confidence of the girl Self-confidence is a very important quality. It allows any person to cope with the many vital problems and challenges of society. A huge desire to get rid of all their complexes and shortcomings, radically change themselves will help develop self-confidence and in their abilities. As a rule, our fears give rise to self-doubt. With a confident person is always interesting to communicate, it seems to us strong and bold. And what did he do to become one? Just crossed my fears. Self-confidence and self-reliance are inherent in successful people. How to become self-confident? What is needed for this? Not only women, but also many men often wonder how to become self-confident? Tips and advice for both sexes are the same.

Believe in yourself and your strengths

We are always afraid that the people around us do notunderstand our actions, will not take our words. We are going through what they say about our appearance, what will they think about our actions, etc. Before you deal with the cause of self-doubt, it must be clearly defined. The complexed person can not be sure. Do not look for flaws in yourself. Big nose, thin lips, big ears, small or high growth, fullness - all this leads to the fact that we are hiding in a corner, afraid that society will condemn us. This is probably the biggest mistake. It is worth remembering that all people are not perfect, everyone has their own shortcomings. Just someone knows how to hide them carefully, and someone they are invisible. To make them invisible allows faith in themselves, their capabilities. There are often cases when an unattractive externally person is the soul of the company, the authority and the universal favorite. How does he manage it? Here, self-esteem plays a huge role. Raising self-esteem is not easy. What is needed for this? to gain confidence, read more books

We raise self-esteem

The first thing to do is to stopcompare yourself with other people. you are an individual, you do not need to level with others, in any situation, try to remain yourself. There will always be people who do something better than you, but something will be worse for them. It must be remembered that perfect people do not exist. It's much easier to take your mistakes, do not constantly criticize yourself and reproach yourself for anything. This is just a waste of your time and nerves, not bringing any positive results. So you will become even more locked in yourself. To raise self-esteem is real. You can do this using a variety of methods and techniques. It is necessary to give due attention to its appearance. Try to put yourself in order from the very morning. Do this in such a way that during the day you do not have to spend time looking at yourself in the mirror, because even this can be an indicator of your self-doubt. A very big role is played by people who surround you. Try to surround yourself only those people who carry a positive energy and cause you positive emotions. Those who suppress you and your ideas, cross out all your thoughts and desires, as far as possible, be better excluded from your environment. With such people it is unlikely to become a confident person and achieve some success. Only support from others will help you increase your self-esteem, gain confidence. Always try to respond to the requests of people around you. If they need your help, you mean something to them. Doing something, you will believe in yourself, feel yourself necessary and useful. Responsiveness and goodwill will necessarily bear fruit. surround yourself with interesting people

Never be afraid to be wrong

Not only dislike for yourself can be the reasonyour insecurities. Constant criticism of other people is only an indicator that you are a very complex person. The constant search for faults in other people can only cause your fear. Try to see only good people in people, show your kindness and care to people around you, thus you will not only cause trust and sympathy from outside, but also love yourself. Never be afraid to make mistakes. Often there are people who are afraid to do anything. And the reason for this is the fear that something might not work out. And, perhaps, you would have succeeded in this business, if you took a chance and tried it. Remember that any experience - positive or negative - is priceless. Very often we just need to learn life lessons so that in the future never step on the same rake. It is not for nothing that it says: "He who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne." This phrase carries a lot of meaning. Only by trying, we can draw conclusions. Very important on the way to gaining confidence is self-improvement. Never stop at what has been achieved, always try to develop all your best aspects. If possible, do your favorite thing, do what you want and bring pleasure. Never leave your talents without attention. All talents need to be developed. So, for example, the ability to sing, dance, draw, cook, write - all this should not go unnoticed. This will help you to rise in your own eyes, gain confidence in your abilities. You should never give up on your words. Be confident in your statements and know how to argue them. Never allow situations in which you have to justify yourself for the words spoken, know how to defend your position and your opinion. But do not rush to extremes. Not everyone is allowed to admit their mistakes. If you learn how to do this, you will certainly win sympathy from other people. choose a good wardrobe to enhance self-esteem

A few more tips

Always set real goals that areyou are able to achieve. Let's say you set a goal to lose weight. Go to her and seek her by all means. Wanted to rise in the service - go to it. Do not forget and praise yourself for what you have achieved. Achieving all the goals set, you will feel you are an effective and successful person. Never scold or condemn yourself for failure. Did you fail to achieve your goal? Lower the bar a little lower and get it. Try not to use alcohol as a means to liberate and eliminate timidity. Courage and self-confidence after taking a portion of alcohol is only an indicator that you can perfectly manage without it. The main thing is to be a sincere person. You should never be afraid to express your emotions. If you are sad - do not make yourself smile, if you are having fun - be happy and show it all. Sincere emotions will help you to believe in yourself. Always talk about sympathy to a person if you like him. Your sincerity will not only attract people, but also arrange them. Have high standards. Do not under any circumstances lower them in front of you. Standards should not be set for others, but first of all for oneself. Always strive in everything to succeed and be the best. Positive attitude Only having a positive attitude towards the situation, you will be able to achieve success in self-improvement and positive results. Negative thoughts can destroy a person from within, but positive thoughts attract only good things to themselves. Always believe in your work. Faith is not only able to give confidence, but it can easily push for decisive actions that will succeed. Stop making excuses and apologize all the time. A constant sense of guilt only leaves its imprint on your state of mind, it only strengthens your self-doubt. This does not mean that you should never admit your mistakes. But you need to do this competently, otherwise people will begin to treat you condescendingly, in the course of time they will begin to doubt your abilities. It is impossible to become a confident person, if you do not like your self-love. Try to accept yourself as you are, love yourself and all your shortcomings. Never try to imitate others, copy their manners. Remember that you are an individual. There are no more of them. Appreciate yourself and never attach great importance to criticism of others. This does not mean that you should skip over everything that others say. Sometimes you can listen to something, but that does not mean that you have to blame yourself and reproach yourself with all your sins.

How to become more self-confident?

So, let's sum up. Self-confidence implies a freedom of action, a willingness to take risks and a desire to win, the ability to defend oneself and one's positions, points of view. How can you gain this confidence? Listen to your body, let it move as it wills. Insecurity in many is associated with external manifestations. Clumsy gait, inability to move - this can serve as an excuse for complexes. Get rid of them, work on yourself and improve. Never advertise your fears. Take on any case. The main thing is to know that everything will work out for you. It is this spirit that will help you solve any issue. Love yourself, trust yourself and know yourself. Find dignity, remember success, do not pay much attention to misses (they happen to everyone). Lead an active lifestyle, do sports, make your leisure diverse. No wonder it says: "In a healthy body - a healthy mind." Doing physical exercises, you will feel how you start to like yourself. Do not disregard your appearance. Correctly selected wardrobe, neat and clean clothes are able to attract the attention of others. Yes, and you yourself will feel much more confident. Pay attention to your intonation and diction. To do this, you can practice at home in front of a mirror, making a speech out loud. A person with a clearly stated speech can not but draw attention. It is always much more interesting to listen to someone who knows what he is saying. Read more, replenish your vocabulary. It is much more interesting to communicate with intelligent and well-read people. Giving advice to another person and understanding that they listen to you, you yourself will love yourself and feel yourself useful to the community. Love yourself, know your own worth and work on yourself, and then you will surely gain self-confidence, become a successful and authoritative person. Be prepared for any life situations, never lose your individuality. Harmony within ourselves. Always believe in yourself and go ahead, and others will appreciate it. Good luck and success in self-improvement!