how to remove pigment spots on the face Very many women in despair leads evena few unobtrusive freckles. What can we say about pigmentation spots? It would seem that nothing is wrong - these stains do not represent any threat to health. However, from the woman's head, who discovered such "surprises" on her skin, there is no question of how to remove the spots on the face at home. Of course, the easiest way to go to the salon and instruct the case to the beautician. However, this, alas, is not always possible for one reason or another. Therefore, women try to remove stains on their own, at home.

Wipe pigment spots

Removal of pigment spots in the homeis reduced to one - to clarification. And this is achieved in a variety of ways. And the simplest thing is rubbing the problem areas with one or another means.

  • Lemon juice

One of the most effective means is a lemonjuice. But do not repeat the very popular mistake - do not wipe the skin with a slice of lemon. So you risk getting a chemical burn of the skin. You should act a little differently. Squeeze out the lemon juice and dissolve it in cold boiled water, in a proportion of 5 to 1. Dampen the wadded disc in the resulting solution and carefully wipe the pigment spots, without affecting the rest of the facial skin. One course of treatment should not last longer than 7 days. Then you should make a five-day break.

  • Castor oil

Go past the pharmacy? Look and buy castor oil. Twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - richly moisten the wadded disk with castor oil and rub into the pigment spots. Of course, the skin outside the pigment spots also do not need to be wiped. This procedure can be continued for as long as you think is necessary - there will be no harm to the skin.

  • Any berries

In the summer, you can use berries - any,what your heart desires. And as often as you want. Just squeeze out the juice from the berry and oil the pigment spots. The duration of this course of treatment is 21 days. Then you need at least a week break. how to remove pigment spots on the face at home

Clarifying Masks

Wiping, of course, is useful. But if you want to eliminate pigmentation spots as quickly as possible, it is worth adding more and clarifying masks. Pay attention - they must be applied exclusively to the pigment spots themselves, and not to the entire skin.

  • Cucumber mask

Probably, it's not a secret for anyone that freshcucumbers very effectively whiten the skin. But for some reason this is often forgotten. Try to prepare the next mask. One small cucumber peel, then grate on a fine grater. Just remember with your hands that the cucumber should start the juice. Then add a third of a teaspoon of any natural honey and mix thoroughly. Apply the resulting mass to the pigment spots, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

  • Kefir mask

If the pigmentation spots are too strong, trythe next mask. First, you will need low-fat kefir, and secondly, ammonia. Add three drops of ammonia to three tablespoons of yogurt and apply to the pigment spots. You will feel a slight burning sensation. After 10 minutes, rinse with plenty of warm water and apply any moisturizer. Such a mask is best done on a day off, when you do not plan to leave the house, because the skin in the places of application of the mask for about 10 hours can remain slightly reddened. Such a mask should not be done more than twice a week to avoid the possibility of skin damage.

  • Cottage cheese mask

Do not want a kefir mask? Well, make the curd. And instead of ammonia, you can use hydrogen peroxide, which acts more gently. Although, of course, and time to get rid of age spots you will need a little more. Preparing the mask is very simple - stir three tablespoons of cottage cheese, after which add a third of a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Mix everything thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mass. Apply the mask to the problem areas of the skin and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then rinse the skin with plenty of water, then wipe the skin and apply your usual moisturizer. By the way, it can be replaced by the most common sour cream, which perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face. After this mask reddening of the skin is much rarer, but still you can not rule out this possibility. Similar masks can be done three times a week, not more often. how to remove pigment spots

Clarifying compresses

In addition to masks, you can try to get rid of pigment spots with clarifying compresses.

  • Sour sauerkraut juice

Do you like sauerkraut? Wonderful, then combine business with pleasure. Squeeze out a sufficient amount of sauerkraut juice and cook a few small gauze napkins. Dampen the napkin and put on the pigmented spot. Change the wipes as they dry, for 30 minutes. Similar procedures must be repeated three times a week.

  • Tomato juice

Well, if you do not like sauerkraut andcook it is not going to, buy a packet of tomato juice. Then the algorithm is the same as before - gauze the damp cloth in tomato juice, then apply to the pigmented spot, leave for 20 minutes. Napkins to change there is no need, because tomato juice evaporates very slowly. These compresses are gentle enough and the skin does not irritate, so they can be done every day.

  • Yeast

And you still remember that yeasts are not onlydry? Get a briquette of yeast and put it in the refrigerator - for a month you will have enough. To make a small compress of a small piece of yeast, pour 50 ml of milk and put in a warm place for 30 minutes. After that, moisten the gauze napkin and place on the pigment spots. In this case, the napkins, as they dry up, need to be changed. Such compresses should be done at least 2 times a week. So, how to remove pigmentation spots at home, you now know. But remember the precautionary measures - if the skin is irritated or, even more so, the wound, stop the treatment and immediately seek help from a dermatologist. We advise you to read: