How to learn English as soon as possible Do you want to learn English as soon as possible? Well, you have a desire, and this is important. Here, you have stocked up with textbooks and for the second day you have been hard at making wrong verbs and . But this is not all - be prepared for the fact thatfor really fast learning English you will need to work hard on yourself. So, what needs to be done to achieve this goal? Read it! When we begin to learn a foreign language, the question immediately arises of how to apply it in practice. At first, English language skills will not be enough for full-fledged communication. Well, then start reading books! Today in any store you can find a shelves with English literature. Choose a book that will be interesting to you, and start applying the first knowledge in practice. And let several pages you read with the help of a dictionary - you will soon notice that English words and phrases are clear to you. Watch movies! Films in English are an excellent opportunity to bring up knowledge. What will be incomprehensible, complement the "picture", and you will get used to the foreign speech and manner of conversation. Moreover, there is always the opportunity to stop the film and scroll the frame again, delving into the meaning of what has been said. After that, it will be easier for you to communicate with "real" people. Communicate! Do not hesitate to speak English, because this is the key to the successful learning of the language! Where to find people? Today in every city there are English clubs where people communicate, watch movies, go hiking and in general, have fun, improving their language skills. If you find the time to apply all the tips in practice, learning English really takes a minimum of time. Good luck! We advise you to read: