how to deal with male egoism Here they say that women, in the majority,out-and-out egoists, only dreaming that men would fulfill all their desires and whims. And the unfortunate strong sex is forced to deny himself everything, to please the weak half of humanity. Complete nonsense. No, we really do not mind seeing both Hottabych and the noble knight at the same time. That's only in most men, such qualities are present only in the candy-bouquet period of the relationship. And then they remember themselves, their beloved, and begin to cherish their own ego. We are lost, not understanding what happened and where the attentive and attentive man has gone. And we do not know what to do and how to deal with male egoism. And is it possible to fight with him at all? And if it is possible, how?

What is the expression of traditional male egoism

In fact, egoism is a property inherent inalmost every person. Without it, we would not try to make our lives better and do not seek to develop ourselves. Male and female egoism in normal doses can well be considered the engine of life. He usually does not oppress others, and even sometimes happens to them for good. But if we begin to think primarily for ourselves, not particularly considering the others - it is not entirely correct to speak about their good. I must say that in women such a hypertrophied ego is clearly expressed much less frequently than in men. Male egoism is everywhere. And you can show yourself in anything. They, our precious husbands, manage to shamelessly lie on the couch when a sober wife vacuums, erases, cleans and cooks lunch at the same time. Well, why not? After all, cleaning and cooking is a woman's task, even if she plows at work no less than a pious one. Tired? Her problems. It's not a man's business to peel potatoes or wash floors ... And if even a pious and cleans potatoes or washes the floor, male egoism will manifest itself in something else. Well, who among us does not know what it means to mess around with a representative of a stronger sex who has felt some kind of malaise! The one that does not know this can be considered a fortunate woman. Few men are unconcerned about their own health issues. Even if they do not get hysterical and get doctors at the slightest discomfort, they climb into bed and whine, demanding increased attention. And then forget about everything and go with a pained finger a sufferer, like a written torba! There is an opinion that men are ashamed to admit that they are sick. No matter how it is! When a man considers himself to be the center of the universe, he is able not only to make a tragedy of a light cold, but also to pretend that he is sick. Do I have to quickly drive a nail, take out the garbage or bring heavy bags home? Ah, he is so unwell, so unwell! Probably, this is something very serious ... We need to urgently go to the doctor! And it will go, and will get the Aesculapius with its claims for colic in the abdomen, back pain and general weakness. And to demand sick leave, to at least a couple of days slip into the work. You save money on pantyhose and makeup, but he calmly buys expensive toilet water and dines in a cheap institution. You are lying with a high temperature, and he does not hesitate to go fishing, football or a sauna with friends. You are extremely busy talking on the Internet with a client or customer, and he itches over his ear, demanding to warm up the dinner. You are exhausted for the day and you want to finally fall and fall asleep, and he turns on the TV at full volume. Familiar? And no longer surprises? All is correct. Because these signs of male egoism are so common that many of us tend to regard them as an inherent property of a man's nature. And somewhere it's even true. Let's see where he came from, this male egoism. male egoism

The origins of male egoism

The male half of mankind has long consideredmore important than the weaker sex. And not at all because women are second-class beings, designed to provide all kinds of services to the stronger sex. Just the chance of survival in men was less. They died on the hunt and in battles, fought in duels and generally risked their heads, often losing it. Ambitions of the stronger sex, coupled with the restless adrenaline created excellent preconditions for shortening their life. And women before without a man had to be tight. He was a breadwinner, an earner, a defender, and the father of children, at last. But them, these potential fathers of children and breadwinners, nothing came back from the battlefield! So I had to grab the first one who got caught, to protect me like an apple of my eye and please everything! Otherwise he will run to some good, trouble-free and submissive girl. Special veneration of the strong sex began to enjoy after major wars. Battles took the whole armada of men's lives. Only a small part of the warriors returned home unharmed. Needless to say, each of them was worth its weight in gold? And each of them understood this and gradually began to feel elected. This character trait was cultivated and inherited. Time passed, stronger sex came, but the attitude towards him in many ways remained the same. Of the boys, they often raised soldiers and toilers, but at the same time taught them that women are lower-order beings. They should be used as a means for the continuation of the family and the arrangement of life. Such a very unpleasant approach for us to the weaker sex in some families exists up to now. Parents almost from the diaper develop a male ego in the child, educating him in the spirit of "women owe me". First, such a debtor is a mother, performing for her beloved son all his duties. She rushes around the house, giving him a shirt, socks, slippers. Prepares and erases, regardless of the disease. Goes crazy if the offspring sneezed. She goes to bed at three o'clock in the morning and jumps up at six in the morning to cook an already grown-up boy for breakfast. This behavior of the mother and forms in the boy attitude to the rest of the fairer sex. He grows up with the conviction that women do not get tired, do not get sick, do not need help around the house and generally have to take care of a strong sex. And such a man may not be infantile and weak. But he will first of all satisfy his desires. Egoists become not only drowning in the mother's care sons, but also children from the dysfunctional family. In a house where the child is not given any attention, he has nothing to do but think first of all about himself. Otherwise, you can just stay hungry. The principle "first for yourself" is firmly fixed in the mind and makes a person act in accordance with him almost the rest of his life. Even though she will be comfortable. As for the neglect of women's needs, here it is quite natural. After all, a man brought up a street, and she, as a rule, cultivates the trampling of the weaker sex. In a word, male egoism is conditioned by the upbringing and character of social development. Therefore, many people regard him favorably. And to some of us the position of the spouse "you should take care of me" does not at all seem wrong. What's wrong with that? Similarly, behaved father, brother, uncle and neighbor in the stairwell. Those who did not have a similar example of their father, uncle and neighbor, do not want to look calmly at their husband's wives, are nervous, offended, scandalous and sulking. And how to be in this case? How to deal with male egoism? male and female selfishness

The ways to combat male egoism

The egoism of our men has one feature. It manifests itself in all its glory only when we begin to behave like caring mothers and are excessively addicted to this role. Well, why should not a man take advantage of this? He is guarded, aunted, around him dance and not forced to do what you do not want. A rare representative of the stronger sex will oppose this state of affairs and will begin to surround his mother with care, trying to make life easier for her. Well, if a woman is ready for the lack of due attention from her husband, so be it. Perhaps, so she realizes her instinct of motherhood. And if not - then it should take into account this feature of male egoism and try to awaken in a faithful sense of responsibility for the family. In other words, in order for the elect not to become a self-centered egoist, one must pray less for his person. Recall that we also need attention and care and will sometimes become a naive, requiring supervision and care of the girl. Of course, not every one of us nowadays likes this. Today we are independent, independent, self-sufficient, finally! However, if a woman is married, it is not to be exploited in the most insolent way! Therefore, we will at least a little actresses, periodically showing helplessness and confusion in some situation. Do not drive nails and drag heavy bags from the store. We can not do it. It is not necessary, falling from fatigue, stroking an expensive shirt in the morning, when he watches football. Let him pat himself. Do not bring him slippers and serve clean socks. He is no longer a child and should know where everything lies. No, take care of her husband, of course. But do not go to extremes, and pay attention to your own comfort. In the end, the wife - not a service bureau, but a favorite woman. And she too yearns for careful treatment of herself. "Yeah!" - someone will say, - "But if I do not hit the wall with a nail, the shelf in the bathroom will not appear! And how can I not carry a bag if I roll in a ball? " Nobody will die from the fact that the bathroom does not appear shelf. And because there will be fried eggs for dinner. Uncomfortable? Well, then nail a nail call a neighbor. And ask him or some familiar man to help carry heavy bags. Let the faithful worry and think, finally, what are his family functions - in curing on the couch or something else? In principle, a special drama is that a man is lying on the couch, while we are rushing about with the mop and washing up the dishes, no. If he works hard, trying his best to provide a family. There is no it even when the faithful is going to die from a cut finger. And even when he buys his favorite thing, forgetting that his wife does not have pantyhose. Frankly speaking, we are also capable of such antics. And not very much in this case from their halves differ. These are quite innocent manifestations of the male ego, which many take for granted. But when the faithful absolutely do not care about what happens to his wife, when he is not at all interested in her needs and the needs of children, when he is only busy with himself, everything is much worse. With such complete egoists, it is better to have no business at all. Because there is no way to remake them. And if you have managed to contact such a type, it remains either to clench your teeth, or to tolerate it, or, without too much hesitation, without regret tearing up the relationship. Because they will never be happy. We advise you to read: