Christmas holidays with all its silencealways seem unexpected, especially after the noisy New Year celebrations. And as a result, the long-awaited vacation puts most of us at a dead end, since we absolutely do not know how to manage our own rest, or rather organize it ourselves. For those whose bank account consists of six-digit numbers, preparation for the Christmas holidays will not be difficult. They can afford to spend their holidays aboard the airliner of the Arab sheikh, where besides the standard VIP service, there is not only a bowling alley, but also a swimming pool. Then you and Tina Turner, and Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey. But it will cost about 700 thousand euros. Although the absence of such a sum for Christmas entertainment - not an occasion for sadness, because you can find a lot of other ways to diversify the holidays except the pool in the clouds. Most importantly, try to strain your brains after New Year's libations, and muffle the voice of the stomach, which naturally wants the script "sofa-refrigerator-sofa", and between these items - a TV or video player. This is not the best, though not the worst, since even if you succumb to the call of the stomach, then any amount of food will ever end and therefore, forays to the nearest supermarket are unavoidable. Teenagers who play snowballs or famously skating, to the sound of songs and light of lanterns and quite a few kids who went out into the yard accompanied by mothers and grandmothers, will surely dip you into the atmosphere of New Year holidays. And now, if you had the courage, you already enjoy the frost and ice rink with them, splitting on skates no worse than at school. Of course, some Russians spend their New Year holidays in a drunken frenzy, buying up antipohmelin deposits in pharmacies and supermarkets before going to work. However, such a vacation scenario can seriously damage health, and all next year will have to be treated.

New Year holidays in Russia

When, as not during the holidays to visit oldfriends and relatives. There was a lot of time for leisurely conversations over a cup of tea with Tula gingerbread. Visit the museum, the theater, inviting your old acquaintances, but just go to bowling or skating rink - in a busy workplace it's sometimes difficult to find time that suits everyone. During the holidays it is possible to have time to visit several children's Yelks, which suit museums, theaters, and shopping and entertainment complexes. Staying on vacation at home you can see empty, even deserted streets. And in places already familiar to traffic jams, you can not see any cars. A fascinating sight: to observe how the car arises from a snow haze, and then, rustling with tires, disappears, like a mirage in the desert. Having left for a city, you start to appreciate still more silence of the snow-covered small river and wood, as if drawn by black ink on a blue canvas of the sky. Especially nice to get out of town by a small company, so as not to spoil its noise with the voices of nature. And about a miracle, almost every city dweller magically opens the talent for cooking shish kebabs. And in the New Year holidays you can take part in the championship of winter recreation, which is held in the park of culture of Moscow. Zoos also open their doors, canceling sanitary days, and some on January 1 make the entrance free of charge - this is an excellent occasion to visit the zoo with the whole family to check how the new year saw the birds and animals. Of course, one of them hid in warm enclosures, but the penguins and polar bears rejoice in the frost and, not hesitating to viewers, they bathe and roll from the slides. And the whole week from December 31 to January 7, for those who are not afraid of frost, they work a hole in which the Federation of Tempering organizes bathing. The ice-holes are located in the Strogino district on the Moskva River. This is really a real Siberian tradition that will add health and temper immunity. Wherever you are on the New Year holidays, in Moscow or outside the Moscow Ring Road, turning off the TV, you can always find entertainment to your liking.

New Year holidays abroad

At home it is good, but if you want to change the situation andto plunge into completely unfamiliar sensations - go on New Year's vacation abroad. Surely the walls of my home for the whole year are bored, so why not leave your homes for at least a while. Offers for holidays during the holidays can not be counted, everything is available from London, where social parties, stiff fofokloki and inexpensive pubs with excellent ale mingled together and ending with January's deep-sea diving. Czech Republic with its villages or Karlovy Vary with thermal springs, where you can swim in any frost - the choice is yours. If you are one of those people for whom the New Year is snow, mountains and a glass of mulled wine after a walk, and not a warm beach with tropical cocktails, then a walk to Elbrus or the conquest of Mont Blanc will do just fine; you can still give up on the Austrian ski resorts. As for the ski resorts, there is a great choice here - the main thing is to take care of the trip in advance so that the planned vacation does not pass in the boring atmosphere of the city apartment. And if you start looking for a travel company in advance, then during the holidays you can visit several countries on your unique route. Do not miss Finland, where the northern lights are several times a week - the main thing to know where and from what place it is better to watch. Where else on the roads of the city you will see real reindeer, and right behind the outskirts of the magic forest with gray moss and lichen from the frost. And only from Finland cards with a stamp of the Polar circle come. Snow safari in reindeer sleds or just try snowshoes, strolling to the refrigerator museum in Tampere. New Year holidays in the Czech Republic are preferred by those whose motto is "beer and spectacle", well, where not in the Czech Republic can you taste frozen beer or a smoked beer that gives off a lot of bitterness. The advice of experienced travelers is also an excellent help for choosing a New Year holiday country, especially if you yourself are lost among the variety of vacation offers.