How to get rid of fat on the stomach and sides Today, quite often you can meet evenyoung eighteen-year-old girls who wear tight-fitting T-shirts, shorts, skirts or pants with a low waist, flaunting their sexy abdomen and sides. The fact that the beauty has slightly recovered or her tummy gained extra two or three kilograms, usually she finds out when her favorite jeans cease to fasten even when lying on the couch. Unfortunately, insidious calories always initially attack the buttocks and waist of the fair sex, but at the same time, if you sit on a diet, the first to leave the chest. But how then to get rid of fat on the stomach and sides, without spoiling other mouth-watering forms that girls are so proud of? Firstly, you have to start eating properly, and secondly, you need to remember about sports, gymnastics and walking walks, and third, forget about bad habits.

Diet or proper nutrition

To sit down or not to go on a diet - to decide,of course, you, however, note that partial or complete refusal of food will not only harm your health, but will also bring additional folds in the most prominent place - the sides. The thing is that at the end of self-torture your emaciated body will begin to put fat on your stomach, and in much more than you had before. Remember that a proper and healthy diet should be permanent, not temporary. Therefore, if you decide to get rid of fat on the waist and abdomen, give up acute, salty, sweet food. Of course, once a month you can indulge yourself with fried potatoes or olive salad, but not more often. In this case, a steamer is very much saved, which prepares food for a couple and without oil. Such dishes look much prettier than ordinary ones, besides they are incredibly tasty and useful, as they preserve vitamins. But sometimes you can have an irresistible desire to eat something harmful. What is the best way to proceed? If it's chips, mayonnaise, hamburger and other food that contains a lot of salt, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. additives, it is better to abandon it. Do not eat one or two pieces of such food in the hope that nothing bad will happen. Understand that a small portion of satiety and satisfaction will not bring, and the caloric content of products will immediately affect the sides and abdomen. As for sweets, then you can not do without them, since the human body needs glucose, especially if its work is related to mental activity. Of course, the tile of chocolate should not be eaten at once, but you can use a lobule-two a day. But all the sweets should be replaced with dried fruit, sugar - honey, because it is much more useful. How to get rid of fat on your stomach and sides yourself

The correct diet or how much you can eat?

If you want to get rid of fat on the sides andwaist, you need to eat not once or twice a day, but at least 5. Remember, the more often you consume food, the faster will be the metabolism in your body. Naturally, portions should be small so that you do not overeat. Just share what you usually eat for five days. Breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner - this is something that you should never miss. Healthy nutrition is the key to the success of every woman, you must always remember this.

  • Breakfast

As the weekday begins almost everygirls? Rise, water procedures, strong coffee or tea with a sandwich, make-up and going to work. About the fact that you need a tight breakfast, to recharge your energy and do not want to eat before dinner, for some reason, everyone forgets. As a result, the brutish appetite awakens to the hours to ten or eleven, which is quickly eliminated by pizza, a roll with tea, sweets and biscuits. In fact, this is the biggest mistake that is allowed by the fair sex. Buckwheat, oatmeal, cereal, muesli - these are the foods you should prefer in the morning. To prepare most dishes you will have to spend fifteen minutes on strength, but then before lunch you do not have to take a break for the so-called "bun" snacks. If you still want to eat, eat apples, bananas, oranges and other fruits that will saturate the body with vitamins and nutrients, while not affecting your weight.

  • Lunch

At lunch, called the people second breakfast,which usually starts about twelve days, it is best to eat a low-calorie vegetable salad, dressed with a little olive oil. The salt is not added in this case. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage are the most common ingredients that will help you satisfy an easy hunger, while you do not overeat and do not harm yourself.

  • Dinner

It so happened that in our country for lunch oreat more and more, or at all starve and drink one tea. And in either case, you will recover in the waist. Why? If you eat a bowl of borsch in the dining room, a porridge with a frying pan, you strew everything with compote, and in the office do not give up a couple of slices of pizza ordered by hospitable staff, then your body simply can not cope with so many calories. If, of course, your work is not related to physical activity. Working at lunch time without eating - is also not an option. If you are lucky, and you have a dining room, it is better to eat liquid, such as soup, okroshki or borshch. Nowadays it can also be ordered at the nearest cafe or restaurant, and after a couple of minutes you will be brought the necessary food. You can also take from the house a small vacuum container with salad or porridge to have a snack while there are no bosses.

  • Afternoon snack

At four or five o'clock in the evening, when I want againeat, and until the end of the working day another one or two hours, you should make a five-minute break for a mid-morning snack. For this purpose, low-calorie kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka and other sour-milk products are best suited. They not only satisfy the hunger, but also envelop your stomach, so that the gastric juice does not corrode the walls of the intestine.

  • Dinner

An ancient and very wise proverb says that thethe food you are going to eat in the evening should be given to your enemy. A share of the truth in this is, since the majority on their return home immediately run to the fridge, gorge on with enough, then make a repeated trip of hours nine to ten in the evening. In fact, in order to get enough, a person needs a little, but his stomach understands that he ate, only after half an hour or so after a dense dinner. Therefore, before eating it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, and after ten minutes after that you can start eating. Another interesting method, about which few people know - is the wrong sitting at the table. Since childhood, moms have been taught that you need to sit flat without bending or bending over the plate. But if you want to quickly get rid of fat on the stomach and sides, in time for dinner, bend your leg in the knee and put your foot on a chair. Thanks to this you will eat much less than usual. How to get rid of fat on the abdomen and sides correctly

A healthy lifestyle - how is it?

Remember when you last did it in the morningor in the evening charging? A bit of laziness and buns - and your abdomen began to grow by leaps and bounds. To get rid of fat on the stomach and sides, you need to swing the press daily. If you do not want to suffer the next twenty-four hours with the rigidity, start with minimal loads. Do not think that the more you do now, the better, because in the end result you can tear yourself apart.

  • Swing the upper press

Initial position: Lie with your back on the floor, put your hands behind your head, but do not tie them into the lock, leave your legs straight. At the expense of one raise the body up, into the account two lower down. Repeat the exercise twenty times in two approaches. You can also do this exercise with your legs bent. Put them so that the heels rest against the buttocks, lift the body twenty times, then place the right foot on the knee of the left leg and rise so that it is elbowed to the calf, then change the position.

  • Swing the bottom press

Initial position: Lie on your back, hands stretch along the body, place your palms under your buttocks. At the expense of one, lift fully level legs up until a ninety degree angle is formed, then you can lower them to the bottom. After you make the first twenty lifts, do not put your feet on the floor. Hold them about forty to twenty centimeters from the surface, then start the second approach.

  • Swinging the sides

Initial position: lie on your right side, straighten your legs, extend your right arm in front of you, so that it would be easier to rest your palm during the exercise, put the left one behind your head. At the expense of fold your legs in the knees, lift them up and pull them to your chest and try to reach your forehead, at the expense of two - straighten up, do not put your feet on the floor. It is recommended to do thirty times for three approaches, but newcomers are unlikely to be able to finish at least one. Then turn over to the left side, take a similar position and repeat everything again. We advise you to read: