how to get rid of acne If you do not know what acne is - you are happyhuman. And if you know how to get rid of acne, you are a doubly happy person. And it's not surprising - only those who encounter this trouble know how difficult is the struggle with acne and acne. It is in this difficult issue that we have to figure out today.

Some general information

For some reason, there is an opinion among the people that acneoccurs mainly in adolescents. However, in fact, this is not so - this attack can hit a person of any age. Why is this happening? Doctors call several main reasons provoking the development of acne:

  • Hormonal changes

And you know why it was in adolescenceacne appear more often? It's very simple - in teenagers in the body the real hormonal storm rages, which leads to the development of acne. The same happens with any change in the hormonal background, whatever it is caused by - cyclic changes, pregnancy, or certain diseases. Therefore, an endocrinologist should be visited first!

  • Oily skin

In the vast majority of cases, acne occursin people who have a fat type of skin. That, however, it is easy to explain - the excessive functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands often lead to clogging of pores and even the development of inflammatory processes.

  • Improper skin care

Facial skin care is the main condition forpreservation of her health. And it does not matter what type of skin - dry or greasy. Although, of course, oily skin requires more careful care - even a small error can lead to the development of acne. In the vast majority of cases, rashes are localized on the face - in the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. However, there are often cases where acne affects the shoulders, back and even hands. how to get rid of acne at home

Proper skin care

If you want to become a happy ownerclean and healthy skin, first and foremost you need to pay attention to the proper care for it. Otherwise, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result. Skin care consists of several main stages:

  • Daily cleansing of the skin

If you think you need to moisten your skin before bedtime,rub the dirt with a towel is enough - you are very wrong. It is necessary to cleanse the skin twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, it is enough to wash your face with plain water, but in the evening you can not do without a special cleanser. And you should pay attention to the temperature of the water - you should start to wash yourself with warm water, but you need to finish this ritual cool - it will cut the pores and prevent their contamination.

  • Deep skin cleansing

Two or three times a week, you need to cleanse the skinmore thoroughly, using scrubs - they can be bought already ready, but you can do yourself. Before scraping, make sure to steam your face with a steam bath with chamomile. A few recipes for scrubs we will give below.

  • Nutrition and skin treatment

Every skin needs nutrition, and the skin,affected acne, also in treatment. For these purposes, various creams and masks are used, including those prepared according to the recipes of traditional medicine - they helped many people get rid of acne.

Scrubs for cleansing the skin

It is not necessary to purchase expensivescrubs - they can be done on their own at home. The main thing - strictly observe the recommended proportions, so as not to damage the skin - affected by acne, it becomes quite vulnerable.

  • Oatmeal scrub

The simplest scrub of rashes and pimples thatit can be easily prepared at home - it's oatmeal. It is prepared as follows: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, place 10 tablespoons of regular oatmeal and hold for about 30 minutes. Then cool and grind to a powdery state with a coffee grinder. Store oat flour in a tightly closed jar, in a dark and dry place. Before use, mix one tablespoon of any natural yogurt and oatmeal. Apply the scrub to the previously steamed problem skin, massage for two or three minutes, and then leave for a while. Rinse the skin with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

  • Buckwheat Scrub

If in addition to acne, many inflamedpimples, it is best to give preference to buckwheat scrub. For its preparation, place several spoons of buckwheat on a hot skillet without oil. Continue to fry it until the color turns dark brown. Then grind the croup and place it in a suitable container. Before using the scrub, mix one tablespoon of chopped buckwheat and sour cream. Apply the resulting mass to the skin, leave for a minute, and then massage the problem areas in a circular motion. Be sure to rinse with plenty of warm water and smear the skin with cream. get rid of acne

Healing Masks

In order to get rid of acne at home, some scrubs are clearly not enough. In order to defeat the disease, choose a suitable therapeutic mask.

  • Cottage cheese mask

If you decide to get rid of acne in your homeconditions, pay attention to cottage cheese - it is useful not only for the bone system, hair and nails, but also for problem skin. Apply a thick layer of curd on the problem areas of the skin, cover with a gauze cloth and lie down quietly - at least 10 minutes. By the way - those people who got rid of acne in this way, they say that there is a strong whitening effect.

  • Honey with aloe

Honey and aloe - a real panacea, good fororganism is too difficult to overestimate. To prepare the mask, place a few aloe leaves in the freezer for about a day. Then heat and use a fork to grind to a gruel-like condition. Honey melted in a water bath, slightly cool and mix with aloe. Apply the mask on the skin, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with plenty of cool water. Remember that honey often provokes the development of an allergic reaction. And at home it is extremely dangerous. Therefore, if you are not sure that you do not have allergies, do a test - apply a few drops of honey to your wrist and leave for 30 minutes. If itching and rash does not appear, you can use this mask at home. Of course, this is not all the ways by which you can get rid of rashes at home. However, I would like to recall once again a simple truth - it's worth it to go to the doctor! We advise you to read: