Wedding accessories are designed to create a holisticimage of the bride, emphasize the beauty of the dress and the individuality of the woman. Although wedding rings are the center of the universe on the wedding day, however, earrings and a necklace, like no other jewelry, are able to bear the gleam of the happy eyes of the goddess of the celebration to the fore. We offer you several options for decorating for every taste.


  • Earrings of the bride should not distract attention from the veil and diadem. The classic option - small earrings that do not attract special attention, can be an excellent choice for high brides.
  • The main thing in the modern look of the bride is not the size and color of the decoration, but the overall "background": how they look with the necklace and whether the shades fit the dress.
  • Hanging earrings in the wedding set always add sophistication, tenderness and romance. They are more suitable for women with a rounded face.
  • Earrings with crystals and pearls of different shapes are a universal option. They are successfully combined with different styles and cut-outs of wedding dresses.
  • Spectacular, bold, stylish large earrings should be worn only in the event that all the elements of the outfit are preliminarily considered.
  • Necklaces

    Traditionally, the necklace is a string withPearls or with transparent sparkling stones: rock crystal, cubic zirkonia, real diamonds or crystals. The shape of the necklace, as a rule, depends on the cutout of the dress. A thin thread with several crystals or beads looks very gentle and feminine. Even you can say - innocently. Such a thin single-stage thread is perfect for a young bride who first marries. Many-tiered necklaces can be decorated in different ways. Short and longer are perfectly in harmony with the big neckline, while luxuriously form the chest. Very often cascade filaments are decorated with different colored elements. In this case, they are an excellent choice to dress with overflows.

    Pre-wedding troubles

    Many brides are worried about the question: will they harmonize with color accessories and white ornaments inhairstyle? An excellent option for a snow-white dress, the same veil and the predominance of white in the hair can be colored pearls. Especially if you want to make one unobtrusive color accent. An excellent option may be earrings and a necklace with a bluish, pink or cream tinge. Everything should be in moderation! After all, the main thing is that the ornaments are in harmony with the overall image of the bride.

    • How to choose wedding decorations?

    The best option is to stop at a choiceornaments only after fitting with the dress and, preferably, choosing a hairstyle. It all depends on what style and neckline of the wedding dress that will be used: flowers, diadem or hat.

    • Buy or better to rent wedding accessories?

    Today, many firms offer rental not onlydresses, but also various ornaments. Therefore, if you want to save the budget, it makes sense to take the necessary jewelry for hire. In any case, you will not need them any more, so why overpay for ? After all, today's accessories are quite expensive. We advise you to read: