how to do a face cleaning at home Imagine a modern averagewoman. Just not the one that is so colorfully described in the series (behind the wheel of an expensive car, in a business suit and a free work schedule), but a real urban middle-aged woman who jumps out of the house in the morning, not light, not dawn, but returns home when on streets, even dogs stop barking. Do you recognize? Such women can be found in subway cars, in the back areas of the trolleybus and in the queue at the supermarket. And most importantly, they all have one family trait. Chronic fatigue on the face. Who is to blame for this? Feminists, who zealously uphold the rights of women? Or men who realized that a beautiful floor can decorate an office, and perform work along with everyone? This is not counting the usual burning huts and horses, rushing somewhere. Now, the cottages are set on fire by young children left unattended, while the horses are lying on the sofa in front of the TV. Meanwhile, to be an adornment of society to a woman every year becomes more difficult. Especially since the busy schedule does not leave the possibility to go to the hairdresser or to the cosmetologist. What can I say? We, women, even get washed quickly. A bath filled with foam and misted glasses with champagne on the edge is an impossible dream, left in the distant maiden past. Since there is no time. We would do a face cleaning to erase a couple of years and a few black dots from the skin. And champagne is pampering. A normal woman drinks beer. And then from the glass of her husband, while he turned his back on the vobla. Correctly? No no and one more time no! Whatever the workload, we should always remain women. Lovely, exciting and well-groomed. And let time go to waste, but to do a face cleaning at home is a sacred duty of every city dweller. Moreover, it is not difficult. Do you want to learn? Then leave the right to drink beer to the drunken husband and get ready for the cosmetic procedure. how to clean the face at home

Face cleaning: step by step guide

Cleansing Remember: absolutely all cosmetic procedures are performed on cleansed skin. Therefore, run a wash and grab a peeling with a tonic. What for? Now we will teach. In the meantime, soap your face. (You do not use ordinary soap, but a special gel, right?) So, after the last soap flakes disappeared in the sewer, gently rub the face with a tonic. Allow the medium to soak, then gently massage the skin with a peeling. Did you notice that we did not mention the word "scrub"? He is very aggressive, and cleaning the face at home should be particularly delicate. Wash off the exfoliating agent. It's time to start the second phase of the procedure. Unravel the face, open the pores. Remember how, in childhood, did mom make us breathe over hot potato broth? So we once treated mild colds. Today, steaming will help to do a deep cleansing of the face at home. Namely - to prepare the skin for the purification procedure. Only you need to breathe not over the boiled potatoes, but over the decoction of the flowers of chamomile. Cosmetologists claim that it is the camomile that has a healing effect. We will take our word for it, and for 20 minutes we will enjoy the steam from the herb collection. In order for pores to open more intensively, it is best to cover themselves with a towel. Just do not burn yourself (again, my mother's voice from childhood). Disinfection Now your face reminds the husband on the day of salary: complete defenselessness. Therefore, before you begin to do a face cleaning at home, carefully disinfect the skin with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. As for the hands, it is better to wipe them with alcohol. Some women habitually decide to save and disinfect alcohol with face and hands. So it's best not to do it, because that's what you risk drying your skin. Cleaning What is the cleaning of the face at home? In removing excess sebum from the face. The same goes for the black points, which bring a lot of trouble to their owners. Some women do the cleaning. Or rather - pads of fingers, squeezing the dirt from the pores. If you want to follow their example, you should consider one rule: no nails. All movements should be gentle and neat, as if you take the baby in your arms. Imagine what traces can be left nails on the delicate skin of the face? In addition, squeezing out black dots, do not overdo it. Some (especially persistent) pustules can not succumb. Let them mature. You can always remove them when cleaning your face at home. But back to our procedure. If you do not want to do mechanical cleaning (read - hands), we advise you to apply a mask of clay, deep cleansing pores. In many specialized stores a special series of cosmetics is sold, which copes with this task perfectly. But before you take the product to the checkout, remember the golden rule of a modern woman: do not save on cosmetics. Otherwise cheap means not only will not help, but also harm the face skin. Those women who have not cleaned the face for a long time, we advise you to make the so-called "Cleopatra's mask". This is a whole series of three sequentially imposed masks. The first you apply a tool that deeply cleanses the pores. You wait 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Next, apply a mask that narrows the pores. Give it a dry. Wash off. And complete the promenade of masks with soothing. Cosmetologists say that this method of cleaning the face at home is the most effective. You just need to check their opinion. Finishing If you think you have finished cleaning your face, we'll hurry to upset you. There are several stages left, after which you will finally be able to go to sleep (we remember how early you got up and how many worked). So, we need to narrow the pores with an alcohol-containing tonic and apply a moisturizer to the face. If alcohol causes you to distrust, you can replace it with boiled water with lemon juice. Someone can argue and say that we only recently applied masks with the same action. But rules are rules. It was prescribed by beauticians that it was so to clean the face at home, so we will obey them. By the way, we advise to carry out the procedure in the evening and on the eve of the weekend. As the next morning your skin will "shine" with a small dentition and redness. Do not be scared. This is normal. After a few hours, the irritation will subside. Continue to rub your face the next day with a tonic and enjoy the opportunity to stay at home. how to clean the face at home yourself


So, congratulations. You did the cleaning of the person at home and, presumably, perfectly coped with the task. Now it's time to decide how often it is necessary to carry out the procedure to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and not turn into a maniacal personality, puzzled solely by the state of its skin. Everything is simple. Cleaning the face should be done every two months. But this does not absolve you from attending a professional cosmetologist. Therefore, we recommend instead of the next visit to the cottage and the unpleasant pastime in the neighborhood of Colorado beetles and capricious potatoes, go to the beauty salon. Science has proven: men can forgive a woman for excessive capriciousness and fixation on her own appearance, but not loss of attractiveness. Therefore, in pursuit of a new position or increase in salary, do not forget to look at yourself in the mirror and remember that you are not just an office worker, but, above all, a woman. Remain it no matter what. And remember that champagne is not just an alcoholic drink, but a great way to relax after a successful face cleaning at home. We advise you to read: