proper running in the morning Everyone knows that running is very useful. In addition to vivacity, elastic body, tempered organism and spirit, running will give you much more: they will strengthen health and prolong youth. Is not this what every woman wants? Run at any time of the day, but it's best to do it in the morning, because running really cheers up the body, gives energy. And it is much more necessary for a person in the morning to get a charge for the whole day, rather than in the evening, when the body, on the contrary, needs relaxation before going to sleep. You can run at any age, at any time of the year. The main thing is to know how to run in the morning properly, so that this process brings pleasure and benefit. As you can see, running is a great start to the morning. The main arguments in favor of running for women include the following: running strengthens muscles and ligaments, resulting in a strong and resilient body; running removes toxins from the body (especially those who smoke, abuse alcohol); running improves blood circulation, which makes the complexion healthy, and the skin is smooth and tight; Running burns calories - you become slim and fit, getting rid of excess weight. warm-up in the mornings before running

The basic rules of running in the morning

In order to obtain maximum results,you need to run correctly. There are several rules, principles of proper running, observing which, you will make this process the most effective and enjoyable for yourself. So, the very first rule is to tune in and not retreat. When you are sleeping sweetly and see some wonderful dream and then the alarm clock rings, the first desire is likely to roll over to the other side and rearrange the time on the alarm clock. Then you look out the window, and on the street it's raining (or snow, or heat - it does not matter), and at home - a warm bed and blanket. Most likely, the idea that today is not the best day for running will become even stronger in your mind. you even try to find an excuse and find, and not even one! But it's better to immediately firmly decide for yourself that you do not give up and remember why you started all this. The second rule is the time most suitable for running. It is believed that running is best from 6 to 8 o'clock in the morning. And in fact it's very good, after all, as a rule, most people start their working day at 9 o'clock, and if you wake up at 6.00 - 6.30, you can safely have time and run, and put yourself in order, even a cup of coffee to drink and to work while not being late. The third rule is to run only on an empty stomach. As with any other sport, it is better not to eat anything before training. In addition, in the case of running it will help more active burning of calories and weight normalization if you have such problems. And it will be easier to run on an empty stomach, rather than full. The fourth rule is to know where to run. With this point, residents of cities often have problems. If you live near a forest, park, landing or similar terrain, then you are very lucky, because the best and most useful run is in nature. On the one hand, when you run, you do not breathe the exhaust gases of cars, but on the other hand, it's more interesting to run in nature: you can change the route, overcome some obstacles (be it a lumbered tree or ditch). Also for beginners, it will be an advantage that there will not be people around - you will not be embarrassed that you run somehow "wrong". If you are not very lucky and live somewhere in the city center, try to run in the park or choose roads where cars are not very active. The fifth rule is clothes and shoes. It is very important that you are comfortable with the clothes in which you are running. It does not matter if it's branded equipment or simple. It is important that shoes and clothes are of your size, so that you are not distracted by something that presses or crushes something. technique of correct running

The technicians of the right run

Let's dwell on how correctlyrun, because this also depends a lot. First, you need to understand that the beginning of any sport for a person who has not led an active lifestyle before is always a stress and a shock. Therefore, it is necessary to give time to the body to get used to new strains. If you follow some rules, then it's much easier and faster to train your body to run and start to get pleasure from this process. The first thing that is important to do is to prepare the body for the coming changes. For example, you decided that you will run in the morning. Great, but you do not have to run on the day of the decision. And the next day, too. Start with less: with charging in the mornings or if you have a bike and allows the weather, with a short bike ride. Do this for a week, then start running. The second rule, which is important to follow, is to increase the load gradually. Here we are talking about several things at once. Firstly, when you go out into the street, do not start running right from the entrance. This is a big mistake many: the body has not yet woken up and for him it will be a huge stress. Therefore, the first 100 m walk in a step. You can start with a quiet pace, gradually speeding it up to smoothly jump into a run. The same must be done when you finish the run: the last 100 meters you need to go through, returning from running to walking, gradually reducing the pace. Next we are talking about the pace and duration of your races. At first, you should not imitate professional runners at a distance and "tear your lungs". Start with a comfortable pace for yourself (most likely it will be jogging) and duration (the first race you will have no longer than 15 minutes - and that's fine). It should be understood that all the ailments that you will experience are not dangerous and you just need to go through them, and not paying attention to them. Firstly, it will most likely be very difficult for you: it will perspire and hurt your throat, prick in your side, your eyes will be watered, an irrepressible runny nose will begin, your heart will jump out of your throat. This is especially true for overweight women or have not done sports for a long time, as well as those who smoke, eat harmful food, drink alcohol. Such people are the majority - in fact life in megacities often harms our health, rather than vice versa. And, finally, the last technique of proper running - in spite of all the ailments, in no way stop. You just need to run ahead and stop when your run is over. If you follow this rule, you will soon notice that you started running faster and longer (even for a couple of minutes, but this is an indicator of progress) and your body is recovering from the load much faster, so that you enter the entrance with an even pulse and breathing, full of vigor and energy.

If you are very shy

As we have already said, beginners have such aproblem: they think that they are doing something worse than everyone else or look terrible, and the surrounding people only do that they look at them and condemn or laugh. Believe that this is not so. In fact, people do not care about each other, especially when they are busy with some of their own business. If these arguments do not console you and you are very shy and can not overcome yourself, there are several ways to cope with this: first, you can not run in a stadium or embankment where there are always a lot of people, but in the park or forest, if there is such an opportunity. There may also be people, of course, but you can choose the route yourself, turn to deserted trails. Secondly, you can turn on the player and run to the music. On the one hand, your favorite tunes (only necessarily choose the energetic ones so that you do not have the incentive to go to a quiet pace) will help you to run at the same pace, and on the other hand, you yourself will not notice how you "go to music" and stop paying attention to others. Thirdly, you can run with your girlfriend. It helps a lot. On the one hand, it's good if you need an additional incentive to get out from under a warm blanket, and on the other, will very much help cross this barrier of uncertainty and embarrassment. Dog owners are even better: you can run with a four-legged friend - both of you will benefit only this.