how to build a career How to build a career, written verymany articles. Somewhere it is recommended to turn your life into a pursuit of success, somewhere you will be offered to apply various techniques of influence and NLP programming - in any case, you have to do something. But what exactly to do is unclear, since there are many recommendations, but some of them contradict each other. Let's try to understand together in this difficult question.

12 Steps to Achieve Career Success

What is career success? As a rule, for most people it is associated with high income, high status of the position, the optimal balance between the effort spent and the reward received, the management of people, making important decisions, realizing the benefits of their business and respect from the public. There may not be one or two, but in general this list looks like this. So after all, how to build a career in order to succeed? We offer you 12 steps that psychologists describe in their works, and the people who have taken place - in their biographies:

  • Love what you are doing. Doing something with which you do not have a soul, being persistent, purposeful and efficient, you, most likely, will be able to achieve certain successes in your career. However, if you add love to your work to this cocktail, you can achieve more. The secret is that the work you love will motivate you in itself, and it's already worth it, because the more you are interested in the activity, the higher the result.
  • Start with lower positions. So you get a useful experience and will be able to explore an interesting area from within. In many companies, they prefer to raise people who already work in modest positions for several years in the company than outside people. But your position must necessarily relate to the sphere of your interest - otherwise it will just be a small position and a waste of your time.
  • Cultivate perseverance and perseverance. When building a career and looking for a job, they are very useful for you, because you have to bypass not one or even two companies offering their own services and resume. And everywhere you will have to present yourself as a valuable specialist. So be ready for failure and take it as an obstacle that you simply have to overcome.
  • Do not forget anything. If you are not the owner of a wonderful memory, get a diary in which you can record all the important information for you. Any unfulfilled task can become a dark spot on your career, and you do not need anything like that?
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions and seek help,but try not to overdo it. Remember that it is better to ask and do well than not to ask and do badly. But after a few cycles you should learn to do it yourself.
  • Learn to work in a team. Leaders of large companies in one voice argue that teamwork is much more effective than working alone. That is why most of the projects are developed by a team or a team specially assembled for this project. The ability to work together is one of the most necessary professionally important qualities, and from this you can not escape. People who do not have it, almost never achieve success in building a career.
  • Make contacts. Suddenly tomorrow it will turn out that Masha, with whom you played in the classics in the yard, became the director of development in the company with which you want to cooperate. Such contact can be very useful for you and for your career, because your boss will necessarily note what you did for the cooperation of both companies and will take this into account when considering the issue of raising. In general, a person who has various acquaintances in different spheres, it is easier to build his career.
  • Continually learn. In the modern world, in some areas, information is completely updated within a few years. The only chance to keep up with the times is to study, learn and study again.
  • Get rid of bad habits. This is a waste of time and health, which in any case will interfere with your career (the employer always tries to recruit staff without bad habits, so their absence can be your additional advantage).
  • Take the initiative, but do not let othersSit on your neck. It is important to find a balance here. On the one hand, the initiative is great, and it presents you as a valuable specialist, and on the other hand - by overreacting with the initiative, you risk looking like an "upstart" and recruiting a lot of unnecessary responsibilities, the fulfillment of which will not benefit either you or your career .
  • If you work in a dying industry - urgentlyLeave it before you lose your job. Thus, you will show foresight and courage, as well as excellent ability to predict and analyze the situation.
  • Avoid dead ends - those of whichthere is no place to grow. When you take on a function or when you are offered a new position, try to soberly assess whether you have career prospects with it or not. At first many such things can look like a promotion, but in a couple of years your colleagues will go up, and you will remain seated.
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    Careful - lack of time!

    But it's easy to talk about success in work then,when you have plenty of time. How to build a career, if you, for example, mom, sitting with a small child? Do you think that this is impossible? You are mistaken! Any amount of time can be useful for building a career - the main thing is to use it wisely. Even with several free hours a day, you can continue to strive for success. The secret is simple - do not sit idle! These few hours can be devoted to further training: find suitable courses for you or even get a second higher education. A good knowledge of English or a master's degree in economics will never be superfluous! But one of you will say: "Enough with us, do not want to sit at the desk any more!" The desire to work and build a career is generally understandable. But how can you prove yourself if you can not work full-time? Try one of the ways of self-realization with a flexible schedule. For example, create your own blog, fill it with something interesting and attract a large number of visitors to the page. In the future, you will be able to present such a blog as a fairly successful commercial project (especially if you post advertisements on it). Such projects will allow your future employer to perceive you as an active and purposeful person who does not lose a single second of his time. That's all, nothing complicated. Each step requires simple, but nevertheless noticeable effort. It is impossible to reach career highs without getting off the couch, so you better give up such an idea and take your first step. As they say, "who wants to - find a way, who does not want - the reason." Starting to do something, you will not stop. Therefore - go for it, and you will succeed! We advise you to read: