“The cousin told how to find out the gender of the nextchild: if there is such a "ponytail" of hair behind the previous one, then the next one will be a boy. And if the hairline is straight at the back, then the girl is next, ”- I stumbled upon the publication of a friend in my Instagram feed. A friend, she is also a regular columnist for Woman’s Day, a practicing psychologist, writer and mother of two children, Tatyana Ogneva-Salvoni. She lives in Italy. And this trick for determining the sex of the child was presented to her as an Italian science from the people. This method worked for Tatiana - the second boy was born. And the commentators have 50-50. Jan 3, 2018 at 6:13 PST Where did this method come from? Maybe we have a similar one in Russia? It turned out there is. A simple request to Google, and here they are, battles on forums for moms. Only - oops! - the type of hair growth is interpreted exactly the opposite. That is, if the hair grows in a pigtail, then the next one must wait for the girl. And if exactly, then there will be a boy. Such is the ancient Russian omen, which radically contradicts the Italian one. In the comments, the observations of mothers diverge in the same way as on Tatyana's page: for some, the omen worked, some did not. This is understandable, boys and girls are born about the same. And what does official medicine think about this? Tatyana Butskaya, pediatrician and popular medical blogger:Tatyana Butskaja- Similar options for determining gender cancome up with a whole lot! If you conduct a survey among women, then, of course, similar methods in 50 percent of women worked, however, they did not work in the remaining 50 percent. No one knows how to predict the floor. There are many theories: the Chinese method, the Japanese, by blood, by food, by lunar cycles. But the sex of a child is a mystery that only God and fertility experts own. By the way, breeding by sex in Russia is officially banned. So even fertility specialists cannot help parents conceive a child of a certain sex, except for cases of genetic diseases linked to the sex of the child. And so you can believe in all sorts of methods.