how to make a manicure at home And did you know that the history of manicure leavesroots in the times of Ancient Egypt? Another queen Cleopatra painted her nails in a bright color, emphasizing her status. True, similar to the modern varnish at that time was not yet, and the dye was the usual henna. Today, women have much more opportunities to be beautiful. Even if their working schedule does not leave a single free minute to visit the beauty salon. To put in order the appearance of the hands will help the procedure of home manicure. And if you master it perfectly, your hands will look no worse than after taking a professional cosmetologist. Many underestimate the role of manicure in everyday life. But in vain. Cosmetologists notice that it is the hands that give out the woman who cares for herself, from the one who has long given up on her appearance. The second category of women is not interested in how to do a manicure at home. All their thoughts are engaged in cleaning, cooking and raising children. They jump out of the house, smoothing their hair with their hands, tinting their lips in the elevator, and hands ... they prefer to hide their hands. And it's not that these women do not want to be beautiful. Just a household so absorbed them that they look in the mirror just to wipe it with a clean rag. And it's not bad. Only much better when a woman in pursuit of the device of life does not forget about herself and remains feminine. It is then that a man will have a desire to protect his half, get rid of everyday difficulties and elementary help in the household. Do not believe me? It's easy to check. Learn the art of home manicure and see how admiring the surrounding people will look at your hands. And with what readiness the husband will begin to wash the dishes that have accumulated during the day. We present to your attention a small course on training the art of manicure at home. how to do manicure at home yourself

Tools for home manicure

First of all, we will prepare the tools for manicure. We will need: nail files, manicure scissors, wooden stick (if you prefer uncircumcised manicure), nippers (if you plan to cut the cuticle) and varnishes of all kinds of colors. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of nail files. After all, they perform the main role in manicure and give the right shape to your nails. Do not choose metal nail files, as they destroy the structure of the nail. Better choose your sapphire or sand tool for manicure. If you have weak and brittle nails, be careful doubly. To further damage the nail plate, use a glass file. By the way, coarse-grained files are designed for accrued nails, so put them aside and listen how to choose the right varnish.

  • If the label on the bottle is worn, gluedcrooked, and the lacquer cap is repulsed or deformed, do not take this lacquer in any case. A self-respecting producer will never release such a hack-work, and unscrupulous will save not only on the appearance of the product, but also on its contents.
  • Do not advise you to check the color of the varnish on a paper tester. The result may be biased. Getting a varnish, it is better to try it on the nail.
  • When testing, pay attention to the brushvarnish. It should be elastic, long and thin. Wide, shovel-shaped brushes are very inconvenient to use, because with their help it is difficult to paint the entire nail without staining the fingers. Also, see that the villi is not allocated from the total mass. If one or two hairs from the tassel peep out, it means that the pile is fixed poorly, and the brush is likely to soon peel off.
  • The following condition will be difficult to fulfillin small shops, where your choice is monitored by a sales consultant. It is necessary to check the varnish for density. Namely - give a drop of lacquer to drain into a bottle. If this happens within 5 seconds, then the product is fresh, and the varnish itself is not diluted and thickened. Do not believe that after dilution the varnish does not lose its qualities. This myth was invented by sellers in cosmetic departments in order to sell illiquid goods.
  • Any varnish must be mixed before use. In order to do this as simple as possible, buy products with so-called "mix balls". They, of course, can not be seen, but if the bottle shakes with a shaking sound - the manufacturer added metal balls to the bottle for easy mixing of the varnish.

how to make a manicure

The procedure of home manicure

So, when all the necessary tools for manicure are bought, it's time to proceed directly to the procedure itself.

  • Prepare a bath for hands of hot water with a mixture of lemon juice and essential oils. Steam the brush for 15-20 minutes.
  • Allow hands to dry completely. Remember that you can not wet your nails. This leads to damage and delamination of the nail plate.
  • Are your hands dry? Then take the nail file into your hands and start gently to give the nails the right shape. Note that the movements should be directed only to one side. You can not file nails on the same principle by which lumberjacks cut logs. You must work with a file only in one direction.
  • Remove the cuticle. If you are not confident in your abilities, we recommend applying the principles of unedged manicure and pushing the excess skin with a wooden spatula. The bravest can remove the cuticle with the help of special cutters. Just do not forget to pre-treat them with alcohol, and in case of a cut, cauterize the wound with an antiseptic. By the way, a wonderful effect helps to achieve an oil to soften the cuticle. It should be applied for 10-15 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse with warm water and soap (otherwise the varnish will lie unevenly).
  • Do not rush to take a lacquer. After the main phase of the home manicure, your hands should rest. To do this, grease them with cream and leave alone for a few minutes. After this, degrease the nail plate with a nail polish remover and apply the base under the varnish.
  • Many now impatiently shrug their shoulders. A pier, what for to spend superfluous money for any colorless basis if the varnish so perfectly will lay down on fingernails or nails? But you want the color to stay on the nails for a long time? Then the nail plate must be prepared. In addition, we will need a varnish-fixer, so do not forget to buy it in the store.
  • As for colored varnish, it should be appliedin three steps - one movement in the center and two more on the sides of the nail. By the way, first of all you need to paint your right hand (if you are right-handed). If you plan to apply a second coat of varnish (for a more intense color), then let the first layer dry and only then apply a new portion of the paint.
  • Very often, the lacquer falls on the cuticle, which spoils the whole appearance of the manicure. Remove this defect with a cotton swab dipped in acetone.
  • After the last stages of home manicureare fulfilled, let me caution. First, it's about homework. Try to wash the dishes (clean vegetables) in rubber gloves. Secondly, do a manicure at least once a week, if you want your hands and really well-groomed. The third (and last) point concerns the health of your nails. In order for the nail plate to be healthy, eat more cottage cheese. Of course, you can replace it with chemist's calcium, but the cottage cheese is more delicious, right?
  • As we have already said, many girls regretspend time at home manicure. They justify their choice with fatigue, lack of professionalism (and suddenly something will not do so) or the life principle of putting myself in order only in the beauty salon. Lovely women, cares for themselves a lot does not happen. And your master of manicure will only thank you for the well-groomed hands. Do not believe me? Then try between hiking in the salon to do a manicure yourself. You look, and the master is no longer required. And yet: you are not tired of hiding your hands in the sleeves of clothes, so that others do not notice the peeling varnish? Count: how much time per day do you try to hide the lack of manicure? Is not it easier to give yourself 15 minutes of time to no longer be ashamed of your hands? The choice is yours. We advise you to read: