natural cosmetics with their own hands Every woman dreams of being beautiful, but, toUnfortunately, this is not always enough for this. Creams, balms, lipsticks, shadows, glosses and other cosmetics costs not cheap. Plus, in some media contains so many possible additives (dyes, flavors, stabilizers) that the usefulness of such products can begin to seriously doubt. Not without reason, every third of the fair sex after the application of make-up or washing the head shows an allergy. Do not get upset, because natural cosmetics with their own hands is prepared and at home. Earlier it was done by our mothers and grandmothers, now it's time and we need to learn from them. As you know, before there were no professional shops, salons. And, nevertheless, women at all times looked beautiful, well-groomed. Plus, the cost of such funds is an order of magnitude lower. Just pay attention to some of the ingredients that hitherto seemed simply unnecessary to you. And everything will turn out, just want! natural cosmetics with own hands recipes

Cosmetics for hair: we bring hair in order

If you read the composition of modern shampoo orbalm, you can be horrified. What is there just can not find. One only SLS, with which firemen wash rust from cars, which only costs. And the fair sex all this into the scalp rubbing! Of course, some manufacturers produce safe products, but it is so small that you can not find a suitable option in every store. Therefore, we offer simple recipes for cosmetic products, which you will not take long to prepare.

  • Mustard Shampoo

We make a tablespoon of mustard with two litersfiltered or mineral water. The resulting solution thoroughly wash your hair. Please note: this option is suitable for girls with oily hair, as mustard shampoo perfectly removes bacon from the hair.

  • Nettle Shampoo

In the pharmacy, buy a packet of dried nettle. Do not worry, there is such a fee is not expensive. On the basis of 100 g of dry grass - 1 liter of water, make a decoction. Boil the liquid for 20 minutes, then add the vinegar (0.5 liters). Filter the resulting product through gauze, folded into several layers. You can also take a sieve. If this is not done, then you have to comb the dried leaves from the hair. Use shampoo should not be more than 2 times a week. Method of application: 400 g of this liquid is added to the basin with water, then in solution, my head. At the end, rinse your hair. The remaining product can be poured into a glass liquid. Keep in the fridge for no longer than a week.

  • Mask for combating dandruff

The composition includes jojoba oil - 1 tablespoon,tea tree - 4-5 drops. Mix the ingredients in a glass container (with a tight lid). Apply the mixture to the pre-wet hair. Then wrap the hair for 2 hours with a towel. At the end of this time, rinse the head with plenty of water. Please note: this mask should be applied only in those days when you do not need to go anywhere. The oil is difficult to rinse out at a time, so your hair will look like you did not wash your hair for a week. Therefore, the weekend is the best time to put yourself in order.

  • Hair Mask

This is, perhaps, the simplest means, whichwill help restore the dyed, burned and split hair to its former beauty. And you need for one procedure only jojoba oil - 3 tablespoons. Before you decide to make a mask, wash your head thoroughly with shampoo. Now we start applying the product. Starting from the ends of the hair to the top, rub warm oil. The main thing is not to overdo it with temperature, so as not to get a burn. Within an hour, keep your head wrapped in a towel. Then rinse with shampoo. The procedure should be repeated once a week.

  • Hair conditioner

You will need purified water - three quartersglass, kombu (Japanese seaweed) - 2 strips. It is important: in such recipes you should not make your own changes. If you specify a specific ingredient, or you will have to buy it in a pharmacy (you can search through the Internet), or refuse to prepare. Otherwise, there will be no benefit, and harm - more than enough. Now let's move on to how to make hair conditioner and how to apply it. First, immerse in water for 30 minutes kombu. Then remove the algae and rinse the head with the infusion. Then massage the skin and wash again. No additional funds are applied.

Homemade cosmetics for the face

As it was once said, if a woman is uglyat 15, she is too young. If at 25-30, then - she is stupid. Indeed, with the help of cosmetics you can quickly and easily hide all the imperfections of the face, and in some cases turn them into dignities. The main thing is desire and good recipes.

  • Lip Gloss "Mint sponges"

This shine will not only make your lipsvoluminous and attractive, but will also give a light mint flavor to breathing. To do this, prepare butter mint - 3 drops, petroleum jelly - 1 tablespoon. Mix everything. And the resulting liquid is used either as an addition to lipstick, or as a moisturizing lip gloss.

  • Means for washing

Prepare freshly squeezed lemon juice - 1 ½a teaspoon, yogurt (without filler) - half a can, sunflower oil - 1 tablespoon. Mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous gruel is obtained. You can even use a mixer. Keep in closed form, preferably in a glass container. And, of course, only in the refrigerator. Used to cleanse the face in the morning and in the evening (1 teaspoon). Suitable for all skin types.

  • Lotion for problem and oily skin

To make a good lotion, you will needdistilled water - one quarter of the glass, tea tree oil - a few drops. Preparation: mix everything gently and place in a closed dish. Before use, it must be shaken, since the oil usually floats upward, and the water drops down. Treat acne with a cotton swab impregnated with a mixture, or put a gauze bandage on your face for 10-15 minutes. This solution is a good tonic for problem skin. If you have a combined type, wipe only greasy areas. Usually it is nasolabial folds, chin, forehead.

  • Beauty mask for normal and combination skin

The composition includes an egg - one piece, vodka - onetablespoon, lemon juice, skimmed milk powder - 25 gr. Pour these ingredients into an enamel bowl, carefully mix everything to make a mass similar to a homogeneous cream. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator. The composition is applied to the entire face, with the exception of the eye area. After drying, it is removed with a damp cloth. Do one similar procedure once a week.

  • Mask for dry and sensitive skin

The ingredients and method of preparation correspondthe above recipe. Only instead of protein, take the yolk. It has long been known for its excellent nutritional and moisturizing properties. He was often used by young ladies and young girls who want to get rid of pimples and acne on the face.

  • Mask for oily skin

In this tool, you should not add yolk, soas it is contraindicated to oily skin. Therefore, we separate the protein, mix it thoroughly with a mixer, then add vodka, lemon juice, milk. First, we treat the problem areas with a lotion, the method of preparation of which was specified above, and then we make a mask. how to make natural cosmetics

Caring for your pens

As you remember, the woman's age is given exactlyarms. There is the most delicate skin, which loses elasticity and smoothness to 40-50 years, and even earlier. Unless, of course, you will not care for her. Quality cosmetics, which you can do at home, will help to keep the beauty and youth of your pens for long.

  • Softening and nourishing agent for the nail cuticle

You do not have to bother with cookinga complex recipe, something to warm or cook, mix or whisk. It is enough to get oil vitamin E (sold in bottles). Every day after taking a bath or shower, you should wipe the skin with hands and feet.

  • Hand Cream with Cocoa

So, in the nearest store or pharmacy buycocoa butter, almonds and wax. We take enamel dishes, we pour out 4 tablespoons of wax and melt it over low heat. Note: stir only with a wooden spatula. Plastic or iron does not fit! As soon as the contents of the pan become liquid, pour there 4 spoons of these oils. Carefully mix everything to make a homogeneous mass (otherwise the wax will be taken up by lumps). The resulting remedy is used in the same way as a normal hand cream.

Precautions for the preparation and use of home cosmetics

Often, the fair sexforget that home cosmetics, prepared with their handles, can deteriorate or cause harm to health. Therefore, always take precautions to not then treat allergies that have arisen because of negligence. Whatever simple recipes were, after their preparation, be sure to test the product on a separate area of ​​the skin. Usually, a couple of drops are applied to the elbow bend, wait a couple of minutes. And if the rash, itching, redness and other symptoms do not appear, then you can safely use this makeup. Do not forget also that these recipes are suitable for a certain category of people. And if you, for example, suffer because of the increased fat content of the skin, prepare a mask or lotion just for this type. Otherwise, you will only hurt yourself, causing side effects. And last but not least! Any cosmetics, whether home or shop, has its expiration date. Do not store bubbles and jars with creams and masks for too long, as they eventually deteriorate, releasing toxins. The same goes for the place where you keep all this kindness. Ideal for such purposes is the refrigerator. But on a nightstand or at a window to put similar means it is not necessary. By the way, even if you follow all the rules, cosmetics can still deteriorate. So, if you notice some unpleasant odor, and the color of the cream or balm changes, throw out the missing makeup. Do not feel sorry for her, hoping that nothing terrible will happen. Dermatitis is not the worst thing that can happen in this case. If you follow these rules, nothing bad will happen. As you understand, in home cosmetology there are still a lot of wonderful recipes that help to care for yourself and support youth and beauty. For you were given only a few of them, but believe me - the most effective and useful. Try and stay always beautiful! We advise you to read: