how to cure depression In the life of each person there were moments whenHis arms dropped, he did not want to do anything, and it seemed that existence does not make any sense. "I have depression," they say. In fact, it's just a bad mood, which quickly passes. Enough to sleep, deal with the affairs, drink vitamins, eat sweet, talk with a girlfriend heart to heart, change the situation in the apartment. As for depression, this is a very serious psychological illness, which is treated by specialists. In this case, such a disorder is accompanied by emotional instability over a certain period of time. A person's condition affects all spheres of his life. Labor activity decreases, relations with friends and relatives deteriorate, nervous breakdowns occur. The saddest thing is that not all people consider themselves to be sick. Sometimes the symptoms are written off for fatigue, a lack of vitamin or bad health. However, if depression is not treated, a psychological illness can lead to sad consequences. After all, these individuals often have thoughts about suicide. Unfortunately, they do not share with the surrounding plans for suicide, but embody it all in life. If timely help, a person can fully recover. how to cure depression correctly

The causes and types of depression

Very rarely, depression appears due to trivialities. Usually it should be some serious disease, a psycho-emotional shock. For example, the death of a relative, a serious illness of a loved one or a loved one, the loss of good work, the lack of money for the most necessary. By the way, depression and bad mood can lead to a number of concomitant diseases.

  • Reactive depression

It arises as a reaction to what happened in life. Stress, aggression of others, perfectionism - all this can aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, experts recommend not to shut themselves up, but share their experiences with others. As a last resort, write down everything in the diary. After a while, the experience will not seem so important.

  • Endogenous depression

Occurs without the influence of any externalfactors. To date, endogenous depression is considered the most difficult and dangerous. In this case, only long-term medication can help. In this case, not only does the mood of the sick person deteriorate, but mental retardation begins when a person can not quickly answer even elementary questions. Also, the patient has problems with the musculoskeletal system. A person can be frozen in one position for a few minutes or it will be difficult for him to get up in the morning from bed.

  • Seasonal depression

This type of depression manifests itself usually in the autumnand winter time. Lack of light, vitamins, bad weather - all this affects our condition. Therefore, in order to avoid melancholy, try to arrange for yourself small holidays. It can be a trip to the warmer lands, buying new things, etc.

  • Neuroleptic depression

Is a side effect of taking somemedicines. The depression lasts from two months to one and a half years. At the same time, a person feels guilty about all the failures. It seems to him that without him, the world would be much better. If this happened to you or your family, for a while you should stop taking sleeping pills, neuroleptic, sedatives, narcotic drugs. Eliminate alcoholic beverages from your life.

  • Somatic Depression

The reason is somatic diseases. Therefore, it is so important to undergo a full medical examination with prolonged and prolonged depression. By the way, even regular flu, diabetes mellitus or head injury may lead to a bad mood. Often such changes occur in pregnant women and have already given birth to mothers.

Symptomatic of depression

Before you decide to treat this disease,you need to make sure that you really have depression, and not just a spoiled mood. So, the first signs: you have more than five days of oppression, you can not focus on specific things. You are not interested in anything, while constantly thinking about the same thing. You are afraid of any changes, while you can not specifically name the causes of fear. At night you can not fall asleep, and in the daytime constantly tends to sleep. Another symptom is a sharp weight loss. At the same time, the ill woman does not want to eat anything at all. Often during the depression, the girls lose sexual attraction, there are unpleasant sensations in the abdominal or chest area, as if the body was laid bricks. how to cure depression quickly

Treatment of reactive and seasonal depression

There are several ways to curedepression. Which one is best to choose - completely depends on your psycho-emotional state. In any case, before you start such experiments, be sure to consult with a specialist. This will help to avoid many negative consequences. We are treated with folk remedies. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that at the initial stages, you can get rid of depression yourself. The only thing - do not resort to alcohol. This will only exacerbate the situation. By the way, female alcoholism is much harder to cure than male. To overcome a bad mood (rather than a deep depression) can be through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Bananas

In a day, eat one banana. It contains the alkaloid harman, which favorably affects the mood of a person. But be careful with this tropical plant! Not everyone can use it. Buy ripe bunches. If they ripen in your refrigerator, then they will not have any useful substances.

  • Chamomile

Buy a usual chamomile collection in the pharmacy andbrew it every morning (for 1 tbsp of flowers - 1 cup of boiling water). Take the broth on a tablespoon 4 times a day. Do not forget to take small breaks between treatment courses. Representatives of the fair sex who have problems with the stomach, it is better to consult a gastroenterologist.

  • Mint

Experts recommend to drink half a cupmint tea, if you have a bad mood, you are angry with the whole world and you can not calm down. Please note: this must be a natural product sold in the pharmacy. From the store, in which only dyes, stabilizers and flavors, there will be no use.

  • Carrot

If you have a juicer, domorning carrot juice. It will help saturate the body with all the necessary trace elements. You can also grate carrots on a grater. By the way, to use this product is best with homemade sour cream.

  • Poplar

To cheer yourself up and get rid ofmild depression, you can take a bath of leaves and buds of poplar. At 2 tbsp leaves a glass of boiling water. You will need to prepare a half liter of broth. It's enough to splash 15 minutes, and you will forget about everything in the world.

  • Vitamin Cocktail

For its preparation you will need dried apricots,raisins, prunes, nuts (100 g each) and lemon (lime, orange). Citrus fruits thoroughly rinse to remove the wax or chemical residue on the peel. Torsion everything through a meat grinder or chop on a blender, mix. Add a couple of spoons of honey. Keep the resulting mixture in a cool dry place (fridge or pantry). Take this magic potion every morning on an empty stomach.

  • Motherwort

If depression is accompanied by nervousness,hysterics, spontaneous manifestations of aggression, drink every morning on 1/4 cup of broth from motherwort, diluted with water (100 ml). Such infusion will help to cope with sharp mood swings, poor health.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Go in for sports! Find what you like best: running, fitness, dancing, swimming. And go to training at least twice a week. On weekends, go out to the country to spend time outdoors with your family and friends. Are not you a sociable person or do you have any friends? To date, there are many clubs of interest. Enter there to travel the world, even with unfamiliar people. Refuse bad habits. Give your word that you will never take up a cigarette again. And every time you want to smoke, squat ten times. Firstly, after two days you will already be disgusted with the thoughts about the very smoking, because the muscles will be aching madly. And, secondly, you pumped up the buttocks and lose weight. And, of course, start eating right. Eliminate fatty, spicy, smoked, salty foods. Give preference to natural and fresh products. Replace sweets with honey, dried fruits, marshmallows and pastilles. After a couple of weeks you will notice how your well-being will improve.

  • Start changing

Go to the hairdresser, make an unusualhairstyle and make-up, visit the solarium, upgrade your wardrobe. That's how all modern girls cope with depression. What could be better than a successful shopping experience? And if you will be pleased to look at yourself in the mirror, the world will shine with new colors.

  • Adrenalin

Do something crazy. Jump with a parachute, sign up for piloting courses, take a ride on roller skates or on a ferris wheel. And the more adrenaline you get, the better. If you have heart problems, choose quieter classes that will give you positive emotions. For example, learn to ride a horse or get a pet. Animals perfectly feel people and help to cope with a bad mood. But take in the house only those sweet creatures that you can get along with. Evil breeds can inadequately react to your antics and shouts. It's unlikely you want to put a pet to sleep and treat scars on your body.

  • Self-expression

An important role is played by the way you yourselfconfigure. If you think that everything is bad and nobody likes you, others will begin to treat you. You seem to show your whole appearance that you want to be offended. Try to keep your head high in any situation. As mentioned above, a diary helps a lot. Write down everything that happens to you in it. This, by the way, will facilitate the work of a psychologist, because on the basis of your statements he will be able to quickly make an accurate diagnosis. After all, the first thing you need to find out is the reason to treat the consequences. Perhaps it's a matter of unhappy love or your not realization. There are cases when depression occurs in a person who can not prove himself. Such a person also develops an inferiority complex.

  • The removal of "spoilage" and "evil eye"

Sometimes so-called specialists twistsituation in their favor. If a person turns to them, then the diagnosis will be unambiguous - on it lies a curse. And if a woman believes in this, she can lose time and money. But it's much easier to trust sorcerers, not a therapist. There is also the reverse side of the coin: the girl, believing that the damage is removed, completely cured. In this case, auto-suggestion will work. The main thing is not to fall into the hands of a mercenary charlatan. By the way, such treatment can be effective, but only if the depression is not caused by internal factors (illness, mental disorder). Treatment in clinics and hospitals Why do not we like going to hospitals? The case may be in our ignorance, because we believe that apathy, bad state of health and changes in mood are manifestations of our fatigue. And rarely associate symptoms with depression. Secondly, we are not sure that this disease can be treated. Here again, the important thing is to whom you turn. If the doctor is a professional in his business, then the probability of a complete cure is high. Otherwise, the symptoms will be temporarily suppressed by expensive and harmful drugs. And as soon as there is any serious failure - you will again face depression. So, in the beginning you must undergo a complete examination. And only on the basis of analyzes the expert will appoint or nominate to you treatment. Perhaps you do not even need to drink medicine. After all, in some cases, it is enough for the fair sex to communicate with a psychologist or psychiatrist. But, even if you are completely healthy, visit the psychoanalyst at least once a month. He will help get rid of complexes and obsessions, will direct your thoughts in the right direction. And then you will never know what depression is and how you need to fight it.