how to get rid of the smell of feet Smell means a lot in a person's life. In the time of the primitive system, by the smell of the body, they found a wife, in modern times women actively use fragrances as an additional weapon to attract a man. But what if the smell of the legs interrupts the fragrance of perfume and deodorant? Then instead of trying to figure out a strategy for getting a man, it's time to think about how to get rid of the smell of feet. After all, an impartial ambre can alienate you from not only a strong sex, but also make it difficult to communicate with women. Do you need it? It is much more pleasant to smell of shower gel, deodorant or soap, but not sweaty feet. How can this be achieved? Let's figure it out. First, we will determine the cause of the unpleasant odor. The fact that human footsteps by the will of nature were the habitat of bacteria that live on their feet and feed on dead cells of the skin. And an unpleasant smell is the waste of the life of bacteria. Everything seems to be clear, but a natural question arises: why do different people's feet smell differently? Someone suffers from unpleasant smells and washes feet ten times a day, but someone does not know this problem.

Why do they smell?

Firstly, the intensity of the smell depends on the shoes,which we carry. Artificial leather, no matter how high-quality it is, is not able to pass air in sufficient quantity, therefore, its legs sweat faster than in shoes made of genuine leather. Secondly, the unpleasant smell of the legs may indicate a person's disease. It can be people suffering from diabetes or heart disease, as they have significantly worsened blood supply to the feet, causing ulcers on the feet. And this is an additional food for our bacteria and an extra reason for an unpleasant smell. The same problem affects the elderly, whose blood in the veins runs not so intensely as in youth. Thirdly, the feet can form a fungus, which also causes additional discomfort and reluctance to take off shoes in the room. Who will like it when people in the company squeamishly drive their noses, and you try to bashfully hide the "fragrant" feet under the chair. Do not hide it. Will not help. It is better to think about ways to get rid of an unpleasant smell. Fourth, do not wear synthetic socks. This reason is somewhat similar to the first, when we advised buying only leather shoes, but somehow everyone forgets about it. People buy expensive exotic leather shoes and put on nylon stockings for them, and then they are surprised that their feet smell bad. Rarely does anyone sin on socks and pantyhose. Most often they begin to doubt the authenticity of the material for shoes or are looking for a fungus. So, we have sorted out a little, why there is an unpleasant smell of feet, how to get rid of this misfortune - we will talk in more detail. the smell of feet how to get rid

Operation "clean feet"

Foot baths

  • Take two sachets of black tea and for 15minutes boil them in one liter of water. After this, discard the tea, and dilute the tea with two liters of boiling water. Cool to a comfortable temperature and take your foot baths until the water cools down. If you repeat the procedure every evening, then the unpleasant odor from your feet does not threaten you. What is the secret of black tea? The fact is that the welding possesses excellent tannic (astringent) properties, that is why it easily pulls together the pores ¸ kills bacteria and weakens sweating.
  • The next bath well kills an unpleasant smell,coming from the legs, but not suitable for people who have wounds on their feet (even if you were bitten by a mosquito and you combed a bite, we advise you to refrain from this procedure). In a basin with warm water, dilute a glass of vinegar and add a few drops of thyme oil. Then everything is simple. Take a foot bath for a week, and your problem with sweating will be resolved.
  • This time you will need five liters of hotwater and two glasses of bitter (English) salt. Dissolve the salt in water and soak in this solution feet for at least 15 minutes twice a day. Can not you find bitter salt? Try to use the usual one. The fact is that it has an antiseptic effect and is extremely damaging to bacteria. However, do not use this bath if you have unhealed wounds on your feet.

Antiperspirants for the feet The next way is verylike women, because it not only removes the unpleasant odor, but also allows you to deodorize the feet with new flavors. It's about ordinary antiperspirants. As it turned out, they can prevent sweating not only in the underarm area, but also on the legs. Everything is elementary. Before you put on socks or shoes, sprinkle or spread the foot antiperspirant and let it dry. Now your feet will not only not sweat, but when walking they will start to emit pleasant fragrances. And what else does a woman need? Soap This method is similar to the previous, but includes the use of antibacterial soap. This is usually prescribed to adolescents in order to get rid of pimples. Wash your feet with a similar soap in warm water daily, and the unpleasant odor will recede. Treated with lavender oil Before you go to bed, rub your feet with a few drops of oil and put on the socks. This procedure should be used daily until the problem of sweating and unpleasant odor of the feet disappears completely. However, some people have an allergy to lavender oil. To make sure that you do not belong to them, apply a few drops on the inside of the wrist. If an allergic reaction is not observed, you can use this method. Gel for feet To get rid of a sweating it is possible also and thanks бензоилперроксидному gel. Lubricate the feet daily with a 5 or 10 percent solution of this product, and you will be able to take off shoes in the room without problems, no matter how many hours you used to go in tight shoes. how to get rid of the smell from the feet Talcum powder. Not less effectivemay be regular talc or powder for the feet. Sprinkle them with your feet whenever you are ready to put on clean socks. No talc at your fingertips? And the powder for legs or foots in a drugstore has ended? No problem. Use cornstarch and edible salt. These components have the same properties. Hairdryer ... Dry your feet with a hairdryer. No, no, we're not joking. Exposure to low-temperature air waves reduces sweating of the legs. This method is useful for those who have found a nail or interdigital fungus, as using a hair dryer helps to reduce the moisture of the foot and avoid the development of infection. Change socks every day We, of course, tell you an immutable truth, which even a child knows, but, nevertheless, do not forget to change socks. Sometimes an unpleasant smell arises precisely because of your forgetfulness or untidiness. Believe me, it's better to spend five minutes searching for a clean pair of socks than to hide your legs all day or ask your friends for shoes. Cream to reduce perspiration Do not want to bother with taking foot baths and using aromatic oils? Buy a special cream in the pharmacy that reduces sweating and reduces the risk of an unpleasant smell. Just pay attention to the way you use the medicine. The fact is that some ointments need to be used every day, and some only once a week. One condition that unites all kinds of similar ointments is application to clean feet. Therefore, it is best to treat sweating before going to sleep. Take a shower, spread ointment feet and go to bed with a clear conscience. Miracle medicine will fight with sweating feet instead of you. Take a shower Often the unpleasant smell is haunting people in the summer. The heat causes increased sweating not only of the feet, but of the whole body, so it can be quite difficult to determine the source of the unpleasant odor. What to do? Take a shower more often. Assign important business meetings in the morning, when the sun is not at its zenith, and you did not have time to sweat properly. Or make between visits a small interval, which will be enough to receive a day shower. And more: soap does not happen much. Simple sweat washing with water often does not bring the proper effect, so do not be too lazy to use shower gel, then a long feeling of freshness is assured to you. Watch shoes competently Do not wear the same pair every day for a long time. Otherwise, you not only deform your skin with your legs (as it just does not have time to dry completely overnight), but also soak the shoes in every possible way. After you remove the shoes, put in them special pads. It is better if they are made of natural wood. It will help absorb excess moisture and give shoes a unique scent of the forest. You can insert special bags filled with juniper or cedar shavings or mesh packages with zeolite instead of pads, which also perfectly absorb all extraneous scents from shoes. Use only special insoles, which are good for air and absorb moisture. It's good if they are removable. Then you can put them every day to be ventilated. By the way, about the fresh wind. To store shoes is best not in a stuffy locker stuffed with old and new pairs of shoes and boots (as we all are accustomed to), but in a ventilated and bright place. Have you tried all our advice, but the unpleasant smell does not disappear? Then you better go to the doctor. Perhaps, your excessive sweating is a consequence of a serious illness, and you need more serious medications instead of foot ointments. So it or not, only the doctor can determine, and we wish you good health and only pleasant smells. We advise you to read: