delicious pancakes without eggs One of the traditional dishes that can becook quickly and delicious, are pancakes. This is the best dish for breakfast. Many housewives, of course, know their favorite recipe by heart. However, it happens that you are going to prepare a dish, but you find out that you do not have enough of any ingredient. If you do not have enough eggs or you keep fasting, watch the figure, then the dish can be cooked without them. Eggs - this is not the main thing in the recipe. Try this recipe and make sure that pancakes cooked without eggs are very tasty and not hardly worse than traditional ones. They will turn out to be thin, delicate, with crispy edges. The main thing is to do everything according to the prescription. simple recipe for pancakes without eggs

Ingredients for cooking pancakes without eggs

For cooking you need: 2.5 tbsp. flour, 1 liter of milk, half a l. salt and soda, 3 tbsp. l. sugar, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil.

Cooking method

  • Take a deep bowl. Mix half the milk, salt, soda, and sugar in the prescription. With soda it is important not to overdo it, so that there is no specific taste.
  • In another bowl, pour in the flour and graduallypour in the mixture prepared earlier. It is better to sift the flour through a sieve, then the dough will turn out more lush and light. Pour the milk slowly, so that it flows in a thin trickle, and mix thoroughly. Stir is necessary until the moment when the lumps disappear. Dough for consistency should resemble thick sour cream.
  • If desired, you can add a little citric acid, vanilla or cinnamon. These additives will not only not spoil the taste, but will add a special flavor and taste.
  • The rest of the milk is put on fire andboil. Then let it cool down and pour into the cooked dough. In milk, you can add a little butter, so that the pancakes are more tender. Then it is necessary to mix the mixture until it becomes homogeneous, it should not turn out to be very thick.
  • In the finished dough, add the vegetable oil and mix well. This is necessary in order that it does not stick to the frying pan. Give a little infused - about 15-20 minutes.
  • Now you need to prepare a frying pan. Take a piece of butter and grease the heated frying pan so that there is no excess oil. Lubricate it only before the first fry, then do not need it.
  • Now you can start frying. Take the ladle, put the dough in it and pour it carefully into the frying pan with a thin layer. It is better to hold the frying pan in your hand and rotate slightly while spreading.
  • Pancakes without eggs should be fried on one side for 2-3 minutes, until it is on top of the batter. Then turn it over and fry for 1-2 minutes.
  • The dough of pancakes without eggs should be stirred occasionally so that it does not "sit down."
  • Fold the finished pancakes without eggs in a pile. So they will retain warmth and aroma.
  • If you're all done by prescription, but pancakes are allequally stick and tear, look - maybe you got too liquid dough. Then add a little more sifted flour and mix everything thoroughly so that there are no lumps. Again, grease the frying pan and proceed to the frying. Try, the pancakes turned out very tasty, fragrant, and cooking them is not at all difficult. And the lack of eggs in the test is not noticeable at all. Pancakes can be served with sour cream, jam, honey, cook with a filling of cottage cheese, meat, cheese and greens and other products. Therefore, cook, experiment, try new recipes. You will succeed. Bon Appetit!