how to care for bamboo at home Sandera - a flower that only looks likereal wood bamboo. In fact, this plant belongs to the Drachen family. "Dragonwood" - this is how the name of the home bamboo is translated. And the subscript "Sander" appeared thanks to the famous English collector Frederick Sander, who opened the world to this decorative flower. In the people this plant has one more name - bamboo of happiness. According to Feng Shui philosophy, Drazen Sander is able to bring luck and happiness to the house. People believe in the power of the talisman, so room bamboo is increasingly found in urban apartments. Buying a plant, we, naturally, do not know all the subtleties of its cultivation. But after all, without proper care, anyone, even the most unpretentious indoor flower can die. Today we will talk about how to care for bamboo and what content is necessary for him at home.

Bamboo in the water

It is worth saying that this plant does not haveany serious preferences. Bamboo does not require special attention, the only condition for successful growing is timely watering. And with properly selected lighting, the plant grows up to 2 meters in height and becomes an original room decoration. Experts advise to grow home bamboo in water, without the use of soil mixture. It is the moist environment that possesses all the necessary qualities for successful growth and development of the plant. If the roots of the dracaena are constantly in the water, then she will never feel a lack of moisture, which can be destructive for her. A container for decorative bamboo should be chosen broad and not very deep. Beautifully looks dracaena in a transparent pot. For stability and beauty, you can impose dracaena pebbles or other decorative elements, after washing them with boiled water. It should be borne in mind that tap water can not be used to grow bamboo. It contains harmful substances that do not influence the health of the plant in the best way. If you do not have the opportunity to plant bamboo in purified water, it will be right to use rainwater. Or just freeze the water bottle and let it thaw in the natural conditions. As a result of all these manipulations, the water will acquire the necessary softness, and all harmful impurities will evaporate. Do not forget to change the water once a week in the flowerpot. And for more active plant growth, use special liquid fertilizers, diluting them strictly according to the instructions. If you notice that the water has got an unpleasant smell, you need to replace it immediately. Or dilute in it a little charcoal, which has antibacterial properties and does not allow the development of fungal infections. how to care for bamboo at home

Bamboo in the ground

At home, to grow a decorativebamboo is also possible in soil mixture. And he does not need any specific soil, it is enough to buy one that is suitable for any home plant - universal. It is not necessary to think that in the land of dracaena will grow worse - here the main thing is not to lose with watering. A pot for a plant must necessarily have drainage holes. Otherwise, the roots will begin to mold, the leaves will turn yellow and the plant will die. At the bottom of the pot must be placed a layer of expanded clay, which will not allow water to stagnate. Transplant the flower, pour it abundantly and put it in the chosen place. Water for irrigation must be defended or used filtered, thawed or rain. The water temperature should be at room temperature. In the hot season, Drazena needs a plentiful "drink" (2-3 times a week). With the onset of cold weather, the watering of the plant is reduced and carried out only with the complete drying of the soil. Remember, direct sunlight is fatal for dracaena. If there is no possibility to place it away from them, then at noon hours, cover the leaves and stem, in order to avoid burns. Care for bamboo will be even easier if you put it in the penumbra. Bamboo is not exacting to the temperature regime. He will feel equally good at 15 degrees of heat, and at 35.

Why does the plant turn yellow and fade?

Room bamboo, care for which does not representof special complexity, can still bring to its owners one problem - the yellowing of the leaves and stem. Many florists come across this trouble. The reason may be different: these are fungal infections, and abundant fertilizers (or, conversely, insufficient), and poor-quality water for irrigation. In any case, it is worthwhile to reconsider ways of caring for the plant and to reveal what and when you did it wrong. Be sure to change the water in the flowerpot or transplant the plant into fresh soil. Yellow and dry leaves need to be removed. If the stains appeared on the stem of the plant, do the following: gently cut off the damaged area with a sharp knife, allow the cut site to dry 2-3 hours and sprinkle it with chopped charcoal. Then remove the powder residue and cover the area with melted wax. That's all. Now you know how to care for bamboo. Feel free to purchase this lucky plant and put it on the most prominent place in your house. And it does not matter whether you believe in its power or not. In any case, room bamboo will be an excellent decoration of the room in which he lives!