how to get rid of negative thoughts Negative thoughts often cause tears,depression and pain. They make you feel exhausted and can cause a constant sense of anxiety. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of negative thoughts that deprive you of the opportunity to enjoy life.

How to stop negative thoughts?

If you have reached the point where your desireget rid of the continuous torture of the mind has become very strong, then it's time to start the changes. It is not necessary to hesitate, because obsessive negative thoughts can make your life miserable, forcing you to suffer. In addition, the situation can get out of hand, and then it will be especially difficult to cope with it. Therefore, we will start to get rid of negative thoughts right now! Can you stop obsessive thoughts? If you were to do this quite simply, it would be just great. But the whole truth is that it's much harder to do than say, because you do not just have to suppress your thoughts (which is not easy to do in itself, because in order for a thought to appear and "think", it takes only a second, and suppression thoughts do not lead to anything good, it's even worse: with the suppression of thoughts there is an accumulation of negative energy), and completely change their thoughts in general. How can you stop thinking negative thoughts? The secret of getting rid of obsessive thoughts is to learn how to detach oneself from them. You must understand that you can not fight your mind with your own mind. But let's take a closer look at what we mean.

What causes negative thoughts

If you consciously generated your thoughts,then you could easily manage them too. The truth is that your thoughts are generated not by you, but by your mind, your subconscious mind. It is at the subconscious level that in most cases this happens. Want to see this? Well, then tell me: can you be sure that you know what you will think about in the next thirty seconds? In a minute? And in fifteen minutes? You can not, right? And if you can not, then how can you think that you create your thoughts consciously? If you think that you can control your thoughts, then you are mistaken. Therefore, if you decide to get rid of some of them, then you need to learn to stay away from your thoughts and from the work of your mind. That is, to watch your thoughts as if from outside. You will see that your mind generates thoughts, which are basically just forms of energy. These thoughts float like clouds. Some thoughts appear from nowhere, without any regularity are replaced by others, not related to the previous, then the third - and so on. If you do not cling to these thoughts, do not start thinking about them, connecting emotions, then they will swim, swim, sail ... So in fact, thoughts are only neutral forms of energy, and only your own interest in some of them makes them intrusive. If you understand this truth, then this will be the first step to understanding how to get rid of negative thoughts. negative thoughts

How to stop the arrival of negative thoughts

All your attempts to suppress, stop or removeobsessive thoughts will not succeed, because for this you will try to use your mind. But how can the mind fight against itself? It is possible to fight with disagreeable thoughts only through dissociation. This is a psychological process, when a person perceives everything that happens to him as if from outside, as if it were not happening to him, but to someone else. Such a process refers to protective mechanisms. What gives the power of your thought? Your interest in it. If you have no interest in a particular thought, then it loses its power over you. If you do not have an interest in negative thought, then you do not have to remove it either - it will "float away" the same way as it "sailed". Try it now! Sit back, relax, and let your thoughts flow freely one after another. You observe them as if they had nothing to do with you, and do not show any interest in them. Just stay an observer, and let the thoughts freely come and go. At first, you probably will not be easy to observe this way for your thoughts because of your habit of "communicating" with every thought that arises in your head. This is what you will have to learn. The most important setting that you must learn to give yourself is: thoughts are simply a form of energy created by my brain. Why does the brain create thoughts? No one knows; just creates, and that's it! Have you ever wondered why your heart beats? After a little training, you will learn to separate from your thoughts. You deprive them of their power over you, not fueling your interest. As soon as they lose this "fuel", thoughts immediately disappear.

How thoughts are born

All past events are saved asmemories. Your beliefs and moral skills are also stored in memory. All this is in a "frozen" state on a subconscious level, getting there and being removed at the right time in an automatic mode. Perception and interpretation of what is happening to you at the moment is based on this content of your subconscious, and it is dictated by the occurrence of positive or negative thoughts. That is, thoughts are created on the basis of past incidents and memories, respectively, predicting future and interpreting real life situations. Our brain is like a computer that tries to predict or conjure up projections of possible events based on the data that it has collected so far. When thoughts are inherently negative (thoughts that cause anxiety, anxiety, stress, feelings of guilt, and so on), they give rise to resistance in you to the natural course of your life, and it is this resistance that you feel as suffering. Negative thoughts will always generate such resistance, and they look like huge stone blocks thrown in the middle of a river with a rapid current. Life is a flow of pure positive energy, and therefore any negative thought will be in opposition to this stream, causing you suffering. You have already realized that the thoughts in your head are increasing in proportion to the strength of your interest in them. Thus, if you pay attention to your negative thoughts, you yourself without understanding, feed them and attract even more impulses for their existence. These impulses will slow down and fade if you stop feeding them with your attention. And negative thoughts will lose their power and power over you, and removing them from your consciousness will become very simple. It's better to focus on the positive thoughts generated by your brain and thus develop the positive impulses of your brain. Every time you catch yourself in a pleasant, positive thought (for example, about love, joy, pleasant excitement, beauty, abundance, gratitude, etc.), focus on it and give it as much attention as possible. This will prompt your mind to attract even more positive thoughts and thus create sustainable positive impulses. It's really very simple. Once you learn to slow down or add "turns" of your thoughts, you will begin to fully control your consciousness. how to remove negative thoughts

We adjust to positive

I must say that control over your consciousness -this is not the only way to get rid of negative thoughts. Rather, his one is not enough to take the situation under control. You need to learn to relax and adjust to a positive way in your daily life. Only then will you help your mind to rebuild. Here are eleven ways to achieve this:

  • Catch yourself on the negative in life and do not give it to him.the course. For example, negative feelings and thoughts can overtake you when you say something unpleasant about someone. Gossip is a reflection of what emotional wave you are on your own.
  • Design your own mantra for yourself andsay it every time, as you notice a negative thought, thereby stopping it. As soon as you feel that everything is wrong with your thoughts, stop thinking about it immediately and start talking about yourself, for example: "The sky is blue and the butterflies are fluttering!" You can even try to imagine this picture - then a bad thought will definitely evaporate without a trace !!
  • Concentrate on your breathing. Such exercises can be done not only when you are not completely comfortable from your thoughts, but just for relaxation - three to four times during the day. Close your eyes and take slow deep breaths about twenty-twenty-five times. After that, return to your interrupted class.
  • Often experience gratitude. Take a deep breath and think that you are grateful to today for ... It can be anything, even the most imperceptible and small joy: a cup of delicious coffee, a beautiful flower in a vase, a funny phrase told by your child.
  • Listen to your favorite music. Buddhist monks say: "Music in the soul can be heard by the universe."
  • Take nature walks, preferably in the morningor in the evening. Look, listen, connect the sense of smell and touch. Feel yourself a part of nature, comparing your inner strengths with its unlimited possibilities. This identification will help you achieve inner harmony.
  • Take a run. If you feel that you can not cope with your unpleasant thoughts, then go for a run. If it's hard for you to run, then at least walk vigorously to feel good physical activity. In this case, your body will release endorphin - a pleasure hormone - and you will feel how your mood has improved noticeably.
  • Recognize your feelings. What makes you sad? We do not at all want to assure you that you should always say like a robot: "Get a grip on yourself!" Or "Everything will be fine!" It is perfectly normal and natural on this earth that a person reacts to some events with a bad mood or sadness . Let sadness sweep like a wave, and then again return to the sea. The bigger the problem, the more time it can take to "process" it. It's important not to get hung up on your feelings, but gently release them when you're ready for it.
  • Visualize what you want. If something bothers you, imagine something quite the opposite. For example, you are jealous or irritated with something. Imagine that you are happy and happy. Another example: imagine that you have already achieved what is actually just planned. Feel the joy and pride in your victory; this will help you keep motivation. An important point: when visualizing, do not compare yourself with others, but simply recognize how strong and capable you are.
  • Smile! Smile familiar, smile and those who do not know. A smile will create positive vibrations in your subconscious and make you happy in reality.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. It is quite natural to feel devastated and dull if you constantly hear from others only a solid negative. It is difficult not to depend on the predominance of negative energy. Mentally bless such people and quietly remove them from your life. Create a circle of communication from optimistic people and immerse yourself in an ocean of positive energy!
  • To get rid of cargo of negative thoughts as wellit is important how important it is for the long distance runner to take off his warm clothes that interfere with the movement. This in itself is quite possible. It will be hard not to get rid of bad thoughts, but from the harmful habit of letting these thoughts into your head. Often we perform some familiar actions, as they say, on autopilot, even without noticing what we are doing. So it happens with our thoughts. But it is possible to change our habits, it would be a desire - the desire to live better than we have lived up to now. There are many things in life that we can not control; but our thoughts are under our control. Imagine how amazing your life will be if you remove the dark clouds from the sky and give the sun to shine in full force! We advise you to read: