed by a doctor and only a doctor! Depending on the size of the wart and its location on the finger, the doctor will offer you several options for removing the wart. Of course, he will advise something specific, but in the end it's up to you.

  • Laser removal

To date, the most common methodgetting rid of various neoplasms, including warts, is a laser beam. The popularity of this method is quite understandable - it is completely painless, bloodless and does not take much time, after it the scars remain extremely and extremely rare. With the help of an impulsive laser, the blood vessels burn, which feed the wart. As a result, the process of dying of the wart tissues begins. After a short period of time, the wart simply disappears. It goes without saying that only qualified personnel should carry out this procedure. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the wart either does not disappear, or a scar remains in its place.

  • Removal with nitrogen

Not the last place in popularity is occupied bycryodestruction or, more simply, removal of warts with liquid nitrogen. The procedure is as follows: with a special applicator, nitrogen is applied to the wart. The time of exposure to nitrogen on the wart is about 30 seconds - depending on its size. The wart literally turns pale and becomes denser. After about an hour and a half after the procedure, a bubble with watery contents forms on the site of the wart. About a week later, a crust forms on the place of the bubble, which will fall off after another 10 days. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the place of the former wart will not leave a trace - except that the skin will be slightly different shade. But if the doctor even makes a little mistake with the amount of nitrogen or the time of the effect on the wart, there is a risk of scarring or depressions on the skin. Whichever way you choose, remember the features of the recovery period. First, carefully watch for cleanliness - after all, a wart on your finger, and your hands get dirty most often. Secondly, try to avoid water - the wound is extremely undesirable to wet at least until the crust is formed. Thirdly, without fail, treat the wound - how exactly to do it in your case, you will tell the doctor who made the wart removal. how to get rid of warts on your finger correctly

Ethnoscience. Helpful Tips

Very many people are afraid of doctors panicky andthe more so any manipulation with your body. But they also do not want to tolerate warts on their fingers. The only way out in this situation is to try to get rid of them with the help of folk recipes. We offer you the most effective and proven ways. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that all compounds are quite aggressive, because their goal is to make wart tissues die. But you do not want to suffer with surrounding healthy tissue along with them? So, they need to be protected - otherwise you will earn a lot of problems and have to treat the skin. The most simple and effortless protection is before the procedure to lubricate the skin around the wart with any vegetable oil or at least a fat cream. But this protection is very conditional, so it's better to spend a little time and approach the issue more thoroughly. To do this you will need a tissue-based adhesive plaster and scissors. Cut off a piece of adhesive plaster suitable size, cut in its center a small hole of this diameter, so that the corn crawled and paste it. Everything, now your skin is reliably protected. If you are too lazy to change adhesive plaster every day, buy hypoallergenic - so you will avoid possible skin irritation.

Removing warts with garlic

In fighting warts your ally is number onebecome garlic. Recipes mass - choose the one that will like the most. Immediately I would like to make a reservation - garlic is undesirable to use for people who have excessively dry and sensitive skin. In extreme cases, you must first lubricate the wart with a simple baby cream.

  • Garlic gruel

The most simple is not a time-consuming method -ordinary garlic mush. Pass garlic through garlic, put the mush on the wart, cover the polyethylene film on top and fix it - you can use a band-aid, you can use a bandage. This garlic compress should be on the wart for at least 30 minutes. It may very well be that you will feel a slight burning sensation - this is perfectly normal. However, if the discomfort is too strong, immediately flush the composition - most likely, you this method of removing the warts is not suitable. And it is much more sensible to choose another method of treatment if you do not want to earn burns. This procedure must be repeated every day, for a week - during this time the wart will decrease significantly in size. Then, without fail, take a three-day break, after which repeat the course of treatment. As a rule, even the largest warts take their positions.

  • Garlic cake

If the wart is very large,garlic paste is not very convenient. Much more reasonable to use garlic cake, for the preparation of which you need a tablespoon of any vegetable oil, a large head of garlic, a little flour. Garlic clean, pass through garlic, mix with vegetable oil, add flour and knead the dough. Pinch a small slice of dough, and pack the rest in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator. Form a cake, attach to warts, top cover with a piece of bandage or gauze, firmly fix it and leave it for the whole night. Such a procedure must be done in a day - otherwise the process can go too fast. Treatment will last a fairly long period, not less than three weeks.

Treatment with apple cider vinegar

Not worse than garlic with warts copes andapple cider vinegar - note, it's vinegar, not essence. When preparing products based on apple cider vinegar, do not forget about precautions - make sure that vinegar does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes, remove the bottle away, so that it does not reach children and pets.

  • Vinegar compresses

This tool is irreplaceable in the event thatthe wart is big enough - otherwise it will not be too convenient. Prepare five or six gauze napkins in advance. In a small nonmetallic bowl, pour apple cider vinegar, abundantly moisten the gauze in it and attach it to the wart. The duration of the vinegar compress is 20 minutes. Do not forget to change the wipes as you dry up - otherwise the effectiveness of the procedure will be much lower. Ideally, this procedure should be done twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, if you want to get rid of the warts within two weeks. In principle, if you have a catastrophically short time, you can manage at one time, but, as you understand, the period of treatment will increase.

  • Vinegar and onions

If you want to get rid of warts in the mostshortly, try the next tool. For its preparation you will need a small head of onions, a glass jar with a lid and half a glass of apple cider vinegar. Onion finely cut, put in a jar and pour vinegar., Put in the refrigerator for the day. After this, drain the vinegar and use a fork to crush the onion which has become soft by this time to a puree state. The resulting gruel is plentifully applied to the wart, cover with a plastic wrap and secure with a bandage or band-aid. Leave the compress for 2-3 hours, then rinse with plenty of water. If you do this procedure every day, in just two weeks you will forget about the wart. Of course, if it is not too big - otherwise the treatment time will be much longer. how to get rid of warts on your finger for a long time


Do not underestimate the healing properties of herbs -very many of them are also able to save you from warts. But in such treatment there is one important nuance - some herbs are capable of provoking the development of an allergic reaction - consider this fact. It is not at all superfluous to conduct a kind of allergic test - apply a small amount of the finished product to the wrist and after 15 minutes assess the skin condition. Ideally, there should be no redness, rashes or itching.

  • Celandine

In the summer, a panacea for warts in literalsense under your feet - it's about the purity. Just tear off the sprig of celandine and lubricate the wart abundantly with the juice that came out on the scrap of the stem. This procedure should be repeated five to six times a day. Just do not pull the finger on which the wart settled, into the mouth - the celandine has a very bitter taste.

  • Dandelion root

Purity, unfortunately, only grows in the summer, andwarts appear regardless of the season. In winter, you can try to get rid of them with the help of a dandelion root. In summer, you can use a fresh root, and in winter it is quite suitable dried, which is sold in almost all pharmacies. Dandelion root thoroughly chop - you need 100 grams, put in a saucepan and pour a glass of water. Bring the broth to a boil, reduce the heat and cook until half the volume of water boils. Cool the resulting broth, pour into a glass container, which should be stored in a dark place. Wipe this wart on your finger as often as possible - at least 5 times a day. Those who tried this method on their own, say that warts give up their positions within a month.

  • Nettle

Nettle is a plant that has a hugenumber of useful properties. And from a wart on a finger with the help of nettles, too, it's really possible to get rid of. And it is not difficult to do this - just rub the wart with a freshly cut nettle leaf three times a day. Sensations, of course, are not pleasant, but in just two or three weeks the result of such treatment will surely please you. As you can already see, there are a lot of ways to get rid of the wart. And if you made a choice in favor of folk recipes, remember the simple truth - if the wart did not disappear within a month, it's hardly worth spending time and energy on further treatment. Most likely, the only way for you to get rid of a wart on your finger is to go to the doctor. However, the doctor should go in any case - do not forget that getting rid of one wart is not a guarantee that another will not appear. It is explained very simply - the formation of a wart is a consequence of the activity of the human papillomavirus. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo antiviral therapy and to improve immunity. And this can be done solely under the supervision of a doctor.