how to get rid of cockroaches Perhaps there are no worse neighbors in the house than the ubiquitousInsects that make their way into all the cracks, hide in all corners and do not go so easy. Among such "guests" cockroaches are very popular, and they settle near the person for a reason. The thing is that from a biological point of view, these insects are our symbionts, that is, organisms that coexist side by side and are of some use. The benefit lies in the fact that cockroaches eat up our scraps, thus cleaning the dwelling. Despite this, there are few people who are grateful to cockroaches, much more than those who are tormented by the question of how to get rid of cockroaches forever. Naturally, cockroaches bring harm - they are carriers of dangerous diseases, or they can be caught by a small child and taste an interesting object. In the end, very few people like this neighborhood from an aesthetic and moral point of view, because many cockroaches cause sincere contempt. Therefore, all who have unwanted insects, dream of poisoning cockroaches.

Minuses of the use of pesticides in the fight against cockroaches

There is a great variety of fighting cockroaches: traditional carbofos, chemical preparations, newfangled traps. And most of these ways, unfortunately, have significant drawbacks. You really get rid of cockroaches, but only for a while, often cockroaches simply decrease in numbers, nothing more. In addition to everything in the apartment can for a long time settle down the unpleasant smell of chemicals that are otherwise dangerous to the health of animals and people. Many people, solving the problem of how to get rid of cockroaches at home, include intensified struggle with insects and forget that the vapors of pesticides are extremely harmful to health: they weaken the immunity and reduce the ability of the body to repel the onslaught of pathogenic microbes and harmful influences. For this reason, a person can become aggravated by any diseases to which he has a predisposition. Pesticides in dry form are extremely dangerous when ingested, or on open scratches and wounds. The most frequent poisonings of varying severity are given to pets and children. For example, your domestic cat flushes everything that gets to it on its paws, and its body weight is extremely small, so after baiting the cockroaches, it has a chance to seriously suffer, up to a lethal outcome.

What you need to know to successfully combat cockroaches?

Before deciding how to get rid ofcockroaches, you need to carefully examine all the nuances concerning the life of your opponent. The biological characteristics of cockroaches are of genuine interest. There are proven methods of destroying cockroaches, absolutely harmless to humans and giving a 100% result. These methods are based on knowledge of the individual characteristics of cockroaches, but they bring their fruits only after 3-4 weeks. So be patient and take into account some facts:

  • Cockroaches long enough to live without food,But they can not live without water under any conditions. If a half-absorbed, half-dead, crippled cockroach can crawl to the water, then it will be an immortal Koshchet. As soon as the insect is drunk, it is again alive unharmed. Cockroaches are too small for us to block all approaches to water, they will have enough moisture in the flowerpot, or a small droplet near the sink or on the floor, not to mention the drain tank of the toilet bowl. Therefore, do not expect that you will go on vacation, and your cockroaches will die out without you from hunger - they are enough in the house of drinking, and they go to their neighbors to eat.
  • Tarans are incredibly curious creatures. To check this fact, it's enough to put some bright object in the middle of the kitchen, for example, a candy wrapper. If your house has a lot of cockroaches, then they will not take long to wait. If there are not many insects yet, then we will have to wait for darkness. You will see how small insects, like pioneers, approach an unidentified object and begin to examine it with their antennae.
  • Cockroaches are badly adjusted system of warning their relatives about the danger, they do not know how to transfer each other the difficulties of personal personal experience.
  • The most terrible poison that can only come upfor cockroaches it is boric acid. From ordinary pesticides intended for a broadly directed effect (the destruction of both cockroaches, and bedbugs, cats and humans), cockroaches die an ordinary death in a dose sufficient. However, with boric acid the situation is different - cockroaches experience from her the torments of hell, their whole body covers an incredible unbearable itch. Even if the cockroach affected by boric acid does not die, then one way or another to the place where he got the infection, he will never return. How to get rid of cockroaches forever? - it is boric acid.

It is worth taking stock and finding out what methods of fighting cockroaches can be used, based on the facts that we have learned about them.

Method of struggle №1

All are afraid of big cockroaches, but very few people know,how to get rid of large cockroaches. In fact, the proposed method is very simple. It is necessary to sprinkle all sources of water in the apartment (in the bathroom, toilet, near the sink), as well as all plinths, a garbage can and vent holes with boric acid powder. It is possible to shower this powder from the bottom of the heart, since it does not cause harm to either man or his pets. A solution of boric acid, some even rinse the mouth. This powder can be purchased at a pharmacy for a mere penny - 10 g of the drug costs about 2-3 rubles. To sprinkle the whole apartment, you need to stock up 30-100 g of boric acid - the amount of powder will depend on the size of the apartment and the degree of personal hatred of cockroaches. Note that when insects feel boric acid, they will try to find water sources where the barrier will be absent. In most cases, many of them are excellent at this task. Proceeding from this fact, it is necessary to keep the second method of fighting cockroaches at the ready.

Method of struggle №2

In this way, how to get rid of cockroachesThe incredible curiosity of insects works. It is necessary to take one raw yolk from the egg and pour in it 30-50 g of boric acid powder. Stir the ingredients to a consistency of thick gruel. From the received mass we make balls of diameter about 1 cm, we let them wither and scatter all over the apartment, choosing prominent places. Particular attention is required kitchen, bathroom and toilet (in principle, these places can be limited). Do not forget about the fact that places should be visible not from the point of view of the person, but from the point of view of the cockroach - these can be surfaces of shelves, cabinets, kitchen set. Everything that is located above your eyes - this is the place visible to cockroaches. If there are flowers on the windowsills, you can put the balls on the windowsills. At night, moustached explorers are most active, so in the daytime you can clean your balls from the surfaces where they cause you inconvenience, and lay them out for the night again. Cockroaches will not feel the masked boric acid, but will necessarily show a keen interest in a beautiful ball. As soon as the insect touches the coveted object with its antennae - it is already doomed if not to death, then to unbearable agony in the form of intolerable itching. In addition, cockroaches are not able to convey to their relatives that the balls are fraught with mortal danger. Either these insects have not reached their highest stage of development, or they can not connect a beautiful ball with the ensuing consequences. And this means only one thing: new cockroaches will approach your bait, leaving the ball deadly sick. If a sick cockroach touches a healthy cockroach, the second will also get infected. At first you will think that you have not been able to solve the problem of how to get rid of cockroaches at home, and that insects simply do not care about all your tricks. They will absolutely calmly crawl around the balls, without experiencing any inconvenience. Have enough patience - in a couple of weeks you will have to sweep a large number of corpses of insects, soon the cockroaches will disappear altogether. If in half a year you again meet in your apartment with cockroaches, then the females had time to lay their eggs, and a new generation has appeared, with which it will have to fight in the same way. If many years later you had a meeting with uninvited guests, which you already forgot - just update the balls, because they will not disturb you at the top of the cabinets, but they will still do it. It often happens that crazy cockroaches "arrive" from neighbors who have just been poisoned with poisonous chemicals. In the event that the duty balls are lying in their place, the cockroaches with the same success will run back. Can effectively help and additional treatment with boric acid powder all the ventilation holes. For complete confidence in victory, you can poison cockroaches in two ways at the same time. These recommendations will allow you to get rid of cockroaches, even if they are swarming with the whole house. In addition, you will not cause any harm to yourself or your loved ones, not your precious children and pets. Methods work reliably even in places where cockroaches have become an integral part of everyday life - in old houses, communal apartments and hostels. how to get rid of cockroaches forever

Recommendations for the strong spirit

If you are one of those people whodecides how to get rid of black cockroaches and how to get rid of red cockroaches, by physically destroying the data of individuals with a tap, then you should take into account the following fact. Cockroaches extremely resistant to physical damage. To your actions led to a lethal outcome of the cockroach, you need not only to slam the insect, but also how to smear it. Otherwise, the cockroach wakes up, docks to the water and comes to life in front of you. It is much better to enforce the next option - to beat the cockroach lightly so that it remains half-dead. While he comes to, you need to get boric acid and sprinkle the cockroach with a deadly powder. Let him go with the world to his kindred - the cockroach will die himself, and along with his life will take the lives of several other brothers. The modern market offers a great variety of alternative means for fighting cockroaches. They should be discussed in more detail.

Alternative means of combating cockroaches

If you still have not decided how to get rid oflarge cockroaches and their small relatives, we offer to your attention a lot of other ways and means for dealing with non-invited baleen guests. Special gels are sold in large syringes - such preparations are fully ready for use. It is quite simple to check the gel: it is necessary to apply the product with small droplets along the plinth at a distance of 10 cm from each other. Process the entire perimeter of the room. Within 3-7 days, the cockroaches disappear. The most effective gels for today are the gel "Raptor", gel "Killer", gel "Dohloks", gel "Liquidator" and gel "Globol". Traps for cockroaches look like small boxes of round shape, in which there are several entrances for cockroaches. In the middle of the trap lies a poison, cockroaches get to it and then carry it to their relatives. This box is easily attached with Velcro to any place convenient for you. The best results are shown by such traps as "Raptor", "Combat" and "Reid". You can use small cardboard houses to destroy cockroaches. Inside such a box-house cardboard is completely sticky, and in the center of the box is a delicious bait. Cockroaches crawl on yum, like flies on honey, and eventually stick to the cardboard and remain inside the house. Next comes another cockroach party, and the fact that the previous cockroach expedition has already stuck inside, the beginners do not stop. Man and animal such houses do not bring absolutely no harm. Virtually it does not matter which manufacturer you bought a house, cockroaches stick equally well into all the boxes. Aerosols are intended for spraying places of possible accumulation of insects - door jambs, cracks, etc. have proved themselves from the best side of the aerosol "Baigon" and "Reid". If you decide to use aerosols, then change them often to avoid addiction. Crayons for fighting cockroaches are treated plinths, cracks and other "grass" places. The apartment is processed once a week. As a rule, after a month of similar treatment, cockroaches disappear. You can use "Titanic", or "Mashenka", about which the people already have legends and anecdotes. A quick-acting remedy you can prepare yourself at home based on the same boric acid. Potatoes are mashed. Separately boiled eggs are boiled for 6 hours. The ingredients are combined together, adding an excellent portion of boric acid. The main thing in this recipe is not to spare eggs and boron. From the mixture do already familiar balls, while it is important to make sure that they are well-blended. The balls are laid out throughout the apartment, and two or three days later the trail disappears from the cockroaches. Cockroaches are afraid of frost, so in winter you can open the windows wide open when you leave the apartment. Frost will significantly reduce the number of insects. If your cat lives in an apartment, then there is a hope that she will catch some cockroaches. If attempts to get rid of baleen cohabitants knocked you out and did not bring the desired results, you can call a special service to combat cockroaches. Such an office within an hour will process the entire apartment, most likely a traditional dichlorvos, after which the cockroaches will let you calmly live for a year. We wish you never to meet with cockroaches. And if they still chose your home, then boldly start a fight with them. We hope that our recipes and recommendations will help you to win a complete victory! We advise you to read: