how to get rid of a cough quickly Such an annoying illness, like a cough, is familiar to allpeople without exception. And most often declares a cough about himself at the most inopportune moment. Although, of course, the disease in general does not happen in time. But, nevertheless, one of the most pressing issues is how to get rid of a cough quickly. And it's really quite real. However, in order to get rid of cough, you still need to find out the root cause that caused his appearance. If you eliminate this cause, the cough will disappear on your own. Most often cough is a companion of colds. A cold for some reason is considered an absolutely frivolous disease. And very vain - because the common cold can lead to the development of various complications. Therefore, always seek medical help from a doctor. The doctor will evaluate your condition and, if necessary, prescribe the appropriate treatment. However, you can try additional treatment, which will quickly get rid of cough. And this treatment - recipes of traditional medicine. However, remember that before applying this or that remedy, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor in order not to aggravate your condition. In addition, carefully study all the components that make up this or that remedy. You should not have any allergic reactions. get rid of a cough quickly

Cough inhalation

In the event that the cause of your dry coughthere are pain and sore throat, you can try inhalation. Ideally, you need to use a special steam inhaler, but you can do with the usual "grandfather" way of pots and a terry towel. The temperature of the water for inhalation should be about 40 degrees Celsius - it's not worth using hotter. Above the container with liquid you need to lean for a distance of 30 centimeters, and top your head with a towel. In order for inhalation to have the proper effect, it is necessary to inhale the steam with the mouth. Typically, the average duration of inhalation should be about 10 minutes. During inhalation there should be no unpleasant sensations. On the contrary, there should be a significant sense of relief. In a day you need to hold at least 5 - 6 inhalations in a row. However, keep in mind that in no case can you do inhalation if you have a high body temperature. She can rise even higher. And this is completely useless - the condition of the sick person will only worsen. In addition, after inhalation for an hour you can not smoke, talk loudly and even more so go out. Otherwise, the effect of inhalation will be reduced to almost zero. There are several most popular and effective inhalations:

  • Honey

For this inhalation, you will need half a liter of waterand 10 grams of any kind of natural honey. Water bring to a boil, carefully dissolve honey in it and cool down to 38 degrees. In this case, the rule of breathing is actual, but it is also necessary to breathe in your mouth. Especially in the event that you have not only a cough, but also a cold. The duration of the inhalation is at least ten minutes.

  • Medicinal sage

For this inhalation you will need two dining roomsspoons of shredded herb sage. Bring a liter of water to the boil, place the herb of sage in the enameled container and fill it with water. Insist for about 20 minutes - during this time the water will just cool down to the required temperature. Duration of inhalation - at least 5 minutes.

  • Eucalyptus

Prepare two tablespoonscrushed eucalyptus leaves, two tablets validol and a teaspoon of carefully minced garlic. Mix all the ingredients and pour one liter of boiling water. Insist for ten minutes. The duration of the inhalation is at least five minutes.

  • Alkaline inhalation

As you know, the most effective inhalation fromThe cough is alkaline. And make it simple - just add five tablespoons of the most common baking soda to a liter of boiling water. Bring water to a boil, pour in soda and cool to 40 degrees. The duration of inhalation is 7-8 minutes. Especially effective are similar inhalations for bronchitis and bronchial asthma.


No less effective are rinses, which are alsovery effectively remove irritation and inflammation. Rinses can be carried out separately or together with inhalations. Gargle should be rinsed at least every three hours.

  • Herbal Remedies

To prepare this decoction you will need toone tablespoon of calendula inflorescences and eucalyptus grass. Mix the herbs and pour one glass of water. Bring the broth to a boil in a water bath and cook for ten minutes. After that, cool to a temperature of 37 degrees and strain - the broth is ready for use. Be sure to keep in mind that the curative properties of the broth retains only the first few hours. After that, it is absolutely useless - so prepare each time fresh.

  • Soda solution

Food soda should not be overlooked in this case. Preparing the broth is easy - just one teaspoon of soda for a glass of warm water. get rid of a cough quickly

Means for internal use

In addition to rinsing and inhalation,use means for internal use. They are also very effective in fighting cough. We offer your attention the most effective:

  • Aloe with honey

This tool will help to quickly get rid of cough inif the cough is wet. For its preparation you need five tablespoons of leaves of aloe and five tablespoons of honey. Honey must be melted in a water bath until it is liquid. Leaves of aloe must be crushed thoroughly - it is best to pass through a meat grinder. Then, combine the two components and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The resulting mixture is placed in a glass container and store in a refrigerator. It should take one tablespoon five times a day, regardless of food intake. The course of treatment is until the cough disappears completely. As a rule, relief comes at the end of the first day.

  • Raw potatoes and honey

This tool very effectively helps withdry cough. For its preparation you will need two potatoes of large sizes and one hundred grams of any natural honey. Wash the potatoes thoroughly, peel and grate on a fine grater. After that, mix it with honey and place in a glass container, which must be tightly covered with a lid. Take the drug should be one teaspoon, every hour and a half. The course of treatment should last at least five days. Even if the cough disappears earlier.

  • "Grandma's" means

Of course, talking about the people's waysgetting rid of cough, in no case can not ignore the old way, familiar to most people from a deep childhood. To do this you will need one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of butter, one-third of a teaspoon of baking soda and one glass of milk. A rattling mixture, is not it? The further scheme of preparation is extremely simple - bring the milk to a boil and thoroughly dissolve all the ingredients in it. Done! Such a drug should be drunk at night, until the cough disappears completely. As a rule, a sick person feels considerable relief.