how to make makeup Beauty is known to be a terrible force, well,of course, a powerful weapon. And in order to enhance its damaging effect, make-up is used, with which even the beautiful half of humanity becomes even more beautiful. But on the way to perfection we are trapped by a lot of pitfalls. Because the answer to the question of how to make the right make-up of the house, itself, contrary to widespread misconception, is not known to everyone. Therefore, we have to see instead of a light make-up a rough superimposed make-up, turning beautiful female faces into lifeless masks. Can you avoid such mistakes and learn how to make good make-up yourself, simple and easy? How can this be done in practice? To answer these and other questions related to the delicate art of make-up, we will try in this article.

Simple rules of makeup

There are simple rules, knowledge of whichwill open the secret of how to make an ideal make-up - not in the salon, but at home, not with the help of a well-known make-up artist, but herself. Do you think it's impossible? Are you confused by the word "ideal"? Well, in vain. Firstly, because the desire for perfectionism in this matter should be welcomed. And secondly, you deserve to look perfect. And now practical advice.

  • In order to powder, blush and all the restthe means necessary to achieve beauty, did not look skinny on your face, it (the skin) should be maximally moisturized. If you think that such shortcomings as roughness, dryness can be hidden with a tone, you are deeply mistaken. On neuhozhennoy skin, they will become even more visible. Conclusion: the skin of the face should be moistened and properly taken care of.
  • Pay attention to the lighting. Evening make-up should be applied with artificial lighting, and daylight, respectively - with natural. Otherwise, makeup will play with you a cruel joke: the fact that, with artificial lighting looks decent, gives charm, in the daylight will look caricatured and vulgar. A light and simple make-up, relevant to the day, in the evening lighting makes the face impassive, dull.
  • Correctly select tonal means. Tonal powder should match the color of the face and skin type. For oily skin of the face, a liquid powder with a matting effect is suitable. For dry - moisturizing, and if your skin has rashes, irregularities, then you can use a compact powder, which is denser than liquid "tonalok" and can hide flaws. (In general, you have to fight with drawbacks, and if you do not manage yourself, then you should visit a good cosmetologist on a regular basis).
  • Before applying makeup to the skin of the face and neck, apply any moisturizer that you use, and leave for 15-20 minutes. The remains are removed with a napkin, after which you can proceed to the make-up.
  • Use only high-quality cosmetics, in any case do not use overdue funds, which you probably have at home a lot. Get rid of them without regret.

Agree, the rules are simple, meanwhile, their compliance will allow you to avoid many mistakes when applying makeup. how to make the right make-up

A few tips on daytime makeup

The main goal of any make-up is to hide the shortcomings andshow virtue. By day, this applies to the fullest extent, since under natural light all the flaws of the face are particularly noticeable. That is why performing daytime make-up on your own, at home - this is aerobatics, the art that should be studied. So, we answer the question of how to make a daytime make-up yourself. It should look as natural as possible, so we say "no" to bright, saturated tones. We use pastel colors: gray, beige, pale green shades, natural colors of lipstick, gentle shades of lip gloss. And now more.

  • Tone for daytime make-up As already noted,we use soft, natural shades. You can use two tones - light and darker. With their help, you can correct some of the shortcomings of the person. Light tones visually increase, and dark, on the contrary reduce proportions. If you have a healthy, fresh skin, then for daytime make-up you can not apply a tone to the entire face, and use it only around the eyes (apply in minimal amounts). This will visually enlarge the eyes, make the look more open. Blush in the afternoon is better not to use, and if you can not do without them, then apply very little and be sure to blossom.
  • Eyebrows The correct shape of the eyebrows, their color is playedan important role in creating a common image. Do not use a too dark pencil to draw your eyebrows, unless you are, of course, a burning brunette. In the daytime make-up, it is generally better to use shadows to correct eyebrows. Special care should be taken by blondes. A sharp contrast between the hair color and too dark eyebrows makes the face rough.
  • Eyes with day make-up Our goal is to makelook expressive, and visually increase. For this, the skin around the eyes should be made lighter. Suitable, as already noted, light concealer, and light shadows should be applied to the fixed part of the century, under the eyebrow. A few light shadows can be applied to the inner corner. Then, light eyeliner is made with the appropriate pencil of the upper eyelid, which is better to shade. And lightly tint the lower eyelid - below the line of growth of the eyelashes. The final touch is mascara. A few easy touches from the roots to the tips (carcasses on the brush should not be much).
  • Lips Circle with a pencil a natural contour andwe apply a soft lipstick (it is better with the help of a brush). In order for the lips to appear fuller, you can apply a little shine in the center of the upper and lower lips (below is permissible slightly more gloss than the top). It is possible and generally to do with only a small amount of shine to create the effect of moist lips. It looks fresh, natural and seductive.

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror - you are irresistible! how to make a day makeup

Features of summer make-up

Makeup, of course, depends not only onthe circumstances of time and place, but also of the season. How to make a perfect summer make-up home? What should it be? Is it possible to cope with this most or better consult with a competent make-up artist? Answers to such questions are of interest to many girls who want to look perfect always and everywhere. We will try to explain the details of the summer make-up as much as possible. And as for the consultation with the make-up artist, this, undoubtedly, should be taken advantage of. The expert will give good advice, given your physical data, age, style of clothes, etc. And when you want to make the right make-up yourself, at home, these recommendations will be very helpful. It is worth consulting, as a rule, inexpensive, many, and generally do not take money for this. Moreover, if you are not confident in your abilities, it makes sense to go to a make-up to a good master and try to remember all the chips and tricks that he uses. Over time, podnabravshis experience, be able to do makeup at home, not worse than in the cabin. In the summer season, the main feature of make-up is naturalness. It should be so that we can look good, but it should not be striking. Although it is not worth it to refuse from certain liberties in the summer. So, what should be the first thing to worry about in the summer. If you use tonal cream in the summer, then keep in mind that it should be very light so that the skin can breathe. And to combine with tanned skin, summer "tonalki" should be darker than the tone that you usually use. In the summer, in a heat, cosmetics, that is called, "floats". Therefore, we must take care that makeup lasted as long as possible and did not look sloppy at the same time. Particular attention should be paid to the technique of applying shadows: under the influence of heat, they begin to blur, crumble, creating bruises under the eyes instead of a mysterious sight. Be sure to use a special database that "holds" shadows. Mascara on eyelashes in the heat, too, can behave unpredictably. Many makeup artists prefer to use waterproof mascara to avoid unpleasant consequences. Is it worth it? If yes, then only in cases where there is a responsible and long-lasting event - a wedding, a party. Easy and simple daytime make-up in the summer season does not need such excesses. You can apply a little friable powder to your eyelashes, and then paint them - this will fix the mascara. We hope that our advice on how to make a good make-up will help you create an image of a stylish modern woman who looks perfect. You deserve it! We advise you to read: