how to cook pizza Over the past centuries, the process of making pizzahas not undergone significant changes, if, of course, to close eyes to the fact that modern furnaces have replaced the old hearth. All the rest, including traditionally manual preparation of dough and filling, remained unchanged. Classical Italian pizza is not done "in a hurry" and does not like the hassles, the whole process must proceed in a deliberate and measured manner. Before you prepare a pizza at home, try to create in your kitchen that unique atmosphere that is in the kitchens of Italy. Or, at least, be imbued with the appropriate mood. There are many ways of making pizza at home, but each hostess decides how to make pizza and which recipe will be her trump card. Because much depends on the availability of free time, on taste preferences and mood.

Nuances of home-made pizza

At home, pizza is prepared enoughsimply, and any mistress can cook it - not even possessing outstanding culinary talents. In the home kitchen, pizza can be baked in the oven or fried in a frying pan, cooked in a microwave oven or steamed - here no one decree to you, and you are free to do it your way, choosing your recipe and your way of cooking. If you started baking pizza in the oven, you should make a yeast dough. Bake pizza in the oven in two ways - directly on a baking sheet or in a round form for baking. However, a thin form for baking does not work: its thickness should be at least three millimeters. If you bake pizza on a baking sheet, then it should be oiled (preferably vegetable). However, when making sweet pizza, you can use cooking fats, but be sure to sprinkle the baking sheet with flour so that the pizza does not burn. Whichever recipe you choose, the pizza crust is never rolled out. The dough is simply laid out on a pan or frying pan and evenly stretched over the entire surface by hands. Before you send the pizza to the oven, it must be kept for 5-7 minutes. Sometimes pizza is not put in the oven at once, but first bake until half-ready the dough without the filling (so that a crusty crust is formed). And only then it is taken out of the oven, layers are spread out the filling and sent to the oven until ready. Typically, for pizza baking you need no more than half an hour, but each pizza is special, and that's why one pizza recipe is different from the other even by cooking time. For example, a dough for pizza can be both thin and thick. A thin dough is baked in twenty minutes, and a thicker cake should be baked for almost an hour, but you need to reduce the fire. how to cook pizza at home

Yeast dough for pizza

A classic pizza recipe is pizza fromyeast dough. However, for pizza, this dough is made according to a simplified scheme, and its recipe is significantly different from the recipe for a dough for Russian pies. Therefore, homemade pizza can be an excellent alternative to baking from yeast dough. Ingredients:

  • Flour - 1 glass;
  • Salt - a quarter teaspoonful;
  • Dry yeast - 1 teaspoon;
  • Water (warm) - a third of the glass;
  • Milk is a quarter cup;
  • Olive oil - 1 tablespoon.

Preparation: Milk boil, cool to room temperature and pour it into a large bowl, diluted with water. Then you need to add yeast and salt, add the sifted flour and mix everything. After that, adding olive oil, knead the dough and put it on a proofing for half an hour. Then the dough has to be put on the board, sprinkled with flour and again carefully knead it. Baking time depends largely on the filling. If its layer is thin enough, the pizza will cook quickly, a denser or very voluminous filling will require more baking time.

Home-made pizza toppings

Pizza toppings can be divided into liquid (withsauces) and thick (dry). Liquid or sweet fillings require preparatory evaporation (about ten minutes), which means that the baking time will increase. In this case, the temperature in the oven drops slightly so that the dough does not burn. Dry fillings are prepared as ordinary fillings for open pies. It is necessary to follow the density of the liquid filling: it should not spread. For example, juice or syrup from berries and fruits will quickly absorb into the dough, which will appear damp. And if the liquid filling seeps through the cake, the pizza will burn. The optimal version of the filling, when its lower layer is denser meat or fish, and on top are softer or juicy products (mushrooms, vegetables). Then, with their juice, they will impregnate the lower layers of the filling, but nothing will get to the bottom of the mold. If you use a recipe for pizza with stuffing from raw products (minced meat, fresh mushrooms) and those that are almost ready (sausage, canned fish), then the raw stuffing should be put by the last (upper) layer. In this case, it is necessary to sprinkle it with cheese, so that it does not remain open, but languishes, as if under a lid. If the dough cake is thin, then it is better to make a small layer of the filling. It can be ready-made meat, ham, fish or dried fruits. A thick cake is ideal for a lush, multi-layered or raw filling. On a thick cake you can lay out the filling of vegetables and raw meat. And, of course, no recipe for real pizza can not do without cheese. Cheese for pizza should be taken hard and fat, and stack it preferably in several layers. You can, for example, pour the first layer of cheese directly on the cake or put it between layers of different products. And the top layer of pizza is always and necessarily grated cheese, which should melt and turn the open pie into pizza. The filling for making sweet pizza is usually fresh fruit, thick jam or jam, which does not require long baking. Dough for sweet pizza can be curd or puff, this dough turns out more delicious and better baked. However, sweet pizza can already claim the title of a fruit pie habitual for us. how to make pizza at home

Homemade pizza in a frying pan and a couple

At home, frying pan and open firesometimes a baking tray is preferable. Dough from the frying pan is easily removed, almost never burns, which means that on the stove you can bake different types of pizza and put any fillings in them. Before cooking, heat the pan to the desired temperature, lubricate with a small amount of vegetable oil and heat. The dough is rolled out in a thin layer, spread on a hot frying pan, and only then put stuffing on it. Then cover the frying pan with a lid and reduce the heat, so that the dough warms evenly. It is better to use frying pans with glass lids, they are most convenient for baking pizza. In the frying pan, the pizza is ready much faster than in the oven - just fifteen minutes. The readiness of the pizza is checked with a match or toothpick, which pierce the cake in the thickest place. If the match is dry, then your pizza is ready. In a frying pan it is very convenient to bake a sweet pizza: it does not flow, and it does not need to spend a lot of time on it. Baking pizza in a frying pan, you do not need to lubricate the top layer with mayonnaise or something similar. For many reasons, for example, due to health problems, some people can not afford a baked pizza, and in fact a desire to try such a yummy is very often. In this case, you can make a pizza on a steam bath or in a double boiler. For cooking pizza steamed, use the recipe for a light, batterless dough. It is only kneaded on eggs and milk, very slightly aged, spread out with a sufficiently thick layer on the surface of the grate. Then the filling is laid out on the cake, and the pizza is cooked for a couple of forty minutes. As you can see, at home you can cook pizza in a traditional way, make a quick pizza in a frying pan or diet pizza for a couple. Start with what you think is easier and simple, and then try other recipes for pizza. You can make real home pizza, especially if you cook with pleasure. We advise you to read: