how to get rid of ingrown hair Ingrown hair - these are hairs that could notsprout through the skin and, bending in the opposite direction, began to grow towards the follicle. Ingrown hairs can appear on the face, arms, legs - on any part of the body where the hair grows. As a rule, ingrown hairs are accompanied by only a slight irritation, but can also cause a painful feeling; and the skin with ingrown hairs looks not very aesthetically. In addition, if the problem is not resolved, the inflamed skin can become seriously infected. Growth occurs most often in people with curly hair. But if you often do hair removal or shave your hair (for example, on the legs), then you greatly increase the risk of ingrown hairs. The fact is that the hair follicle becomes weaker with their frequent removal, and the hairs become thinner. Thin and weak hair is much harder to break through the upper layers of the skin, and it begins to grow in the opposite direction. What to do? After all, we can not refuse depilation? Of course not! Let's get to know how to get rid of ingrown hair, if you have any. I must say that you will not only be able to get rid of ingrown hairs if you follow our instructions, but also warn them to appear, following our recommendations regularly. What should be done?

Skin peeling

If you find yourself growing in your hair, thenthis procedure must be carried out every day. This will help remove dead skin cells, dirt and grease, which can interfere with the free growth of hairs. Massage movements, which are done during peeling, can physically push the tip of the hair out of the skin. Just do not overdo it, do not rub the skin too hard, otherwise you will not only get rid of the problem, but also aggravate it. If you damage the skin and it starts to bleed, it will make it very hard to remove the ingrown hair from under the scab. It is best to cleanse the skin gently, but for a longer time. In this case, wash the movements in different directions. You can wear a special mitten for peeling, or you can try one of the three methods we proposed for skin cleansing. Peeling with Paracetamol You should know that the main purpose of peeling is to remove the coarser top layer of skin with dead particles. There are various ready-to-use exfoliating agents that might be easier to use, but many of them contain aggressive ingredients, which is undesirable in your situation. In addition, such funds can be quite expensive. Peeling with paracetamol tablets is beneficial from several points of view: on the one hand, you will save money; on the other hand, paracetamol will have an anti-inflammatory and easy analgesic effect on the inflamed skin areas. Here's how to do it:

  • Prepare the ingredients. Use about two or three tablets, depending on where you will do the peeling.
  • Prepare the paste for peeling. Add a few drops of water to dissolve the tablets. Be careful - adding too much water will dilute the remedy, and in fact you need a paste, that is a gruel from paracetamol tablets. You can crush the tablets with a spoon beforehand, this will speed up the process of their dissolution in water.
  • Apply paste on the inflamed areas. You can mix the resulting paste with gel for washing or with lotion, so that it is easier to distribute it on the skin. Tear the mixture on the desired area in a circular motion for one to two minutes. Longer to rub is not necessary, one or two minutes is enough.
  • Rinse with clean water and gently drainskin with a towel. If you did not plan to get rid of ingrown hairs, but simply clear the skin to prevent their ingrowth, then the next thing you should do is apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to your skin to slow down hair growth.
  • Peeling with salt

  • Prepare a mixture of half a teaspoon of salt and a small amount of foam or gel for washing. If you want to clean the large surface of the skin, take more salt.
  • First take a shower, as you normally do.
  • Take a little mixture and rub it in your skin in a circular motion. Do not forget to rub your knees, elbows and any other areas where there may be coarsened skin.
  • Wash the mixture, drain and apply moisturizer.
  • Peeling with olive oil and sugar This peeling is best for delicate skin areas.

  • Prepare the following ingredients (do not mixthem!): olive oil (it has a very beneficial effect on the skin); normal or brown (cane) sugar; warm water. Only it is warm, because hot dries the skin, and there is a risk of getting burned.
  • Rasparet skin under the shower. If you are doing peeling a small area, you can make a compress by putting a damp cloth moistened in hot water.
  • Take the olive oil, and with a cotton pad wipe the desired area with oil.
  • Sugar poured into your palm and rub it a littlehands. Then rub the "sugar" palms oiled surface of the skin. Do it neatly, without pressing the skin hard and without making sharp sweeping movements. It's enough to rub twenty-thirty seconds.
  • Rinse the treated area with cooked warm water to wash off all the sugar. Oil will still remain on the skin.
  • Take a damp cloth and gently rub your face until the fabric has absorbed all the oil.
  • Do this every week, and you will getsmooth beautiful skin. In addition, making such a peeling regularly, we achieve a double result: the skin becomes soft and tender, and we get rid of the problem with ingrown hair. to get rid of ingrown hair

    We put on the inflamed places a little medicine for acne

    Ingrown hairs are very similar to acne andappearance, and skin condition. Especially when ingrown hair is accompanied by inflammation and suppuration. Apply any cure for acne several times a day for several days. This, in combination with peeling, is often enough to remove ingrown hairs, since the tumor shrinks, giving them more room for growth. If you do not have any acne medications at hand, you can again try the methods that we offer. Reducing redness and size of inflammation with aspirin

  • Place one aspirin tablet (or as much,how much you need) into the water. You will need about two to three parts of water for one part of the aspirin. No need to pre-grind aspirin, it dissolves well in water.
  • Stir aspirin in water. You should have a pretty thick, slightly "sandy" paste. You will need just a few drops of funds at a time.
  • Apply a drop of solution directly to the inflamed area. If you do this with your finger, first thoroughly wash your hands to avoid adding new bacteria to the sore spot.
  • Keep aspirin on your skin for as long as onlyyou can. As a rule, the paste dries out in less than half an hour, and after drying, it starts to exfoliate. Use a clean damp cloth or napkin to remove aspirin residues from the skin. By the way, during the removal of the remnants of the medicine, an additional light peeling will occur.
  • We treat inflammation with toothpaste This is veryold manner! You can just take a drop of toothpaste and place it on the affected area of ​​the skin. Further - as with a mixture of analgin: rub the paste over the inflamed bugorka, hold on the skin for about half an hour, rinse with a clean damp napkin. You, probably, and have already understood, that by means of these two agents it is possible to treat not only inflammations from ingrown hairs, but also spots.

    Unravel the skin

    If the problem with ingrown hair you have not yetis very acute, then you will have enough and the first two steps to get rid of it. If the matter is more serious, we continue further. The next day after peeling for a few minutes, steam the skin with a cloth dipped in hot water. Squeeze a rag and put it on a site with ingrown hairs. Once the towel has cooled, re-moisten it in hot water, squeeze it and put it on your skin. Repeat as long as the hairs in the steamed skin do not rise to its surface. If you applied the compress for ten minutes, but still do not see any signs of hair, then you have to state the fact that you can not remove them yourself. Or the problem is not at all ingrown hair. In any case, you need to contact a specialist.


    Use a sterile tweezers to gentlyget hair from the skin. A warm compress had to lift them to the surface of the skin; if you understand that you can not grasp a hair, then do not pick your skin to get to it. Be patient, the process of "getting" hairs can take some time. Sometimes you can see a loop from a hair. This means that the hair has penetrated through the skin, but then bent and again began to grow into the skin. It often happens if the hair is curled. Then take a clean needle, thread its tip into the eyelet and gently pull it, releasing the hair. Most often the tip of the hair goes freely. getting rid of ingrown hairs

    End of procedure

    After you get rid of ingrown hair to youcompletely succeeded, rinse the treated area with warm water with a soft gel for washing. Apply an antiseptic on the skin to provide additional protection against infection. In the future, try not to wear tight clothes or shoes in contact with this place, so as not to provoke new ingrown hairs. And in conclusion a few more tips:

    • Instruments can be sterilized in boiling water or with alcohol.
    • Do more skin peeling, and it will be easier for hairs to break through it.
    • The longer the hair, the less likely that they will curl up and begin to grow into the skin, so it's better not to shave them under the root. Use a razor with one blade, and not with three or five.
    • In any area of ​​the skin that is prone to ingrowth of hair, never use a comedogenic (clogging pore) cream.
    • If the inflammation spreads beyond the hair follicle or persists for several days after the hair has been released, consider visiting a dermatologist.

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