how to choose wallpaper for a room Wallpapers still remain the most popularmaterial for the decoration of walls in our homes. And it does not matter, we choose wallpaper for a spacious cottage, a modest Khrushchev or an apartment in a new building. The choice in any case will not be easy. And it's not even that the assortment of wallpapers is too big, but the fact that for each room you need to choose your wallpaper. Those that fully correspond to the functional purpose of the room, its size and location relative to the sides of the world. It is these characteristics of the room that will prompt you which wallpaper to choose for the room. After all, you will agree: what is suitable for the kitchen, is unlikely to decorate the living room, and the wallpaper, which looks great in the hallway, will not fit for the children's room. Therefore, we offer you a selection of recommendations from interior designers. We hope that these recommendations will help you understand the many types of modern wallpapers and make the right choice of wallpaper for the bedroom, hall, children's room, hallway, kitchen or study. what kind of wallpaper to choose for a small room

Types of wallpapers

The assortment of modern wallpapers is more than great. Immediately understand all this diversity is simply impossible. However, everything is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, all the wallpaper can be divided into several categories depending on the materials and manufacturing techniques. The most simple and cheapest wallpaper - paper. Despite not being cheap, they remain the most environmentally friendly finishing material for the walls. Perhaps the only drawback of paper wallpapers is the thickness. The fact is that simple paper wallpaper is so thin that it will look neat only on flawlessly smooth and smooth walls. Naturally, the life of thin wallpaper is much shorter than that of more expensive species. But in terms of decorative paper wallpapers almost not inferior to any other. Drawing and texture of modern paper wallpaper is simply at the highest level! Vinyl wallpaper - an excellent alternative to cheap paper, because they are a multi-layer material and have a greater thickness. Vinyl wallpaper can be on paper or non-woven basis with a vinyl (polymeric) coating applied on it. Vinyl wallpapers are able to hide small irregularities on the walls and are perfect for any room, regardless of its functional purpose. Tissue wallpaper is a more expensive type of modern wall decoration materials. On the walls, these wallpapers look rich and even exquisite. They are light-resistant, are not afraid of moisture, they are easily cleaned. Like vinyl, fabric wallpaper can be on paper or non-woven basis. Long service life completely compensates for the high price of fabric wallpaper, which will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room, bedroom or study. The most expensive for today are natural wallpaper. Their outer (facial) coating is cork, bamboo, flax, reed, stone and other natural materials. Indisputable advantage of natural wallpaper - environmental friendliness, the ability to absorb noise and stylish appearance. The only drawback is a high price. In a separate category, you can select wallpaper for painting. They are like an intermediate finishing material. Such wallpaper are produced in wide rolls, they are convenient to glue and can be repainted several times. Wallpaper for painting hide the roughness of the walls and add their surface texture. As for the coloring, regardless of the materials from which the wallpaper is made, they are all represented by a wide range of colors and patterns. The only exception is, perhaps, only natural wallpaper and wallpaper for painting. But what kind of wallpaper to give preference, depending on the functional purpose of the room or its size - this is another matter. what kind of wallpaper to choose for a room

Wallpapers for different rooms

Agree that all the rooms in our house havetheir individual characteristics. Somewhere we happen more often, somewhere we spend an active part of time of day, and somewhere we just rest or work. Naturally, for the bedroom and the kitchen you need to choose different wallpaper, both for the hallway and the living room. A children's room in general requires a special approach to choosing wallpaper. What are the requirements for wallpapers for different rooms? Kitchen wallpaper The first parameter that you need to navigate on when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen is their resistance to moisture and fat, and also the ability to easily wash or clean the surface of the wallpaper. Therefore, for the kitchen and dining room designers recommend choosing wallpaper for painting or washable wallpaper. The optimal version of washable wallpaper - vinyl. Paper washable wallpaper, of course, can also be used to decorate the kitchen, but they will not last very long. In addition, these wallpapers can hardly be called moisture and grease-resistant. In any case, removing from them a fat stain will be almost impossible. But vinyl washable wallpaper is actually easy to wash, they are vapor-permeable, resistant to moisture and have a grease-repellent ability. Wallpaper for painting, too, will be the right choice. Such wallpaper have a textured surface, and you can paint them in any color. In addition, when changing furniture or window textiles, these wallpapers can easily be repainted, cavity updating the interior or simply refreshing the previous color of the wallpaper. As for color, the wallpaper for the kitchen is desirable to choose warm pastel shades. Do not fit the kitchen dark wallpaper and too bright. However, using a combination of bright and muted colors in the interior of the kitchen today is fashionable. But remember that the walls are just a background. Therefore, avoid unnecessarily variegated drawings and do not forget about the combination of the color of the walls with the color of the flooring, kitchen furniture and window textiles. Wallpaper for the hallway Here, unlike the kitchen, you can safely experiment with the color and pattern of wallpaper. Furniture in the hallway is small, there are usually no windows, so the main decorative effect of this room is given by the walls. The color and wallpaper design for the hallway can be absolutely anything. Focus on the size of the room and its lighting, as well as the style in which you want to design the interior of this room. Remember that for a small room you can not choose a wallpaper with a large pattern, but in a hallway with high ceilings it is not recommended to glue walls with wallpaper with vertical ornaments. As for the materials, everything here depends, first of all, on your financial capabilities. Because the walls in the hallway can be pasted with the cheapest paper wallpaper, and the most expensive natural. For a small hallway it is better not to use expensive wallpaper. First, they will quickly get dirty, and secondly, they look in such a modest interior, at least, ridiculous. For a spacious hallway-hall just choose an expensive wallpaper. Fabric or natural wallpaper perfectly fit into the interior of the spacious hallway and will look great in combination with decorative panels. Bedroom Wallpaper - a place of rest. It is impossible to call this room intensively exploited. Therefore, there are no strict rules for materials. You can use paper or vinyl wallpaper, fabric or natural, to decorate the walls. However, the modern design of the bedroom tends to natural materials, and the most suitable wallpaper for this room will be seamless fabric wallpaper. For a bedroom decorated in a minimalist style, choose a smoothly painted wallpaper, and for a classic interior wallpaper with floral ornaments. But in any case, give preference to the wallpaper of light colors. Ideal for this room are the wallpaper, combined in color and (or) a picture with window curtains and bed covers. Desktops for the living room The living room is by right considered the most front room in the house. Therefore, to decorate this room using wallpaper with the most "solemn" colors and drawings. It is appropriate and luxurious natural or fabric wallpaper, and more democratic, but no less decorative vinyl. But about paper wallpaper is best forget. Silk or tapestry wallpaper fits perfectly into the interior of the living room in classical styles. Vinyl imitation of these materials will look good. If the interior of your living room is designed in a modern or restrained style, then give preference to natural wallpaper, wallpaper for painting or vinyl wallpaper with a textured pattern. The color of the wallpaper for the living room also depends on the style of the interior, on the size and lighting of the room. The main condition - a harmonious combination of wallpaper with the color of furniture and flooring. The walls should not be darker than the floor, but with wallpaper the furniture should contrast. Here, the option "dark walls - light furniture" or vice versa is possible. Wallpaper for a child's room When choosing wallpaper for a children's room, give preference to the environmental friendliness of the materials from which they are made, and always ask for a quality certificate. Do not buy for the children's room and cheap paper, and expensive natural wallpaper, although they are considered the most environmentally friendly. Natural wallpaper for the children's room - too pompous, paper - very impractical. In the children's room will look very good wallpaper with a specific children's print. However, they should not be too bright and colorful - this negatively affects the mental state of the child. Light wallpaper with a bright, but not screaming picture - that's the best option. It is good to combine such wallpaper with monophonic decorative panels. And in this case, you can use paper wallpapers. Fashionable and a combination of wallpaper with a different pattern to highlight the functional areas in the children's room. Do not recommend psychologists to use red and black color for the design of the nursery. The most suitable wall color for this room is pastel shades of bright natural colors: peach, pistachio, herbal, sea-green. how to choose wallpaper for a small room

Wallpaper and room size

Choose the wallpaper you need depending on the sizeroom, from its geometry, ceiling heights, lighting and the location of the room with respect to the sides of the world. There is a set of rules that should be studied when choosing wallpaper for the room.

  • Visually expand the room will help wallpaper warm colors.
  • Wall-papers with vertical stripes visually lift ceilings.
  • For southern rooms, you need to choose a light wallpaper of cold colors.
  • Rooms with poor lighting should be decorated with light wallpaper warm shades.
  • You can not choose wallpaper for the color of furniture.
  • You can not use a wallpaper with a large picture to decorate a small room.
  • Walls in close rooms can not be covered with dark wallpaper.
  • Using wallpaper with different patterns will allow you to correct the unfortunate geometry of the room - visually expand a very narrow room and lower the ceiling too high.

As you can see, choose wallpaper for the room quite byforces even with today's abundance of these finishing materials. And to make it easier to make a choice, determine in advance the parameters that the wallpaper must match. So, for example, when buying wallpaper for a small hallway with low ceilings, choose light vinyl wallpaper with a pattern of narrow vertical stripes. And for a spacious bedroom with windows on the north side - fabric wallpaper of warm color scheme with large ornament. And you will succeed! Good luck with your choice and pleasant shopping! We advise you to read: