how to decorate jeans with your own hands Jeans - clothes for all time and practically onany age. Only newborns are not yet dressed in jeans. And if the cowboy's brutal trousers were worn only by men and only as working clothes, today they have become an indispensable part of the women's wardrobe and even clothes "on the way out." But even if you are by virtue of their aesthetic belief (correct, it should be noted) prefer to appear at the ceremony in the evening or cocktail dresses, the party is likely to wear comfortable and beautiful jeans. However, it is not always possible to buy such jeans: sometimes a perfectly seated model is too simple. And then we begin to reflect on how to decorate jeans, and we want to do this with our own hands and without extra costs. So let's just consider such possibilities.

Nashleki and stripes

This is the simplest (with respect to technologyperformance) the way that you can decorate your jeans. For this decoration, we will only need the materials (rivets, patches, applications, crystals, buttons), and our skillful hands.

  • Rhinestones

A smart decoration that turns ordinary jeans intosmart clothes. For such a sparkling decor you need to buy hot fixing rhinestones. When making a purchase, pay attention that the bottom of the rhinestones is flat, and take them with a stock (so you can add or change the picture). Jeans first wash, dry and lay them on the table or on the ironing board. Now put out any designs that you like: a flower, a butterfly, a sun or abstract curls. When the drawing is completed, iron it with an iron, setting the steam mode: the rhinestones firmly adhere to the fabric. After this, you can without fear of washing and ironing your updated jeans. However, sooner or later the rhinestones will start to get unstuck anyway: here you will need a stock.

  • Rivets

Another way to quickly and stylishly decoratejeans. For him you will need rivets that are simply inserted into the fabric, and their petals are bent from the wrong side. Rivets can be placed along the seams, you can rivet your pockets or belt, or you can lay out any pattern from the rivets and even make an inscription. To do this, also spread the jeans on a smooth surface, make a sketch of the future decoration and apply it to the fabric. Distribute the rivets along the contours of the pattern and make punctures under them, and after that just bend the petals and fix the rivets.

  • Patchwork

Today, patches are not onlymasking the gaps, but also for the purpose of decorating clothes. For patches, any rags of different or identical texture and color of fabric will suit. The jeans look very good leather and suede patches, velvet and drapes. And for the summer version, light fabrics are also suitable: silk, calico, chintz, linen. The patches can be made not only rectangular or triangular, but also cut them in the form of hearts or abstract shapes. Decorative patches are sewn or glued (using a special glue or thermal tape) directly onto the fabric. The edges of the flaps can first be tucked or swept, or left "shaggy". Fringed edges will look great, for example, on patches made of denim.

  • Applications

This is a kind of improved patches. Such ready-made applications can be purchased at sewing accessories stores or sewed on their own. You can supplement the application with embroidery or decorative braid, crystals or glass beads. The technology of decoration is practically the same as working with patches. decorate jeans with your own hands

Embroidery and sewing

If you are friends with a needle and thread, you know the basics of hand and machine embroidery, then for sure you can decorate your jeans with your own hands, using these skills.

  • Embroidery

One of the most difficult ways of decorating jeans. And if you want to make machine embroidery on your pockets, they generally have to be turned first. Meanwhile, embroidery, made by own hands, will turn jeans into a unique thing, which you can not find anywhere else. For embroidery, you will need thread floss, strong enough and thick embroidery frame and sharp needles. Draw a selection according to your taste, and the color range of threads, taking into account the fact that jeans fabric after the first two washings sheds, and eventually loses its brightness. But it is even better to apply embroidery on jeans, which are pre-washed. Transfer the pattern to the fabric with the help of special markers (flushing or disappearing). Use simple stitches in embroidery, and for embroidery use an overlay canvas, the threads of which are then pulled out. And do not make embroidery in places of natural folds of jeans, since in this case it is very quickly deformed, worn out and will lose decorativeness.

  • Sewing

Can just scribble on the machine wizardsthey can easily decorate their jeans with their own hands without unnecessary hassle, but with an amazing result of transformation. To do this you will only need to stock up decorative braid or fringe. The fringe can also be purchased at the sewing accessories store or made with your own hands, strips of denim striped with ribbons. The fringe is stitched into the outer side seams of the pants or sewn along the edge of the pockets and belt. You can also sew fringe along the bottom edge of the pants or simply cut the edge of the leg with noodles. With the same success, instead of fringe, you can use a beautiful decorative braid or cords. And similar accessories are used for embroidery on jeans. With our own hands, we decorate jeans

Drawings and scrapes

In order to decorate your jeans with your own hands, do not forget about your own drawing abilities or about the possibility of "playing" with the original color of the denim fabric.

  • Drawings

The original way to decorate jeans iscall drawing. No, of course, this is not batik. Here we use the fabric as a normal canvas, which we paint with aerosol or acrylic paints. Acrylic paints we apply with a normal brush, making a preliminary sketch on the fabric. If we decorate jeans with aerosol paints, then we use templates or stencils for this. Just starting to draw, practice on some unnecessary piece of cloth or on old jeans.

  • Whitening

You can decorate jeans with the usualbleach, mimicking the natural abrasions of the fabric or simply diluting its even color. For this purpose, use any bleach simply by adding it to the wash water. True, the effect may be very unexpected. But if you wash jeans in some places with a rope or a twine or just knit your pants before the wash, the result will be more or less expected. It is possible to decorate your jeans in an original way and easier if bleach is sprayed onto a cloth. The result is the mischievous blotchiness of your jeans.

  • Wiping and wrinkling

Imitation of "natural" jeans decoration,which appears on them over time and gives this clothing a special chic. The folds can be "arranged" on the pants, if you lightly wet your jeans, lay and sprinkle the folds of the starch, and then just iron them with a hot iron. And scuffs on jeans are easily made using ordinary sandpaper. Lay out the jeans on the table and lightly rub them with nest in the right places. That's all. Use for the decoration of jeans the usual buttons (similar to rhinestones and rivets), complement embroidery with paillettes or beads or make on the pants fashioned ruffled slits. In the end, just buy a chic (or simply bright) strap to your jeans. Believe me, with their skillful pens any jeans can be turned into an exclusive and stylish wardrobe item. Dare! And do not be afraid to be bright and original. We advise you to read: