how to design a kitchen for feng shui Ah, the kitchen! A special place, not similar to anything else, in our house. And for us, the hostesses, the keeper and the wet nurse, is also sacral. For in the kitchen we do not just prepare, but we perform a certain sacrament, understandable only to us, but appreciated by all household members. That's why we aspire to make our kitchen the most-most beautiful, the most cozy, the most convenient and the most correct. By the way in the last good help will be knowledge of how to decorate the kitchen for feng shui. It is not for nothing that this Eastern philosophy teaches us harmony with the surrounding world. And the harmonious space of our kitchen - is this not right? But, alas, modern dwellings are difficult to fit into the requirements of feng shui. The layout is standard, "move" the kitchen in a favorable zone is almost impossible, move the window in it - too. Is that - a door or stove, sometimes a shell. That's all. Therefore, it remains for us to "harmonize" the kitchen space through basic rules and manipulations with furniture and equipment. Let's consider the basic rules and some peculiarities of how the kitchen should be equipped with feng shui.

Fundamental rules

There are not many such rules. Some people can not stick to it, but the fulfillment of others depends only on our efforts. So maybe, if you can not execute one rule, then you should strictly follow another, never breaking it? So, for example, the first basic rule is that the kitchen should be completely isolated from the rest of the living space of our house. Well, if you have a door to the kitchen - closed, and everything is in order. And if the kitchen is combined with the dining room, or as it is now fashionable, in general is part of the studio apartment? Here we have only one thing: to strictly follow the second basic rule - cleanliness in the kitchen. Well, at the expense of cleanliness with feng shui can not argue: the kitchen really should be clean. Is it within our power? Yes! So even if we are weakened after a day's work, but try to follow the rules of feng shui, then the cleanliness in the kitchen is "take it out, put it down." What did you think? Harmony is difficult to achieve! But is it possible? So, having understood about isolation and cleanliness, we pass to the planning recommendations. feng shui kitchen

The layout of the kitchen in the house

Kitchen Feng Shui - almost completecontradiction to all design trends and modern architectural solutions. Something fundamentally to change is difficult, but you can use "corrective" tricks.

  • The most favorable location of the kitchen is southern andthe eastern part of the house, but not the center of the dwelling. As a trick, you can use the Bagua grid not for the whole apartment (home), but for each separate room.
  • The kitchen should not be visible from the front door. The kitchen should not be adjacent to the bathroom, because the running water is a symbol of leaking prosperity. With this neighborhood, the closed door will be the solution to the problem all the time.
  • But the unification of the kitchen with the dining room by feng shuiit is completely permissible. So if you planned or remodeled the kitchen in this way, then remember the isolation rule and keep the closed door already in the dining room.
  • The kitchen should not be a checkpoint. But this is relevant only for apartments in old houses or for private houses and cottages. In the houses of the old layout, the kitchen often had a "back door", and in private houses - access to the garden. Here the solution to the problem is only one thing - do not use this exit, clean it up at all, or separate it with a wall (furniture).
  • View from the window. Should cause only positive emotions. What if you have a view of the wall or the corner of the neighboring house, the roofs of lower buildings, the parking lot and other unsightly "landscapes"? Try to place a mirror or any other reflective surface in front of the window or above the window. This will "return" negative energy entering through the window.
  • Interior layout of the kitchen

    Correctly planned kitchen for feng shui isspacious kitchen. Yes ... Many of us will only sigh heavily with this. But wait, despair. After all, a spacious kitchen - it does not mean big. Spacious - it means nothing cluttered, allowing you to freely move around in it. Therefore, it is only necessary to correlate the dimensions of the kitchen with the number and size of kitchen furniture and appliances. According to the rules of feng shui, the window should not be located opposite the door to the kitchen. Thus, the energy entering through the window immediately leaves through the door. If this is the case, then you need to stretch a red thread from the door to the window, and hang a crystal along the way of the "energy flow". The red thread will unite the window and door into one whole, and the crystal will dissipate the incoming energy. Protruding corners in the kitchen. This is another "headache" of Feng Shui specialists. That should not be, and that's it. And what if they exist, moreover, they are directed directly to the refrigerator or to the table? Here again, a mirror will come to the rescue. Well, for lovers of indoor flowers, the protruding angle will be an excellent place to create a green wall of climbing plants. They say that such a decision does not contradict the rules of feng shui, but the corner decorates successfully. Having dealt with the walls, windows and doors, let's turn our eyes to the "insides" of our kitchen. What does it usually fill with us? Furniture and household appliances. And, as it turns out, the kitchen on feng shui should have a strictly ordered filling. There are also certain rules.


    The main dining room will be the dining room. How should it be located in the kitchen or in the dining room? Favorable. And this means that the dining table should not be between the door and the window - on the line of energy tension (oh this line!). But! If we have already stretched the red thread and hung the crystal, then the tension is to some extent removed. So, if there is no other place for the table, we leave it here. What should be the table? It is desirable without corners. Given that a round or oval table is actually more capacious, it is worth choosing this model.

    • Cabinets and shelves Here, the feng shui completely deprivesus the possibility of some stylistic solutions (cuisine in the style of Provence, for example). Because feng shui kitchen means only hidden utensils and cutlery. No open shelves, but only tightly closed cabinet doors. And, behind them - no rubbish and dirt!
    • Washing It can be located in any partkitchen, but always in the remoteness from the plate (otherwise the conflict of the elements is obtained). To resolve such a conflict will help not only spatial removal, but also a "spontaneous" barrier. If you dilute the sink in different directions and the slab does not work, divide them with something wooden. And make sure that the faucets in the sink do not flow - well-being will drain! And about the plate, the conversation is separate.Feng Shui Kitchen


    • Stove in the kitchen lady All of us around her run andwe turn. And she only puffs hot and condescendingly treats us with ready dishes. Yes, it really is the energy center of the kitchen. Therefore, it should be placed so that you, standing at the stove could see the entrance to the kitchen. If this is not possible, something above the plate should be hung: a shiny tray, a polished hood, a mirror shelf. It is desirable that the stove was with four burners, located far from the window, near the south wall and was not clamped in the corner.
    • The refrigerator, by contrast, is by no meansSituate in the south The fact is that in the south the elements of fire rule, and the refrigerator will enter into conflict with it. And such a conflict will break the whole harmony of the interior space of the kitchen. The most suitable place for a refrigerator is the south-east or south-west. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, this placement will have a beneficial effect on the material condition of your family and its psychological atmosphere.
    • Other home appliances First, do not needto expose it for show. Mixers, blenders, electric meat grinders, juicers and other small (and not very small) household appliances are hidden in cabinets. So they will not clutter the kitchen and not the statute to discourage free circulation of positive energy. Dishwasher or washing machine on the place next to the stove, microwave or oven: do not forget about the conflict of the elements.

    In general, this is all the basic principles. One need only add that the feng shui kitchen implies also good lighting in the room (both natural and artificial), the use of light colors in decoration and cleanliness, purity, purity. Well, shall we try to achieve harmony?