how to lose weight at home With the onset of heat, the question of superfluousweight. Kilograms, which in winter obediently covered up with warm clothes, now unabashedly look excess folds on the sides, stomach, back. And what to do in the summer? When instead of a free shirt you have to put on a swimsuit? Do not bathe at all? Or to choose deserted places so that excessive fullness was not visible to outsiders? Why go to such extremes? It is enough to lose weight at home in order to feel confident again.

Rules for getting rid of excess kilos and problems

For this you do not need a debilitating dietor hours of exercise on simulators. The secret of losing weight is simple. As the great Maya Plisetskaya said, "want to lose weight - sew up your mouth." Of course, no one is going to persuade you to starve yourself. But we can teach the culture of proper nutrition. For this you need to observe the following rules:

  • Eat little, but often. Often, excess weight appears as a result of the fact that the human stomach is unnecessarily stretched. He is used to eating a lot, and the body obediently requires a half-bucket of food for lunch. Naturally, no weight loss in this case is not worth talking about. What to do? Practice a habit in itself is a little. Do not eat from a common dish - for example, do not eat salad directly from the salad bowl. Always put food on a separate dish so you can see how much you ate at a time. If you feel hungry between breakfast and lunch, have a bite of an apple or an orange. Practice shows that it will be difficult for the first two days. Then the body will begin to adapt to the new food system.
  • Refuse from harmful products. Everyone knows that fat and sweet harm the figure and health. But for some reason, many ignore the knowledge and continue to eat chocolate with tiles, dipping the fat sauce with white bread. And each of them wants to lose excess weight at home! A real paradox, do not you think? Whether people believe that their extra pounds do not have anything to do with the way they lead or they are just lazy to make some effort and force themselves to eat right. And just something and you need - to limit yourself in sweet, not to eat fat and replace white bread with rye.
  • Eat slowly and in small pieces. If you are determined to lose weight, any food that you are going to eat, cut as small as possible, chew longer and carefully. Experts argue that a person eats much more than he needs, only because the stomach does not have time to send a signal about saturation. So do not rush.
  • You can not eat after six in the evening. Dietitians have proven that excess weight appears in those who are accustomed to a tight dinner late at night. The fact is that the body simply does not have time to burn excess calories until the night, and they are deposited on the hips, waist, abdomen. And to lose such kilograms at home is not an easy task. Therefore, it's easier to limit yourself to eating in the evening. Want to eat? Eat an apple or drink a glass of low-fat kefir. If it's hard for you to immediately limit yourself at dinner, move the evening meal first to half past seven, then to seven, gradually approaching the coveted six o'clock in the afternoon.
  • Know how to negotiate with yourself. No one knows us better than ourselves. Sometimes it plays a cruel joke with those who try to lose weight at home. Here is a small example: a woman fries pies, and she, naturally, really wants to try them. First she holds, and then the subconscious mind begins to persuade to eat at least a piece to see if the delicacy has been cooked, whether there is enough salt in the pies. Such an excuse sounds convincing enough, and a woman breaks one piece, then another, until it is full of pies. How can this be avoided? Use your inner voice to lose weight, and not to persuade yourself to eat another piece of cake. Look at the bun? Promise yourself in the morning for breakfast. Then the feeling of regret from the inaccessibility of the delicacy will not be so acute. And even better - convince yourself to abandon the roll in favor of a more useful salad or a green apple. One humorist advised everyone who wants to lose weight at home, is naked and in front of a mirror. Whatever it was, there is some truth in this. When you see all the extra pounds, the appetite disappears by itself.
  • Proper nutrition is, undoubtedly, very important. However, without physical exertion to lose weight at home is unlikely to succeed. And which ones to choose physical activities - it's up to you. We will simply offer you several options.
  • to lose weight at home

    Hulahup is the direct path to a thin waist

    Remember how, being small girls, we withDid they twist the hula hoop? Then a simple exercise simply amused us. Today, the skills obtained in childhood will help us to restore the slenderness of the waist. Only twist will not have a standard aluminum hoop, and hulahup - a sports weight loss simulator. Classes for the return of slim waistline will need to be done every day for a minimum of 10 minutes. Some underestimate the role of hulahop in home weight loss. However, just a month of regular training will help get rid of excess inches on the abdomen and waist.

    Home sauna: lose weight in the complex

    Everyone knows that the bath is a great assistantlosing weight. So why not take advantage of the healing effect of the couple at home? Even if you do not have a home sauna, you can always arrange a mini-steam room in a common bathroom. Or just give once a week a couple of hours to visit the sauna. And where exactly you will lose weight - in the Turkish, Russian or Finnish bath - absolutely anyway. The main thing is how to sweat properly. There are several more nuances that must be observed when hiking in a therma. The first rule is: no pickles and alcohol! For fans of beer with smoked fish, this will be a real test. However, scientists have proven that salt prevents the removal of liquid from the body, so the more salty cucumber you ate, the worse you sweat and, as a consequence, you will lose less weight. The second rule is even more ruthless than the previous one. Not to drink. Absolutely! In the bath (if you are determined to lose weight) you can only moisten your mouth. No more. By the way, diving in the pool after the steam room is also not recommended. The fact is that the body will try to compensate for all the water shortage of moisture, which is lost with intense sweating, and "get drunk" water from the pool. Therefore, show patience, and the reward to you will be the loss of 2-4 kilograms of excess weight for 2.5 hours spent in the steam room.

    Daily exercise: continue to lose weight

    The next in the list of combating obesity isusual morning charge. And physical exercises will help not only in losing weight, but also in strengthening health. You yourself will not notice how you will begin to feel much better. Constant fatigue will leave, giving way to vivacity. By the way, you can replace the charge for a daily jog, and forget about cellulite. In a word - move. Proper nutrition for weight loss is small. If you lie on the couch all day with a plate of vegetable salad, there will be no result. As practice shows, the more effort you make to lose weight, the more kilograms you will be able to lose. We advise you to read: