how to file for alimony Unfortunately, the preservation of the family in the modern worldis no longer a priority for many couples who have married. More and more often yesterday, the happy husband and wife after a few years look at each other oddly, waiting for the summons to the court, where their application for divorce is examined. Subsequently, many ex-spouses share a scandal with property and joint children. The desire to build a career, to occupy a worthy position in society, the pursuit of material goods pushes the status of the family to a secondary plan. Hence, a rather high percentage of divorces, especially in the first years after marriage. And if the ex-husband and wife have joint children, in most cases the questions about how to file for alimony and where to apply for this purpose are acute. The bulk of parents who have left their family alone after leaving the family of one of their spouses, feel insecurity about the future, connected with material problems. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this burden falls on the shoulders of the ex-wife, but sometimes the husband is in that position. However, regardless of the difficulties and hardships, children should not feel deprived after the divorce. After all, the disintegration of the family by itself is difficult to perceive by a small person, and if it is accompanied by a cardinal change in the habits of life, the psychologist may need help.

Voluntary child support, or maintenance agreement

Before raising in the course of a divorceprocess of the issue of maintenance and file a suit, it is desirable to determine whether it should be done. Is there really a need to bring an application to a court or can the matter be settled somehow differently? Sometimes there is enough constructive conversation between the former spouses that one of them, as a rule, the husband, clearly stated his position: "Whatever it was, but after the divorce from participation in the life of the son (daughter), I do not refuse and I will help you financially! "The best option in this situation will be an independently taken decision on an alimony agreement. It can be concluded both after the formal dissolution of the marriage, and before the corresponding claim is considered in court. In any case, parents need to negotiate all the terms of the agreement, with which you need to apply to a notary. In such a voluntary agreement, it is necessary to indicate the amount, terms and forms of the transfer of the monthly amount of money that the ex-husband or wife (unless she is the official guardian of the joint children) is obligated to pay. Lawyers strongly advise each party "not to play nobility", and even in the case of maintaining normal relations with each other after the divorce still go to the notary. After all, who knows what can happen in the future and how will the former husband or wife behave? Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate measures and legally correctly draw up the necessary documents, so that later there are no unforeseen situations. By the way, this is the way to resolve material problems and lawyers offer it even before applying to the court, because it would seem that it is much easier to resolve the issue of financial assistance related to the maintenance of a common child by peaceful dialogue between two people who have lived together for a long time. But what if the ex-husband and wife can not agree and come to a mutual compromise? Then it will be necessary specifically to determine the sequence of actions to the one of them, with whom, by court decision, it remains to live a minor child (children), and find out how to file for alimony. Where to go to get legal advice or advice? How to draw up a suit? Where and by whom will the relevant application be considered? After all, often only with the help of official bodies can you get an unreliable parent to bear at least a minimum responsibility for a son or daughter who has not yet reached adulthood. file for alimony

Alimony by the court decision, their size and procedure for filing an application

Alimony translated from Latin means"Content, food". In the modern sense, this word means the payment of a monetary allowance for the material security of the child, one of the spouses or elderly parents. But in this article we will talk about the responsibility for minor children, who father or mother has to raise in an incomplete family. So, where should you go, for example, to a woman who has faced the need after a divorce or before his formal registration alone to raise a child? What actions need to be taken to ensure that the ex-husband provided her with the necessary help? You need to go to court and file a claim or an application for payment of alimony. This can be done only by family members who have the right to do so, or their legal representatives: guardianship authorities, the administration of the institution in which the child was raised, and so on. Let's figure out which documents need to be collected, so that a visit to the court, where the relevant statement should be attributed, ended productively. After all, knowing the algorithm of actions in advance, to file a claim for recovery of alimony will be much easier. In addition, timely application to the appropriate authority will help to get the content that is legally up to date faster. So, you need to have the following documents on hand:

  • information on the incomes of the plaintiff and the defendant;
  • an extract from the plaintiff's and the defendant's home book;
  • the claim itself, signed by the plaintiff;
  • originals and copies of birth and child registration certificates.

The application must be submitted in triplicate,one of which remains in the hands of the plaintiff, and the other two surrender to the judicial office. In addition, it must be properly drawn up and contain the name of the court in which it is served, the passport data of the plaintiff and the defendant. In the main text of the document, it is necessary to state the circumstances that served as the basis for collecting alimony, namely: the name and date of birth of the child, his place of residence, the period from which one of the parents does not render him financial assistance. A claim or application for payment of alimony can be filed at the place of residence of both the defendant and the plaintiff. The amount of the monthly maintenance stipulated by the legislation, recovered from the incomes of one of the parents, is influenced by the living conditions of the child in the family, the material position of the payer, as well as the presence of other minor children and incompetent relatives. Considering all these circumstances, the court will satisfy the claim and can establish the amount of the alimony paid in the following ratio:

  • at a rate of twenty five percent from wages for one child;
  • at a rate of thirty three percent from the salary for two children;
  • at a rate of fifty percent from earnings at presence of three and more minor offsprings.

This is the contentmodern legislation of our country. In the event that the ex-husband (wife) receives irregular income, the court satisfies the claim and assigns an individual amount intended for keeping minor children. As you can see, the law did not leave any loopholes for unscrupulous parents, because a child can not suffer through the fault of adults. Even if the husband and wife were only in a civil marriage, that is cohabiting, but they have common children, it is possible to obtain payment of the prescribed help. In this case, sometimes it is necessary to establish the fact of paternity and file for this purpose an appropriate application to the court.

Nuances related to the assignment of alimony and their payment

The award of alimony is appointed from that moment,how the claim from the claimant has arrived and all the required documents are provided. Often, the ex-wife (husband) is interested in the question of how to file for alimony, if a considerable time has passed since the divorce. This can be done only for a period not exceeding three years. In this case, the court establishes the facts of previous appeals to the payer, from which he evaded. But if long-term investigative measures are applied to the respondent, the plaintiff has the right to expect to recover alimony for all this time. The content provided for by law shall be relied upon only for a child who has not reached the age of eighteen. If the son or daughter has already become of age, then you can apply for any monetary compensation solely as an alimony debt. Therefore, do not delay the circulation to appropriate authorities, especially if there is an urgent need for it. The magistrate makes an order for the recovery of alimony, which is also the basis for the work of the executive services, within five days from the time the relevant application was submitted to court, from the state fee the plaintiff is released. If the place of residence of the payer is unknown, then the internal affairs agencies should declare him wanted to establish where he moved and where he can be. Quite often, mothers who have not reached the age of majority address the court. Here, the persons responsible for them (parents, guardians and other people) are brought to the answer. This scheme of action is applicable also in the event that the claim is made against unmarried unmarried fathers. The amount of alimony paid can be reduced or increased due to changing circumstances. These include, for example, the appearance of another child in the new family with the defendant. The court does not have the right to take into account, when appointed, the amount of bonuses, benefits and payments that are non-recurrent, that is, irregular. Collection of alimony from wages is made only after payment of all other taxes. Also, the court can establish a fixed amount of the assigned cash allowance if the payer does not work officially, has inconsistent employment or receives irregular income, and if the earnings are given, at least in part, in foreign currency. The amount of this payment is determined in such a way as to maximize the child's previous level of his life. The material and family situation of both sides and a number of other factors are taken into account. So, if the defendant hides his real income, does not work, but owns real estate, a car, a land plot and so on, then it is from the value of this property that the court determines the amount of monthly assistance for the child, satisfying the plaintiff's statement. Sometimes it happens that the claim for recovery of alimony is filed, which is considered for the whole month. At the same time, the applicant and the minor child are in acute need of material assistance, so the court has the right to make an appropriate decision on the appointment of temporary detention until the dispute is finally resolved. Usually there is enough oral request of the interested party, declared during the hearing of the case. If the claim is satisfied in such a way that the resulting alimony exceeds the time payments, then the respondent is supposed to compensate for the difference that has arisen. But the court does not oblige the court to return the excess formed in the reverse situation. Some parents, who after the divorce themselves raise children, are also interested in the question of how to file for alimony, if the defendant does not work anywhere. Does it make sense to write an appropriate statement? Of course, yes. After all, if the claim is satisfied, then you can recover the accumulated debt from any defendant's income, without taking into account his age and how many years your child will be executed. how to apply for alimony

The liability provided by the law for evading payment of alimony

Refusal to pay alimony that was established andназначил суд, удовлетворив соответствующий иск, недопустим, за это в Семейном кодексе РФ предусмотрены различные способы воздействия на должников. Если говорить на языке юридических терминов, то бывший муж (жена), который обязан перечислять второму супругу указанные в соответствующем решении денежные средства на содержание общего ребенка (детей), но не делает этого, подпадает либо под гражданско-правовую ответственность, либо под уголовную. В первом случае речь идет об образовании задолженности по алиментным суммам по вине ответчика. Самой «легкой» мерой воздействия со стороны исполнительных органов может быть наложение штрафа. К более серьезным способам наказания следует отнести арест имущества недобросовестного родителя. Как правило, угроза подобного шага стимулирует его выполнить решение суда, и поскорее. Арест на имущество налагается после того, как ответчик был поставлен в известность об имеющейся задолженности, сознательно пропустил период времени, данный на ее погашение, но средства так и не поступили истцу. В таком случае его расходы увеличатся на одну вторую процента от общей суммы просроченных алиментов за каждый день уклонения от уплаты. А так как долги обычно образуются за длительный период времени, то бывший муж (жена) может оказаться перед необходимостью погашать довольно внушительную сумму. Нередко плательщики предоставляют справку с места работы, где указан их минимальный оклад, а на деле заработная плата гораздо больше. Такие факты трудно доказать, но в том случае, если суд обнаружит дачу заведомо ложной информации, наказанием может послужить штраф, который будет составлять до ста минимальных размеров оплаты труда. Еще одной действенной мерой, применяемой к должникам, является ограничение их передвижения, им могут отказать в выдаче визы или задержать при прохождении паспортного контроля на границе. Необходимо отметить, что закон защищает и самого ответчика. Это касается случаев, когда алиментная задолженность образовалась по вине фирмы или предприятия, где он работает, в связи с несвоевременной выплатой зарплаты. Иногда к столь неприятным последствиям могут привести и задержки в перечислении денежных средств банками. Если долги образовались по этим или другим подобным причинам, то есть без участия ответчика, то он освобождается от административно-правовой ответственности. В этом случае необходимо подавать иск о взыскании просроченных алиментных сумм с лиц, действительно повинных в задержке их своевременной выплаты. Правда, на неустойку в этом случае заявитель претендовать не может. Но даже если все эти способы воздействия не помогают, бывший муж (жена), систематически уклоняющийся от уплаты алиментов, может навлечь на себя ответственность, предусмотренную статьей 157 Уголовного кодекса нашей страны. Специалисты советуют не доводить ситуацию до столь неприятной развязки, чтобы на всю жизнь не запятнать свою биографию судимостью. Что подразумевают под уклонением от выполнения алиментных обязательств? Как правило, это и прямой отказ от уплаты назначенных решением суда денежных средств, и сокрытие ответчиком своих реальных доходов, и смена работы или места жительства, чтобы избежать взысканий согласно исполнительному листу. Кроме того, существует еще и такое понятие, как злостное уклонение от уплаты алиментов. Здесь уже речь идет о повторности совершения ответчиком подобных действий, необходимость применения по отношению к нему розыскных мероприятий, его пренебрежение к всевозможным предупреждениям со стороны контролирующих служб и так далее. В этом случае законом предусматривается наказание в виде обязательных работ. Их длительность варьируется от ста двадцати до ста восьмидесяти часов. К злостному неплательщику алиментов суд способен применить и арест сроком до трех месяцев, а также исправительные работы в течение одного года. Вопрос о возбуждении соответствующего уголовного дела относится к компетенции службы судебных приставов. Поэтому стоит внимательно отнестись к обязательствам по отношению к собственным детям, принимать деятельное участие в их воспитании и своевременно оказывать материальную помощь, чтобы у сына или дочери не возникало вопросов о том, куда делся папа, где теперь мама и почему он (она) их больше не любит? Ведь дети очень привязаны к обоим родителям, и понять сложные отношения взрослых им бывает непросто. Если ваш бывший муж добровольно предлагает финансовую помощь, не отказывайтесь от нее, идя на поводу у острого желания ранить его как можно больнее. Безусловно, иск о взыскании алиментов суд обязательно удовлетворит, но прежде чем писать соответствующее заявление, попытайтесь решить такой щепетильный вопрос мирным путем. Ведь как часто гордость, самолюбие и неумение договариваться приводят к тому, что дети становятся «разменной монетой» в войне бывших супругов, которые и после развода продолжают выяснять отношения! А ведь именно благополучие общего ребенка должно руководить отцом и матерью, даже если их совместная жизнь не сложилась. Советуем почитать: