how to cook pizza Pizza has long been popular far beyondtheir homeland. This dish is so fond of modern cosmopolitans that today every day around the world special restaurants, cafeterias and pizzerias open. A cake, once cooked only by the indigenous people of Italy, today all professional culinary specialists are able to do, regardless of nationality. The product is very satisfying and versatile - it is suitable for parties with friends, as well as for a picnic outside the city. They can eat for lunch or dinner with relatives. Pizza can be consumed not only with good wine, but also with tomato juice. If you also belong to the fan club of fans of this product, then our advice will come to you, as they say, to the court. We will tell you how to properly prepare the product in Italian. You will be surprised how easy it is!

A little bit about the dough

There are classic cooking recipesPizza dough, which is used in restaurants professional pizza. You can make a diverse base: yeast, fresh, flaky and so on. Just by trial and error, choose the option that suits you, change the filling, and then every time on your table there will be a completely new Italian flat cake! We will tell you some secrets of a delicious pastry.

  • To make a pizza that tastes likereal Italian, you will need two varieties of flour - ordinary white top class and from wheat of solid varieties. It is also called durum. However, the latter is not so easy to find, and even this product is quite expensive. If you can afford it, you will certainly find a durum on the shelves of goods for Mediterranean cuisine in the supermarket. However, in the absence of this it is possible to prepare a product from ordinary flour.
  • There are many different variations of the basisfor pizza: on yeast, water, milk, salted dough, fresh or puff. It all depends on your taste preferences. However, if you still decided to properly prepare Italian pizza, that is, following the classical canons, use for this purpose two of the above sorts of flour: white, from hard varieties. Also add water, yeast dry, refined olive oil and salt to taste. Then, carefully knead the dough and let it brew for about an hour and a half in a warm place. After roll into a thin, no more than 8 millimeters thick cake and grease with olive oil. Willing the product at home, you can make pizza in your own way. If desired, add eggs to chicken eggs, pasteurized warm milk or sour cream, you can even use cottage cheese. Recipes are great! Only an inner culinary flair and personal experience will help to find the perfect combination, thanks to which your dish will become a masterpiece.
  • It would be correct to cook pizza in a specialThe wood-burning stove, which is called "Pompeian" - is done in Italy. It has the shape of a dome, which allows you to evenly bake the product from all sides. Naturally, you do not have such conditions at home, so you can cook pizza on a tray in the oven or in a frying pan with a thick bottom. Lubricate the bottom and walls of the dishes with olive oil (you can replace it with sunflower), lay out the dough, place the top on top and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes. Everything depends on temperature - the higher it is, the less you keep the product in the oven. The optimum heat is 180-190 degrees. Also, the time of pizza cooking depends on the type of dough and the products that you use to fill it. If you are preparing a dish for the first time and are afraid to burn it, bake the base for 5-10 minutes, then put the "inside" and bring it to the oven until it is ready (about ¼ hour). Thus, the dough will be crispy and golden, and the filling will not burn.
  • Today has gained considerable popularity in alla closed pizza in which the filling is between two layers of flat cake. It is not difficult to prepare it. To do this, make a classic dough (flour from hard varieties and white, olive oil, water, yeast dry and table salt), let it "come" in the heat, and then divide into portions - roll out into two thin circles. Lower the smear with the prepared sauce (buy in the store or do it yourself), lay on top of sausage, ripe tomatoes or other ingredients, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and cover with a second cake - moisten a bit of the edge with water and secure. To make the product turned ruddy and crispy, grate it with olive oil, make a fork with a few holes for steam and bake for 30 minutes. The optimum temperature is 200 degrees.
  • Prepare a closed or ordinary pizza, yeastor flaky - a private matter for everyone. Learn the recipes, experiment with the ingredients and choose the test version that works best for you. In this case, it will not be necessary to doubt each time whether a dish will turn out. To prepare the product correctly, it is not enough just to follow the recipe - it's only half the success. The main thing is to do it for fun! how to cook pizza

    Sauce as a component of the right tasty pizza

    Italians smear pizza with their own saucecooking. For this, tomatoes, all kinds of spices and spices are used. You have two options - to prepare the refueling yourself or buy in the store. To make the product juicy and tasty, you can spread the dough with a mixture of ketchup in half with mayonnaise or cook a fragrant sauce. Let's share some tips. Classics of the genre - tomato sauce for pizza. There are a lot of options for preparing it. Often they differ only in the composition of spices and herbs. Today in any store you can buy a jar of special mixture, but it is better to cook it yourself. So you definitely will not spoil the pizza with an unsuitable "grease".

  • So, we are preparing tomato refueling. To do this for small quarters cut one kilogram of ripe juicy tomatoes, fold them into a deep plate, at your discretion salt and leave for 24 hours. Then drain the juice, which let the vegetables, boil the flesh on the quiet fire; so that the peel is separated - wipe through a colander or strainer. Constantly stirring, boil the mashed potatoes until a thick consistency. When it comes to the desired condition, add Italian spices for pizza and cook for another three to five minutes. You can use fresh basil, fragrant rosemary, even cumin suitable. Now cut thin onions with onion, mix with the crushed garlic and add both ingredients to the tomato sauce - throw a pinch of table salt and boil for about ten minutes.
  • You can prepare the refueling using any products. There are recipes of cream-based sauces with fresh mushrooms, dairy, liquid or, conversely, thick, with the addition of eggs and other. We offer you a pizza with English sauce - it's very delicious! Preheat on low heat 500 milliliters of low-fat kefir, add 75 grams of white fresh bread, which is pre-grate on a fine grater. Melt 60 grams of butter and clean the large onion bulb (do not cut) - combine with the kefir mixture and put on a quiet fire. Stir constantly with a spoon, cook for 10 minutes. After get the onion, and whip the prepared dressing with a special broom or blender - add 120 milliliters of warm cream. This sauce will perfectly complement the meat pizza with boiled beef or chicken.
  • Today in the modern world with its frantic rhythmmany housewives do not always have enough time to prepare a dish, completely following the recipe. If close people ordered pizza, and you hurry on business, use small tricks that will shorten the cooking procedure for a few minutes. For example, grease the cake with the usual ketchup with mayonnaise or buy a special prepared dressing. Instead of mayonnaise, you can make a mix of sour cream with chopped chicken boiled yolk, adding one teaspoon of mustard. You can cook from ordinary mustard or replace it with granular. In this case, the sauce will be much more fragrant.
  • Prepare a refueling pizza correctly, givenits stuffing. For example, for a dish of mushrooms and chicken, a white sauce is more suitable, and a meat lozal in Italian with pieces of pork, ham Parma and grated Parmesan will be more delicious if you add it with a flavorful wine mixture. Consider this feature! how to cook pizza yourself

    About a variety of pizza toppings

    Pizza is an absolutely universal dish thatserved with wine, juice and other drinks. There is even a children's version of such a product - a sweet pizza. Therefore, before you prepare the filling, think about where, with whom and in what occasion you will eat this product. For example, to meet guests it is better to make exotic pizza with seafood, and for an ordinary family dinner use more economical ingredients: smoked sausage, tasty ham and mushrooms. Speaking of the Italian tortilla, we can not help but mention a variant of the dish called "Margarita". Such pizza is served in all specialized restaurants. The highlight of the product - filling, which includes red tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh green basil; the filling is selected according to the colors of the flag of Italy. Do you want to cook it? Then peel the tomatoes. To do this, pour them with boiling water and let stand a bit, then pour cold water - you easily free the vegetable from the skin. Now cut the tomato pulp into small cubes, chop the garlic and put the ingredients on the heated frying pan with the olive oil - put the basil leaves. Stew until thick, then pepper and add salt to the taste. Hold a couple of minutes on low heat, then cool. With the prepared sauce, grease a pre-prepared pizza cake, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and Mozzarella. Put in the oven for 25 minutes. It is right to cook this dish at a temperature of 190 degrees. Regular pizza toppings You can prepare a holiday version of sea-going pizza from smoked, salted or boiled fish. Also an ideal assortment of shellfish, squid, shrimp, crab meat and even caviar. When preparing a normal pizza for a family dinner, use tuna canned. First, peel several large ripe tomatoes from the peel. To peel more easily from vegetables, pour tomatoes with boiling water, and then with cold water. Then cut the flesh into small cubes, crush two cloves of garlic, grate finely Parmesan. Ready stuffing put on the dough, previously greased with a sauce or olive oil sprinkled with oil. Salt and add freshly ground black pepper. Put tuna in small tins in cans, olives without pits and onion cut into thin half rings. Sprinkle with parsley and grated cheese. Send the product to the oven for half an hour. In order not to burn the pizza, set the temperature at 180 degrees. Festive "Okonomiyaki" For a festive feast, you will agree, a pizza with sausage, sausages or a standard with mushrooms is not very suitable. We need something unusual. Therefore, if you want to surprise the guests, try to cook pizza in Japanese - Okonomiyaki. Surely, none of them have tried this dish. So, properly boil 200 grams of special noodles, for this, follow the directions on the package. Cut the small pieces of squid cooked and sea kale. Then chop 100 grams of sea shrimp, onion sweet and grate cheese on a medium grater. It is better to use elite varieties, for example Parmesan, Mozzarella or Edam. Combine all the ingredients in a separate bowl, mix and add thin strips of tuna. In Japan, use fresh fish, but you can take canned. Cooking dough for a pizza - a pleasure! Whip with a mixer, blender or special broom one egg of chicken, a glass of warm boiled water, three tablespoons of sifted wheat flour (top grade) flour. Then add the finished mixture to the already cut products - mix. After pour everything onto a well-heated frying pan with a thick bottom - top out thin slices of boiled pork and fry the Japanese pizza on both sides. Serve the dish, first dividing it into equal squares and sprinkling nori. The ideal addition will be soy sauce! We are sure that there will be no limit to the joy of the guests! Little joys for kids All children love sweets and will never give up pizza. We suggest to combine these two attachments in one dish - sweet pizza. Usually for its filling use soft soft Mascarpone cheese, dried or fresh fruit (apples, pineapples, bananas and other), a variety of nuts and raisins. To make such an unusual dessert, make a yeast dough. To do this, mix 15 grams of dry yeast in a glass of warm water, season with salt and add two tablespoons of olive oil. The resulting mixture is well mixed with a whisk and poured into a deep bowl with pre-sifted wheat flour (you need half a kilogram), then knead thoroughly, cover with a thick towel and leave for 45 minutes. When the dough rises, mix it again and let it brew again. Then roll the base into a thin layer and lay it on a greased baking sheet. To not subsequently divide the pizza into pieces, you can make a lot of small lozenges about 10 centimeters in diameter. For each serving, lubricate Mascarpone, top with pre-soaked sweet figs, golden raisins, crushed nuts and brown sugar. You can prepare a dish from several varieties of nuts: cedar, walnut, hazelnuts. It will be much more delicious. Bake the product at 200 degrees not more than 20-25 minutes. This pizza will appeal to all kids. It can be given to children with milk for lunch or an afternoon snack. You always have the opportunity to use your imagination, intuition. But observe at the same time certain rules that are the basis for preparing a delicious dish. We hope that the above recommendations will help make your life more delicious! Good luck! We advise you to read: