how to brush a cat's teeth In most cases, the cat copes with carefor themselves. However, some procedures in the literal sense of the word are too tough for her. And it's about brushing your teeth. The fact is that the diet of wild cats is very different from what we feed our pets. And if in wild animals teeth are cleaned in a natural way, then we have to clean our domestic cat's teeth - the owners. But not everyone knows about the need for this procedure and how to conduct it.

Why brush your teeth

Soft food does not allow a cat's teethself-cleaning, which affects negatively on oral hygiene and does not prevent the formation of tartar. Initially, the stone appears on the upper part of the teeth, gradually becoming denser and causing inflammation of the gums. Over time, tartar reaches a size that leads to loosening and loss of teeth. Inflammation causes excessive salivation, an unpleasant odor from the mouth and toothache. As a result, the cat not only suffers, but refuses to eat. In this case, only removal of the stone and the subsequent treatment of the gums and teeth can help. Therefore, domestic cats need to brush their teeth. how to brush your cat's teeth

How to brush your teeth

To clean cat's teeth is quite suitable for childrenToothbrush. Toothpaste for these purposes is not worth using, because its taste and cat smell can not stand, as well as the foaming property of toothpaste. Therefore, you need to use tooth powder without perfume. The brush is lightly moistened and dipped in dental powder, and then with a little effort brush through the teeth from top to bottom, and then from side to side. Brushing your cat or cat needs from the inside and the outside, placing the animal on the table and fixing its paws and head. If the animal tries in every possible way to avoid this procedure, it is possible to clean the teeth with a soft cloth wound on the finger, and instead of tooth powder use baking soda. A weekly brushing will be enough to keep your cat's teeth healthy and prevent the formation of tartar. We advise you to read: