how to make the right shape of the eyebrows Eyebrows are a real weapon of a woman. They can not only give the person an emotional expression, but also greatly change it. The correct shape of the eyebrows emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes, as if revealing them. Well-groomed, thick and shiny eyebrows, in harmony with other facial features, will give the whole face a healthy and attractive look. The correctness of the shape of the eyebrows depends on your natural bending of the brow, from the cut of the eyes. Density and color of the eyebrows are also determined by the characteristics of the body. For today the natural line of a bend given to us by the nature, with a dense, wide enough, but well-groomed eyebrow is preferable. The color of the eyebrow should be in harmony with the color of the eyes and hair. Blondes are not suitable for black eyebrows, but the burning brunettes, on the contrary, are thin and light. The eyebrow should not be too thin, resembling a thread, but also it is not necessary to grow hairy wide brows. Thin eyebrows can be made more dense, due to proper care for them, and too wide can be corrected by plucking. In any case, it's not so easy to make the right shape of the eyebrows. But your efforts are worth it!

A bit of history

The shape of the eyebrows has always been a tribute to fashion. Our ancestors wore exactly this form, which was relevant at the time.

  • In Ancient China, eyebrows were corrected not by women, but by men. They shaved their hair at the temples and forehead, but her eyebrows were brushed and brushed upward to give the face a fierce, frightening expression.
  • In Central Asia in ancient times, the standard of women'sbeauty were considered eyebrows, fused on the bridge of the nose, they were even tinted with a solid line with the help of natural dyes. The same requirement for the aristocracy was with the ancient Assyrians.
  • In ancient Egypt, wax epilation flourished, withwith which the hair was removed from the entire body, including from the head and face. Then a wig was put on, and eyebrows were drawn to the shape that was needed - long and wide, coal-black, reaching the temples.
  • In the ancient world, Greek women and Romans laid their eyebrows with the help of egg white, which gave them a glossy luster.
  • But in the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan - women shaved an eyebrow cleanly and painted a new one much thinner and above the natural line.
  • In India, women are greatly reduced eyebrows natural black paint - antimony.
  • In ancient Russia, beautiful thick and wide "sable" eyebrows, which were introduced in a semicircle, were considered beautiful.

Beginning with the Middle Ages, the requirements for the shape of the eyebrows and the ideal of beauty in general have changed every century.

  • During the Middle Ages, when the world actuallyrules the church, physical beauty was considered a terrible sin. Women in every way distorted their natural features. This also affected the eyebrows, which were plucked out completely, and the hair on the forehead was shaved to give the illusion of a high forehead.
  • In the 17th century, the elegance of the East began to become fashionable. Eyebrows were now drawn on a heavily whitened face.
  • And in the 18th century, overhead eyebrows made of pieces of mouse skins were glued to the face.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the natural line of the eyebrows became fashionable.

  • In the twenties, the eyebrows were completely plucked out and reintroduced with a thin thread in the form of a semicircle.
  • By the 1950s, tanning began to become fashionable, the eyebrows were now dyed thickly and the house.
  • In the 1970s, models from the podiums showed wide, straight, thick brows.
  • In the 1990s, the situation changed again in the direction of thin, light and invisible eyebrows.
  • To date, the first requirement for eyebrows is naturalness and harmony with the rest of the facial features.

how to make the right shape of eyebrows yourself

Eyebrow correction

To help to give the brow the necessary form shouldcorrect correction, or plucking of eyebrows. Whichever eyebrows you choose, it's not easy to make the right correction. Determination of the desired shape of the eyebrows First, it is necessary to determine which form of eyebrows will be right for your face, and how to pull out really superfluous hairs, without affecting the others. To determine the desired shape, we need a pencil and a mirror. Put the mirror in front of you, and attach the pencil to the nostril - this will be the starting point of reference.

  • Line 1 - the beginning of the eyebrow

One end of the pencil is at the eyebrow, and the otheryou must go through the inner corner of the eye, practically touching it. The other end of the pencil will point you to the point where your eyebrow should begin. Take a cosmetic pencil of any color and mark this place.

  • Line 2 - bending of the eyebrow

Next, the pencil needs to turn from the nostrilso that the other end of it passes through the pupil, provided that you look strictly straight. So the pencil rests against the bend of the eyebrow. Mark this place, it should be the highest part of the eyebrow. If you do not observe a clear angle from nature, or the eyebrow is straight, you should leave a natural smooth form.

  • Line 3 - the end of the eyebrow

Pencil from the nostrils through the outer cornereyes. Its end and point to the point where, ideally, the eyebrow should end. Do not prolong the "tail" eyebrows and make it lower than the pencil indicates, it can give the person a sad and sad expression. This place is also worth noting cosmetic pencil. The procedure of plucking All three points we have identified should be joined, drawing the border of the eyebrows. All hairs outside these boundaries should be plucked. However, this must also be done correctly. It is best to pull the plucking after a hot bath or shower, when the skin is steamed, and the pores are open. The first step will be hand washing, disinfection of tools - tweezers with alcohol or disinfectant solution, cleansing the skin of the eyebrow with an alcohol lotion or tonic. First, it is necessary to pull out the hairs at the inner edge of the eyebrow, then at the outer edge, and only after that start plucking the hairs under the eyebrow. The very brow is better to comb upwards, then you will see well the extra hairs that need to be plucked. Plucking is worth only the hairs that are below the eyebrow level, i.e. on the upper still century. Those that are above, on the forehead, you can pull out only if the eyebrow is too thick, and the hairs are dark. The skin should be stretched slightly with your fingers, so the hair will come out of the bulb smoothly. Tear hair should be strictly in the direction of its growth. After the procedure, rinse the leftover cosmetic pencil from the skin with tonic or lotion, disinfect the skin with alcohol. How to make the right shape of eyebrows and painting

Coloring and make-up of eyebrows

So, with the form we have decided. But what about the color of the eyebrows? If you are naturally a blonde, then you certainly have light and thin eyebrows, but you prefer to paint hair in a burning black color. Are those eyebrows suitable for your hair color? And vice versa: Will the dark, thick and broad eyebrows of a platinum blonde be appropriate? The color of the eyebrows must necessarily be in harmony with the color of the hair and eyes. Too dark hairs of the eyebrows can be slightly lightened, and light - darken. This can be done with the help of eyebrow tattooing, special eyebrow and eyelash dye, or with make-up and cosmetic products. Eyebrow tattoo A cardinal measure for changing the shape of the eyebrows and giving the desired eyebrow tattoo. It can be applied by thin strokes imitating the eyebrow hairs, or by a feathering, making for the eyebrow a background on the skin. With tattooing, you can forget about the daily procedure for tinting eyebrows, they will always look dignified, even in the pool or in the sea. However, it is worth remembering that tattooing is a constant thing, and if you suddenly do not like the result, you can hardly get rid of it with ease. Eyebrow coloring Eyebrows coloring can be done not only in the salon of a specialist, but also at home. Get a special eyebrow paint, do not use hair dye, as it is much more aggressive to the delicate skin of the face. Choose the right tone of the paint, which will match the color of the hair or harmonize with it. To carry out the dyeing procedure on your own, you will need:

  • a small container (not metal) for mixing the paint;
  • a thin brush or wooden stick for applying paint;
  • Gloves to protect hands from staining;
  • cotton wheels and cotton buds for correction in the process of staining and washing.

First we mix the paint with the oxidantaccording to the instructions attached to it. With a brush or a stick, we collect the paint and apply it on the eyebrows, repeating their shape. The paint should be left on the eyebrows for 10-20 minutes, depending on the desired intensity. Then remove the paint with cotton wool discs and rinse with running water, after which we apply a cream or oil to prevent dryness and flaking of the skin. Make-up for the eyebrows Make the right shape of the eyebrows and increase the intensity of the light eyebrows can also be using makeup. They produce special pencils and eyebrow shadows. Pencil is usually supplemented with a brush or comb on the opposite end, has a wide range of colors. Pencil should be applied with thin strokes, imitating hairs. Professional eye shadow usually consists of light and dark colors in one package. The dark color is applied directly along the line of the eyebrow growth, makes the background for the hairs, and the light one is placed under the eyebrow, which makes the contrast brighter and the eyes more expressive. We advise you to read: