how to get rid of snoring at home In a dream, the average person spendsmore than a third of his life. During the night our body completely restores the expended forces, rest and is charged with energy. If a person does not sleep for at least one day, he will become aggressive, nervous, his coordination and perception of the world will deteriorate sharply. Now imagine that you have not had enough sleep for six months. And the reason for this is the usual snoring, which annoys not only you, but your second half, children and neighbors. And if in the beginning to such a phenomenon everyone treats condescendingly and makes fun of a particular one who publishes this unpleasant sound, then in the future the situation worsens severely. how to get rid of snoring at home tips

Why we snore and what is fraught with it

With age, because of the diseases,hormonal failure and the like causes the muscles of the larynx greatly weaken and stretch. The sleeping person breathes in and out, at this time the airflow, passing through the nasopharynx, begins to rattle, causing snoring. A person making a similar noise usually does not get enough sleep. As a result - drowsiness throughout the day, poor health, headache. That's why you need to start treating snoring immediately, as soon as it breaks into your quiet and calm nights. However, in no case should not treat this problem with condescension. Often people think that snoring is not a pathology. After all, our grandmothers and mothers came across similar problems, and few people tried to fight with the noisy neighbor. But here everything is not so simple as it seems at first glance, because weakening of the muscles is not the only reason that entails snoring. Apnea and dyspnoea are two serious diseases that are accompanied by a stop in breathing. If the time does not begin to be treated, the condition may worsen. Such individuals usually have problems with the cardiovascular system, pressure, CNS, etc. Snoring is also common in people suffering from chronic colds or obesity who have a congenital or acquired defect of the larynx. Another fairly common cause is a curved nasal septum. Independently to establish the reason and get rid of the disease, if you do not have medical education, it is almost impossible. Therefore, before you decide to do self-medication, still consult with a specialist. And if he approves your methods, boldly start fighting with snoring.  How to get rid of snoring at home correctly

How to get rid of snoring at home

To get rid of snoring, you do not always need to passlong course of treatment, buy expensive drugs, go under the surgeon's knife. It is enough to follow certain rules, to use folk methods, to lead a correct way of life. And if you follow some tips, snoring will not bother you.

  • Sleep

Always try to sleep on your side to avoidthe appearance of snoring. At the same time, make sure that the head of the bed is elevated. Do not fall asleep without a pillow or a special roller! The problem is that during sleep the muscles completely relax, the tongue sinks and blocks the airflow into the lungs. A sleeping person may even suffocate. Better to buy orthopedic sleeping accessories. A special mattress will repeat the contours of your body, not allowing, for example, to bend your neck incorrectly or turn your head. If you sleep on the old couch, on which your mother rested, there is nothing surprising in the fact that you snore.

  • Alcohol and cigarettes

Do not drink alcohol before bedtime anddo not smoke. Alcohol causes relaxation of all muscles, as a result of which you can just snore. Therefore, after a tumultuous feast should wait at least two or three hours. And only after this time you can lie on the bed. Pre-take a shower, drink green tea, breathe fresh air. This will help reduce the impact of alcohol on the body.

  • Lose weight

If you have problems with being overweight, youurgently needs to lose weight. Cease to eat fat, sweet, flour. Introduce in your diet vegetable salads, dressed with low-fat yogurt or kefir. Forget about fast food, half-finished products, crackers, chips and other similar products. Start playing sports. At least twice a week, go to the gym. No time to visit such institutions? Morning and evening exercises have not yet been canceled. And try to go as little as possible on personal and public transport, but go more on foot.

  • Medications

Also, refuse to take sleeping pills,antihistamines or sedatives. If you have a snoring due to a prescription, be sure to tell your doctor. In this case, he should prescribe you another medicine or conduct a survey.

  • Warm up throat

Every day for a month to pronounce the sound"And-and-and" on 20-30 times. But do not just say it, but apply your efforts and, as it were, sing a song. During the exercise, try to strain the muscles of the larynx, soft palate and neck. Also learn a couple of tongue twisters and repeat them daily. This will help to train the weakened muscles of the larynx walls, get rid of snoring. Plus, you will learn how to talk beautifully, get rid of the defects in speech that almost everyone has.

  • Distilled water and aloe

This option is suitable for people who have snoringappears during the runny nose. So, first, every day you should drink one and a half liters of liquid to remove all harmful substances from the body. Secondly, the nose should be instilled with aloe juice, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. No wonder our grandmothers grew this plant on the windowsills.

  • Sea buckthorn oil

To get rid of snoring at home will helpsea ​​buckthorn oil, which must be instilled in one drop in each nostril four hours before bedtime. Such treatment should last about 3 weeks. Beforehand, do not forget to check if you are allergic to this remedy.

  • Acupuncture and acupressure.

On the surface of our body is a lot ofpoints, affecting which you can get rid of snoring. By irritating certain zones on the body, you can correct and influence the work of certain organs. But acupuncture massage can only be done by a specialist who has been trained in a specialized institution. Trust your health first reciprocal is not worth it! So do not forget to check the certificate and diploma. These procedures are performed exclusively with clean, warmed hands. Do not press on the skin with fingernails, with the ribs of the palms, namely with the pads of the fingers. It is necessary to deeply and quickly act on the desired point, while you need to rotate and vibrate your finger for 30 seconds. Acupressure helps to normalize sleep and leads to tonus all the muscles of your body, among which is the soft palate. However, note that such manipulations will only help in the initial stages.

  • Cabbage

Some healers say that if they crushcabbage leaf with honey or grind on a blender, and take this mixture every day before going to sleep, then you can forget about snoring once and for all. Well, it's worth a try. Store the product in a cool dry place. The main thing is that you do not have allergies to one of the ingredients.

  • Exercises

Specialists developed a set of exercises,the regular implementation of which will help to get rid of snoring at home. However, it should be understood that if you resort to them once or twice a week, no improvement will occur. Perform at least 5 times a day throughout the month. So, option one: close your mouth tightly, pull the lower jaw down as much as possible. To strain the muscles, bite a special rubber tube. After you feel a slight fatigue, start circling with the jaw counter-clockwise and back. The second option: open your mouth, strain the back of the tongue and try to pull it as hard as possible to your throat. Try to pull the tongue forward, as if you are at a doctor's reception, which should examine your tonsils. Do not forget to breathe with your nose, not your mouth. If you clearly follow these tips, and snoring still interferes with your full rest, then, of course, you need more radical methods. For starters, you can try to purchase special nozzles that are made to order. You do not need to buy a universal one, because the size and shape may not suit you. And there is such a pleasure not cheap. Also, to get rid of snoring, you may need surgery, so do not delay the visit to the doctor.