how to make a French manicure Paradoxically, this sounds, but socalled the French manicure was born not at all in France and not even in Europe. His homeland America, and more precisely - Hollywood. I must say that he quickly won the love and recognition of women in different countries. This phenomenon is explained very simply: the French manicure is: a) beautiful; b) stylishly); c) elegantly. And most importantly, it is appropriate always and everywhere. Agree that with brightly colored nails (not to mention absolutely unacceptable for a woman with a delicate taste of painted nails) is indecent to appear in the office, in business negotiations and meetings. A modest and discreet, but at the same time surprisingly refined French manicure is good in all circumstances of place and time. French - a square, rounded or oval shape of the nails, beige or transparent lacquer on the body of the nail and a white-tinted tip. Just? Certainly, but how beautiful!

At home or in the salon?

How to make a French manicure correctly? And where - at home or in the salon? Here everyone decides for himself. Of course, a skilled craftsman will give your nails a real charm. From the first time independently to cope with the French covering is rather inconvenient. Most likely, first you need to use the services of a specialist to understand certain nuances, with which the jacket gets a truly flawless appearance. If you have free time, and the material side does not bother you too much, then the French manicure in the beauty salon is the best solution. However, even to affluent ladies, we advise you to master the basics of creating such a cover, so that in some extreme situations (for example, an unexpected event, which should look like a million dollars, and time for preparing nothing at all), you could bring your nails in full order . Girls with modest incomes must certainly master the full course of the French manicure in order to look no worse than regular customers of fashionable beauty salons. There are no special difficulties, you just need to buy everything you need and learn how to make a classic manicure and French cover. how to make a French manicure

What you need

First of all take care of allaccessories for classic manicure. The French looks beautiful on well-groomed hands, which means that you should have a beautiful nail shape, well-groomed cuticle and skin and, of course, no burrs. Well, of course, all that is needed without which it is impossible to make a French cover. So, you will need:

  • universal nail files
  • chopsticks from an orange tree
  • means for processing the cuticle
  • cream for the care of hands
  • a set of varnishes for the French manicure
  • special stencils

You can buy a set for the French manicure -now such offer many brand manufacturers of means for care of hands. The kit includes all the necessary accessories and even instructions for using them.

French manicure with their own hands

And now the answer to the question of how to do it rightFrench manicure. The rules are quite simple. For a start, let's do a classic classic manicure. You can refer to the usual "wet" manicure, but recently, the so-called European (in other words, unedged) manicure has become increasingly popular. Step by step this process is as follows.

  • We process the nails with a nail file, giving them the desired shape.
  • We apply to the cuticle the agent for its softening andleave for a few minutes. (For those who prefer a "wet" manicure, you must put your hands in warm water with the addition of soda or liquid hand soap).
  • We process the cuticle with a wooden stick, with the help of which the dead skin cells are removed. (Supporters of "wet" manicure will have to remove the cuticle with scissors or special clippers).
  • We treat the nails with a degreaser and cover with a base for varnish.
  • After the substrate dries, paste a template that marks the boundary between the nail body and the tip.
  • Cover the tip of the nail with a white lacquer and dry it.
  • Remove the template and cover the body with a beige or transparent lacquer.
  • Dry the lacquer and coat the nail with a fixer, which will give strength and shine.
  • In some sets for the French manicurethere is a special pencil - it is used for staining the tip of the nail. It is convenient for so-called express care, when you do not have time to cover and dry the varnish in accordance with the technology. It is clear that the strip applied in this way is short-lived, not very pronounced, although it looks very natural. After all these manipulations, you can apply a nourishing cream on your hands. The process is complete, and your handles look great. It goes without saying that periodically it is useful to make masks for hands, to use scrubs - in a word, to apply all modern means for skin care of hands. After all, it often suffers from overdrying, which is facilitated by chemicals used for cleaning the house, washing dishes, and the unfavorable influence of the environment. Give your hands very little time, and you will look perfect! We advise you to read: