healthy long hair Long, well-groomed, silky, strong,healthy, beautiful, admirable and proud. It is about such hair that almost every girl dreams. Fashion is changeable. She sets her own rules in everything: outfits, make-up, accessories, hairstyles. But luxurious long hair - it's fashionable, beautiful and incredibly feminine. To my great regret, not every woman can boast about their health and length. Chemical perm, staining, blow-drying, the use of "ironing" or curling iron does not add value to the hair. They become brittle, dull, brittle and lifeless. And more and more often the question arises how quickly to grow hair.

Long braid - girlish beauty

The possible length of the hair affects a great varietyfactors. This is a genetic predisposition, and skin type, and general health. The modern way of life with its ecology, stresses and malnutrition also does not contribute to the growth of beautiful head of hear. Therefore, the problem of how fast to grow long hair will be difficult, but quite feasible, and it needs to be solved in a complex way. egg yolk is the record for the presence of vitamin A

Hair health at the bottom of the dish

Only healthy hair canholder of length and strength. Therefore, they can begin to grow only when they are without damage. Everyone knows that every hair grows from the follicle, from the internal chemical balance of which depends the speed and appearance of the hair. Hair has three periods of its growth. Within 2-3 years he grows actively, then growth stops. This condition can last up to three months, and then it falls out and gives way to a new one. To speed up the growth of "young" hair, and "old" to give strength, they need special care. The key to health and rapid growth is proper care, nutrition, health and stimulation of the hair follicle. Nutrition, vitamins and water in the right amount for hair growth are very important. If they get all the necessary substances and trace elements from the inside, they will become strong, thick, shiny, healthy and their growth will accelerate. The most important vitamins for growth are A, C, E, H and Group B. Vitamin A is rich in all yellow, red, green fruits. Since this vitamin is fat-soluble, it is necessary to consume these fruits with butter. Liver, butter and egg yolk are also record holders for vitamin A content. Vitamin C is responsible for improved blood circulation. Blood comes to the hair bulb, the bulb gets additional protection and nutrition, the hair growth increases. To increase vitamin C in the body can be with the help of sauerkraut, black currant, citrus, Bulgarian pepper. With the task of how to grow long hair elastic, will cope with vitamin E. He also responds for their shine. Vitamin E can be found in excess in seeds, nuts, unrefined vegetable oil. To replenish the body with vitamin H it is possible at the expense of soy, oatmeal, beer yeast, beans and brown rice. Many substances that perfectly stimulate the growth of chic hair, in groups of vitamin B. The menu should include dishes from uncooked cereals, kidneys, liver, carrots, beans, peas, eggs. Seeds, nuts and black bread also contain B vitamins. In addition to vitamins, minerals are needed. Copper, iron, zinc, molybdenum, sulfur, silicon - they influence the length of the braids. You can adjust your diet, and you can buy a ready-made complex of vitamins. A good solution will be to ask pharmacists how to quickly grow long hair, and buy the right drugs or nutritional supplements in the pharmacy. To date, experts have called the number one tool for hair growing - it's methylsulfonyl methane, which helps the appearance and proper growth of healthy hair cells.

Features of hair care during growth

Long, but dry and weak strands look pathetic. During the period of hair growth, scalp should be cleaned with a certain approach. In this period, one shampoo will not be enough. Now special balms and cosmetic masks that promote regeneration and hair growth should settle on the bathroom shelf. After each washing of the head, preparations for moisturizing and nourishing are needed. In the period of rapid growth, each strand needs special treatment. Now any damage can prevent to grow a hairdress on the necessary length. Metal combs, hairpins or tight hair can injure them. Therefore, it is necessary to find special oils that protect hair from any mechanical damage, and it is better to choose simple and light hair. Many do not dare to go to the hairdresser because of the fear of losing the hair length reached. But the master, on the contrary, will tell you how to grow long hair correctly and hold a haircut with hot scissors, cutting off only a few centimeters. This will give the image of grooming, and this type of haircut will seal the ends of the hair, which will allow it to retain in its structure longer useful substances, which are very important for long hair. To have a hairdo of your dreams, you need to stop using forceps, hairdryers, "ironing" or resort to their help rarely and only in conjunction with special thermal protection means. In the period of hair growth, do not neglect the other elementary rules of careful laying: before drying the hair dryer, it is best to dry the hair first with a towel; choose a gentle temperature mode; The time for using a hot surface or air is minimized. with rapid hair growth should pay attention to each strand

Useful recipes at home

The means for active hair growth is great. Many of them can be easily prepared by the most accessible components.

  • Remarkably stimulates the scalp and allowshair is faster to grow gruel from garlic. It is rubbed in 30 minutes. before taking a bath very gently into the roots of the hair. A similar feature is the onion, tomato pulp and parsley seed powder.
  • Mix a glass of yogurt with egg and one dining roomspoon of dry mustard. This gruel is applied to the scalp with neat massaging movements. Wrap your head with a towel and walk like that for an hour. Mask wash off, and wash hair with a nutritious shampoo. After shampoo, you can rinse your head with cool water. It is enough to use this recipe once a month. Mustard can cause a slight burning sensation. If the sensations cause severe discomfort, then the mask should be washed off immediately.
  • Burdock and castor oil pour into a bowl. Add a teaspoon of cognac and egg yolk. Means should be enough for one application. Apply on the head an hour before taking a bath.
  • Successful hair growth is guaranteed when applying decoction root broth to them. You can cover your head with cellophane and wrap it with a towel. After an hour, everything should be washed off.
  • With the help of a powerful dose of vitamins can be verynoticeably achieve excellent results. To prepare a miracle mask, you need to add a few capsules of vitamin Aevit in linseed or burdock oil. Apply the mixture on the head and wear a special cap. Blend the mixture for an hour, then rinse. Vitamin makeup can be done on the eve of an important event, then the hair will be amazing.
  • Professional methods for hair growth

    Beauty salons will explain how very quicklygrow hair, and offer many tools. In their arsenal there are special creams, balms and lotions with mineral and vitamin complexes. You can use the help of ampoule preparations of famous cosmetic companies for growing long braids. Another way to significantly accelerate the growth of hair and achieve the desired length is to take advantage of ozone and mesotherapy. These procedures perfectly saturate the skin and hair with beneficial substances, which is very important during their active growing. Another cosmetic novelty is a hair growth enhancer with an ultra concentrated formula. He works on problem areas of the head. Included in the keratin helps to protect the cuticle from any damage and add volume and strength to weakened strands.