charlotte recipe in multivark Sweets are the favorite tastes of children andadults. They are irreplaceable on holidays and weekdays. Many people can not do without a piece of "sweet" for tea or coffee. Of course, everyone understands that sweets are harmful to the figure, but it is simply impossible to abandon them. In this case, you need to find a way to make sweets not only delicious, but also a useful food. To solve this issue it will be enough to prepare a charlotte. Charlotte is the cake that is ideal for a pleasant tea-drinking "with taste", as well as for control over excess weight. Baked apples are a product that is given to young children, allergic people, people with a weak stomach and just to those who want to eat right. It is apple for this recipe and should be well stocked. Cooked in a multivarquet, your charlotte will be exceptionally tender and lush, besides this delicacy is much tastier and more useful than the sweets bought in the store. The whole process will take no more than an hour. Preparation will be about 20 minutes, cooking in a multivariate - 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to count on this period, but it should be remembered that the power of the multivark reduces the heating time and, consequently, the baking time. preparation of dough for charlotte

Ingredients for cooking charlottes in a multivark

You will need:

  • 1 cup of flour;
  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • 500 gr and more apples;
  • 3-4 pcs. eggs;
  • if desired, you can use vanillin, cinnamon, cloves and other spices;
  • multivark.
  • Here the components are no different fromingredients in the usual recipe of the classic charlotte. But there are some differences that need to be addressed later. Also to the apples you can add a plum (it will give the baking sour taste), peach, raspberry (charlotte will turn out very fragrant), as well as other fruits and berries to your taste. dough for charlotte in multivark

    Cooking method

    • First you need to wash apples, clean them ofpeel and sunflower seeds, cut into cubes or slices. If you want to add cinnamon to the charlotte, you must immediately sprinkle the cooked apples with it - so the baking turns out to be more fragrant.
    • Then you need to turn on the multi-heat, and grease the saucepan. You can use cream or other fats and oils at your discretion. In the greased capacity of the multivarker, sugar should be added - it must dissolve in oil and subsequently form a caramel crust on the charlotte. In addition, unroasted sesame seeds can be used. Gradually adding ingredients, you need to stir with a wooden spoon or spatula, so that the mass does not stick to the walls of the tank in the multivark.
    • Next, you need to lay apples. The first layer is the top of the charlotte. Spread carefully and beautifully, because the appearance is also important. Next, you should pour out the remaining apples and extra sliced ​​fruit at will.
    • Then you need to whip the biscuit dough. You can do this in any way customary for you, but it is recommended that the eggs should be heated to room temperature, broken and added sugar. Beat with a mixer or a handful of corn until the formation of protein foam. It is necessary to monitor the dissolution of sugar - it should not be seen. Then you can fill up the flour, whisking, so that there are no lumps. Consistency of the test should be obtained, as in sour cream.
    • Then the dough should be poured into the pan of the multi-filling them with cut fruits. In the device you need to set the baking mode for 40 minutes. While waiting, you can enjoy the apple flavor from the baking. After the expiration of the allotted period, turn the charlotte over to the dish. Before serving, you can decorate it with fresh fruits and berries and start drinking tea.

    To get incredibly delicious, you can use some tips:

    • so as not to scratch the saucepan in the multivark, sugar can be replaced with powdered sugar;
    • if there is a fear that the dough will not rise, you can use leavening powder or slaked soda, but then the dough will resemble a soft carrot;
    • to give different flavors, it is recommended to use spices and some fruits (you can crumble orange or lemon zest, add cinnamon or vanilla);
    • so that the charlotte retains its shape, it must cool down, so it must be left for a time in the bowl of the multivark.

    To prepare this recipe,multivark from any manufacturer and any model. Products can be chosen too to your taste: like sour apples - well, sweet - excellent. Just need to follow the recipes and listen to advice. You must certainly get a delicious charlotte, which all those who try it will admire. Good luck in cooking and a nice tea party!