how to wash off the paint from your hair Very often after painting the hair in dark colorsrepresentatives of the fair sex begin to realize that nature has given them not so bad color, and black or dark chestnut they are not at all to face. Of course, it makes no sense to wait until the hair grows, because unlikely bright roots in this case will look attractive, and you will have to tint them again. In some beauty salons, hairdressers offer first to lighten up a few tones, then - to paint themselves in a natural color, but here there are risks: either you burn the hair so much that their treatment will cost a pretty penny, or the color will turn greenish, yellowish or bluish. There is a third option - to wash the black paint off the hair with folk remedies, which are at home for every mistress.

Magic properties of oil

Usually, after painting, hairdressers warntheir clients, so that they use masks and balms as much as possible, which contain a large number of oils. The reason is that they are able to quickly wash even dark and persistent colors. As a result of the use of this ingredient, the head of hear does not become dry, does not lose its brightness and saturation, as it happens with the corrosive chemicals used in hairdressing salons. Also important will be a beneficial curative effect on the already damaged hair. Another plus of this mask is that it will wash away even henna, basma, tonics, etc. natural and natural dyes. However, remember that after such procedures, it should be weeks and a half to use shampoos designed for oily hair, since the usual can not cope with their tasks. In the future, until the hair does not come in order, it is not recommended to re-paint, otherwise the tone may lie unevenly or as a result you will get a completely different color. Before you wash the hair off the hair, check to see if you are allergic to any particular ingredient. Oil plus fat Combination of oil and fat is the easiest, fastest and affordable way to quickly get rid of unsuccessful painting. Take a 200 milligram glass of plain vegetable oil, on which you fry the food, and mix it with thirty grams of fat (fit both goose and pork). If you do not have the last ingredient at hand, replace it with margarine. The next thing you will need to do is warm up the mixture until it is acceptable for contact with the skin temperature (drip a small amount of the mixture on the elbow, and if you will not be too hot, you can proceed to the procedure). A special brush, which is usually used for coloring, apply the entire mass on the hair and leave for half an hour. In order to achieve results quickly, put a cap on the head for staining or a package. To wash off such a mask from the first time will not be easy - you will have to show maximum patience and effort, and also spend a fairly large amount of shampoos, but thanks to this method, you will look good in a week. Mixture of oils The second way how to wash off the paint from the hair is a mask containing castor, olive and sunflower oil. All of the above ingredients are added in equal proportions to a normal moisturizing hand cream, the resulting mixture is heated to room temperature, then applied to the roots and ends. If necessary, you can dry the treated hair dryer, using the weakest mode, otherwise you will burn the skin. Repeat these procedures can be no more than once every twelve hours, while rinsing your head thoroughly. Oil and yolk Castor oil, which is sold in almost any pharmacy, is mixed with an egg in the proportion of three teaspoons to three yolks. The resulting mask is not only applied to the hair along the entire length, but also rubbed into the skin to saturate the hair roots with useful elements that stimulate growth. In this case, do not use the thermal effect, otherwise you will have to comb out small pieces of the curled egg. to wash off black paint from hair

Kefir - a reliable assistant in the fight against paint

This product contains a rather highthe number of lactic acid bacteria and other substances, through which you not only get rid of the unsuccessful color, but also restore damaged and irritated skin. If you choose between kefir and chemical treatment with bleaching preparations, then all the advantages clearly speak in favor of the first method. In addition, before you wash off the hair from the hair, you do not have to wait a few weeks until the hair goes away after the unsuccessful painting. You can use kefir as the main ingredient for masks for those who just wish to lighten the hair a little at home, want to get rid of dandruff, or decide to cure dried hair and scalp. So, you will need:

  • a liter of kefir with a high percentage of fat (the higher, the better);
  • a tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • a spoon of salt (without iodine and other additives).

Mix everything thoroughly so that it does not remainlumps, and apply to the hair for an hour. If you do not want to get dirty, it's better to wrap the hair in a special cap for painting or a plastic bag. After you wash the mask (again only with shampoo for oily hair), you can repeat the procedure one more time. However, do not overdo it, because you can not resort to this method more than twice a day and once a month. Otherwise, you will later have to fight with increased fat content.

Honey mask with lemon

It turns out that this delicious and healthy productcan save you if you recently experimented with color and were dissatisfied with the result. The recipe is pretty simple, and it takes you about five minutes to cook it. To begin with, melt into honey (put it for thirty seconds in a microwave or two minutes for a steam bath), then add the lemon juice (do not mix it with citric acid), mix it. After the mask has cooled slightly to an acceptable temperature for you, apply it to your hair, wrap the head with a film and a towel (otherwise you will find yourself in a sticky mass after a few minutes). After a couple of hours, wash your head thoroughly in warm water. You can achieve the desired result after the fourth procedure, not earlier, but your hair will become soft and pleasant to the touch the next day. By the way, after washing you should not apply conditioner or use balsams, especially if your hair is of a fat type. It is recommended to repeat the procedure two or three times a week, if you want to lighten up as quickly as possible, or once a month, if you just want to improve your hair.

Fruit mask: delicious, effective and safe

On a blender or a conventional meat grindergrind small pieces of fresh home apples, green grapes and lime (can be replaced with lemon) to a homogeneous mass. The resulting gruel is immediately applied to the curls until the fruit has had time to oxidize and darken. This method also helps remove the staining of the paint, which is difficult to get rid of even by cosmetic means. However, this should only be acidic and light fruits, since it is in them contain the necessary substances and components. Also, you can achieve the desired effect with a lemon mask, which is applied for only fifteen minutes, then rinse with plenty of warm water and mustard.

Effective soda effect

This method is perfect for girls with a sparsehair. If you have a short haircut, dilute five tablespoons of usual soda in half a glass of slightly warm (but by no means hot) water. After the liquid is completely clear and the bottom disappears, add half a spoonful of salt. Cotton swab, well impregnated with this remedy, wipe individual strands along the entire length, starting with the roots, ending with the ends. However, despite the fact that soda is considered a safe substance, it is not recommended to get carried away with masks from it. how to wash off black paint from hair

Broths from grasses: we treat, clarify and restore

In order to quickly wash off the paint without harmingwith this hair, use tincture of celandine, lime, chamomile and glycerin (all this can be freely purchased at any pharmacy). The main thing that all of the above ingredients were without additives, flavors, dyes, etc. In a cooled broth, which must be saturated and steep, add a little more than half of the glycerin, mix, then apply on the head for about ten minutes. As a result, even after the first procedure, you will become a little lighter (somewhere in a half tone). However, be careful, as some components can cause rarefied and itchy skin. If you get a tincture in the eyes, be sure to rinse them, and then immediately contact the oculist.

Bleaching spray

In addition to masks you are at homeYou can make sprays that quickly make you lighter by one or two tones. Virtually every girl has empty vials with an untwisting sprayer, in which a small amount of peroxide and water should be poured (1 tsp per 200 ml.). Apply this fluid to the hair should be five times a day, not more often. Remember that you do not need to water, but lightly spray completely dry hair, then always remember it with your hands or comb. In the evening, after you wash the head, be sure to use restoring balm. Of course, after one or two procedures you will hardly wash away all the paint and return to the previous color, however you will still be able to get a little closer to the ideal. You will achieve a positive effect in about a week, and by that time you will have time to completely restore and revitalize damaged hair, so that it will be repainted in the right tone. Do not immediately apply to yourself all sorts of methods, since you run the risk of only aggravating the situation, becoming thus multi-colored. Before the next painting, be sure to warn the hairdresser about how you got rid of the paint, so that he was properly prepared for this procedure. We advise you to read: